4 Years….

4 Years….  It’s  been longer than that  that we’ve been a  couple,  but married for 4 years… it seems like yesterday we  were in  Vegas  but the  calendar doesn’t  lie….the  scale does to me  but that’s  different…  the calendar  isn’t smart enough….. My Darling ,   4 years…High School  was 4 years long and felt like forever to a young me … my 1st “tour”  was a  4 year stint  that seemed even longer…. But these  4 years have  flown.  There’s the old  saying  that time flies when you’re having fun, and  we’ve had  a LOT of fun!!!!  We’ve had  tough times…but less than most  for sure!  I only remember one time  even  raising our voices and  never an  actual argument… that’s  not normal….. we’re not  normal  honey, I love to be the one to  tell you …we’re  not normal!  But we knew that  long before 4 years ago…we’re different enough  to appreciate each others  interests and support  our hobbies,  yet we have a  lot in common as well.  We  find new things in  the world and share  them with each other,  we find new things in   each others  mind and heart  as we grow together  and we love each other more and more each day.   You’d think after 4 years the newness  would have worn off.   For me  the newness that is you is   refreshed every day and I love   you  more today than yesterday,  I’ll love you even more tomorrow… I don’t know how it’s  possible but it works…. We work, and  people    say that you have to “work” at a  marriage or a relationship…  but to me  our marriage isn’t work…. We support each other, we  take care of each other,  we take care of our kids and pets,  and it’s not  work…. It’s joy…. Cleaning out the  cat box  makes me happy  because I know you hate it. Taking away something you   hate, makes me happy…. Yes I just  told the world  that I like to clean out our cat box….. am I comparing our  marriage to a cat box??? UH OH   you know it’s  late….. and I can’t  sleep when that happens…. But if you think about it… there is some crap sometimes a little, sometimes a lot but , we  clean it out,  freshen it up  and  move on  happier and smelling like  scented baking soda…..you come in and sweep up the mess I made on the floor because  I always  forget that part  and neither of us complains… we love our cats….we love each other ……no I’m not  comparing our love or marriage to a cat box honey….. it’s way  more  than the fanciest one out there could ever be…though we  both know I can be  full of …nevermind…… back on track… 4 years ago  TODAY  we said the “I do’s”  in Vegas Baby…..surrounded  by our friends and  family, dressed in our  best, you looking angelic , me looking  “official” our children by our sides as we exchanged our vows.(  WOW  have our kids  grown up since then or what??   so proud of them and  US !!!)

B_W_MC Cunningham043

Mine were a little silly yet still  very serious because that’s who I am.  Your vows were more  reverent and serious. We compliment each other  perfectly… we’re both a little bit country n western and  little bit of rock n  roll… you’re a little  rap and  I’m   rhythm and  blues…we’re  both heavy metal….  It’s that way with everything  and I love you  more  for that, than if we were the same….. that would be boring!!! Can you imagine if I liked shoes?  I can’t  imagine you liking  cleaning up  bird poop and getting  footed  by a Falcon or bitten  by a  Raven….  I can’t imagine working  with  abused domestic animals  and you can’t imagine  running  into a  burning  building……. We work baby because we are different, neither  better than the other… equals in all  things.  But most importantly  we still hold in our  farts  around each other… that I think is the key to a good marriage…. Once you  play the dutch oven game… it’s the beginning of the end….  We’ve  been  together 10 years now and it’s very rare that we “let one slip” and it’s usually an accident  followed by giggles  which causes more accidents….. but we  respect  each other to make sure it’s  that  occasional  thing….respect  in all things of and for each other….I love you  and respect  you  today  more than  4 years  ago my darling and I’m gonna  keep on lovin’ you….cause it’s the only thing I wanna  dooooo ooooo……admit it  you sang it….  REO was  bad on that album but it’s  true …..and the  car ride we had  rocking out to  REO when we couldn’t  see them  live yep  one more reason we rock it together baby!  Thank you for letting me use your thumb or your water bottle as  my microphone, always… and  you  play a mean air guitar and drums!  You take me to  Bruce, I take you to Shinedown,  and we take  each other to paradise by the dashboard lights (except for the last part)  Happy  4th Anniversary and   I hope  we have 400 more though that’s not  likely unless we can become vampires… but  maybe 40 more? I hope so…. I want as many as possible with you by my  side, supporting me and  making me smile  all over!

I Love you  4evr (K)(L)(F) xoxoxoxoxo mmmmmmmwwwwwwwah!!!


Oh and  P.S.  I  seriously had  NO idea  that June 20th was also “American Eagle Day”  …. but it just  makes it  more perfect for US   🙂  I  Love you!!!!


12 thoughts on “4 Years….

  1. Happy Anniversary you two!!! It is so nice to see a couple that is so in love and respects each other as much as you do!!!

  2. Happy, Happy Anniversary to both of you! It sounds like you two have something very special and I wish you many more happy years! ♥

  3. Wow Mike what a great letter love it. :-)I am so happy for the two of you you are both very very nice people and I am very lucky to know both of you.

  4. A very happy anniversary to both of you and may you both enjoy many more yet to come. It can be done, all you need is love, love is all that you need.

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