70th Anniversay of D-Day – 6/6/14 – Thank you

One hundred and fifty THOUSAND , yes 150,000… that is how many allied troops stormed the beaches on June 6th , 1944….70 years ago…. To some that seems like a long time. In the  grand scheme of things it wasn’t that long ago  in historical terms… However,  I can’t imagine being a child in today’s world and being able to fathom the enormity of  war on that scale…. I started life at the end of the US involvement in the  conflict in Vietnam where we had over 500,000 troops deployed with nearly 60,000 US troops killed in action that is for the entire period of time from when US Ground forces  landed at Danang in 1965 until our withdrawal in 1973 …. That is 8 years…. But D-Day (and all of WWII) is a completely different beast!

D-day   ONE;1;UN,  day in World War II over 150,000 troops changed the course of the war….. of those 150,000   a mind numbing number 9,000 – NINE THOUSAND Allied soldiers were killed, on that single day ….   This was the start of the ousting of Nazi Germany’s occupation of western Europe. Ultimately the Allies were successful and in my opinion saved the world. This post, though, isn’t about the entire War or even Operation Overlord, Neptune or Bodyguard…   this post is my way of honoring the bravery and sacrifice of those 150,000 allied troops 70 years ago today.

If I could speak to them any of them, I could only express my gratitude, respect and appreciation of the unimaginable sacrifice they made for us.

Hollywood, and a plethora of authors , historians, even video game engineers have tried to show people what it was like ( some accurate, some insulting, some completely disrespectful, some authentic and genuine etc….) but the only people that will ever know,   are the troops that were there on that day. The rest of us can only barely begin to imagine the horrors witnessed and committed , the terror, the pain and please forgive the cliché but the blood, sweat and tears, the screams, the explosions, the blood soaked sand and sanguine water…. There are many , too many individual acts of true heroism and sacrifice performed that day many that we will never know….   To each and every US serviceman or woman from all time, but today especially for those who served with the Operations on D-Day , my eternal   gratitude!! YOU   were part of history that will never be forgotten and are owed a debt that can never be repaid. I hope over the past 70 years you have each found peace and know that I and my family will continue to honor you and all our service men and women always.

Before I close   out and post this here’s a news story that some of you readers may not have seen today, it moved me and really gives you some perspective on life, and it also   is because I can relate to the things that he says about fear, emotions, and the reasons why he goes and how he feels about what he was doing on that fateful day in history:


Thank you Jim “Pee Wee” Martin!

As always my dear readers:

Stay Safe, Be Kind, Keep the Park Clean, Pay it forward, Make a Difference and One Love

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3 thoughts on “70th Anniversay of D-Day – 6/6/14 – Thank you

  1. I don’t often read your blogs (sorry) but this one got my attention. I’ve always wondered just what my dad did in the war and this inspired me to find out what I could. I’m still gathering and collating info but will share with you when I know more. Thanks for getting me moving before it became too late to ever find what I didn’t even know I was looking for. (I realize that may sound pretty convoluted to others but we’re related so I bet you understand.) The Auntie in me means I have to tell you to watch your punctuation. There were several commas missing. Love ya

    • Glad it pushed you Aunt Linda 🙂 I’d love to hear more! I think he was Army Air Corps but not sure…. sorry about my… punctuation.. I’m not very good a that…. but I hope the message comes across that’s my goal and I just enjoy writing.. not too many people read it as it’s not that good.. maybe someday I’ll have an editor LOL… Love you!

  2. Baby, I Love your writing any your thoughts and most of all your heart. I love you more than anything. You are my everything. Thank you..

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