Blame it on the “Backstreets”

I blew my  speakers…. These speakers have  managed to  blast  Metallica,  Iron Maiden,  BOC, BTO, Styx, Kansas, Journey, Triumph, Bad Company, Any  male Country Artist you can name and a few female ones too ( like Reba….).  They’ve   pumped out  the  scores to  Les Mis & Miss Saigon, James Taylor and  yes even Barry Mannilow as loud as it can go… John Denver and the Four Seasons,  Frankie Valley and the whole cast of  Grease….all without  a hiss or a pop….. for 10 years now they’ve been faithful  factory installed Ford speakers.  As some of  you may know I’ve been on a  bit of a “Boss” trip lately  and listen to little else right now..there are 17 Studio albums afterall… plus  several “collections” and  E-street Radio on Sirius… anyway, this isn’t  about my  OCD or addictive personality. This is  about  my speakers, May  they Rest in Peace…. I drive a 10 year old Ford Pick ‘em up  Truck… people ask me why I don’t get a new truck often,  it’s not like it’s  beat up or anything, they  just think  I need a new truck… well I like my truck , it’s the 2nd one I’ve had nearly identical in every way.. when the 1st one died on me, I got one just like it only new….again, not addicted or  compulsive.. I like it, and if I like it  then that’s ok , right?  Right…and yes I’m fully  aware it’s not just a river in Egypt…  so  back to my truck and in particular the speakers in said truck that have  survived some  very loud and very heavy and high and some may even say  questionable  music….well  I had a particularly  challenging day and I have an hour drive home minimum…. It was sunny and nice, rare for Washington State….  So had the windows down and the Boss  cranked, cooking along down the  highway and relaxing… drive time is “my time”… as I’m  soooo hoping it is  for some of you, it’s “your time too” ( Please someone tell me  they do this too)  sometimes you  sing along to the radio…. Loudly… really,  really loudly …. And sometimes,  you have  the radio  up so loud you can’t  even hear yourself…  but you believe  that you sound just like  whoever is singing, maybe even better right?  Then something happens,  you bump the mute button or  you  butt dial someone and the music stops but you don’t stop singing and  you hear what you were doing and are like  OH MY GOSH I’m Horrible!! It’s a   good thing I’m alone and then you really LOL, and sometimes even your throat hurts because you were really  “beltin it out” and  just maybe stretching it a little…. Someone help out here and tell me I’m not alone in this…  well wouldn’t be the first time  and that’s OK  because I’m  my Mother’s  son  in that regard for sure, I  KNOW,  for a fact that she does that because she did it with  Children in the car in the 1970’s….I may sing along with my kids  and family in the car sometimes,  but  I don’t belt it out when I’m not alone…… so yeah that’s  what I was doing… wind blowing  on my  elbow  hangin’ out the window,  doing  “roughly”  70MPH ( fast enough that  I’m past them  before they  can hear me) with the Boss   on CD , Born to run Album … you’d think that  Born to Run would be the song  to  blow the speakers  of any of them on that album,  but  for  those that were misled by the “title” of this  story  and thought I  blew the speakers on the literal back streets, nope…. I blew them on Interstate 90… to the song “Backstreets” that I was singing along with so loudly my  throat hurt,  but I was smiling after a very rough day and  singing,  relaxin’ driving home…..then it happened… that moment when the song goes from really clear, loud and  awesome to scratchy and  can’t understand it and wahwahwha Charlie Brown teacher sounding…  I freak out… ( cause I’m  still singing and I can hear myself and  golly it sounds horrible…)  what has happened? I take my exit and slow down to 25, the posted speed limit  in that area, and then get busy trying to figure out is it my ears?  Is it the radio? Is it the disk?  Or is it,  something worse…..well it was worse…it was the speakers…. They still work and  if you turn it way down  they  sound “ok”  but  it’ll be awhile before I can replace them to be able to  have the radio so loud that I think I sound good  again… so dear Speakers,  you were killed by the Backstreets, but you know what?  I can think of worse ways to go… at least it wasn’t Lamb of God  or Rap….thanks for 10 years of quality service, I hope you  enjoy your  retirement when I replace you  and I  hope you aren’t in any pain…, and in case anyone doesn’t believe me about how badly I sounded, the link below will  take you to a  youtube video of me (just the audio there will be no video of me singing!!)  singing to  a Boss song a while back for a different story I’m  going to write  in September-ish…….for those that listen, I apologize in advance and  don’t say you weren’t warned LOL….

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