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I just celebrated a  birthday, not  any big milestone birthday , but closer to  then end than the beginning for sure…  as  a “gift” to myself  I booked  several Dr’s appointments   since I’ve been  very bad about  going to  Dr’s for a bit now…  I’ve had some  bad experiences  so I put it off and  kept putting them off. So  for my birthday ,  I booked  an eye Dr, a heart Dr and  a  couple different Primary  care Dr.  appts.

So far I’ve only had the eye Dr. appointment  which  made me feel  older. I’ve always had  20/20 or  better vision, even though I think about everyone in my family has  glasses or  glaucoma or other eye issues.. I’ve been lucky.. until now..   my  lovely  wife  kept telling  me that I need  glasses  because I  ask “what’s that say”   for  subtitles.  Of course I was in complete denial.  But it’s been  over 7 years since my last check up eye exam.. so sure, why not  have the Dr.  tell her I don’t need glasses.

We  made joint appointments and  went together. The  place was cool and let us  do the  full exam together.  She won…  and while the Dr.  said  everything is fine and looks great, and that I have healthy eyes and very large  optic nerves ( abnormally large, but  nothing to worry about at all – just interesting).. so yeah I have a  small bit  of myopia… and don’t need  glasses but they would help with seeing things at  distance….. I  go today to put in the official order…I realize this is not remotely  a bad thing or the end of the world…  but it did cause me a moment of reflection so really it’s a good thing! My Myopia opened my  eyes more   😉

So in my  “I’m getting old”  thinking, I started thinking about bucket lists..  if you  know me,  you  know that I’ve already done most things that are on traditional people’s bucket lists..  I’ve  raced cars & played  poker  semi-professionally,  run into a burning building, saved  a life, rescued a wild animal, climbed mountains, jumped out of helicopters, flown in tiny planes, and gliders,  bungee jumped, ridden a wild horse – with  its permission,  “gentled”   wild horses or  green  horses to  create a partnership of trust, ridden bareback,  trained dogs,  held an eagle,  rounded up and  branded cattle in Hawaii  and yes ate the freshest mountain oysters you’ve ever seen,  hunted big game, flown in a hot air balloon, been arrested… etc…etc… many of those things multiple times.  I’ve had  some serious adventure in my life.  So, when I  started thinking of my  bucket list, there were some  things on  it that   were  adventurous, but honestly my  bucket list   was  more  like a   repeatable to-do list,  I’ve done  most of the things on it already, but  you really can’t do too much of these things, in my opinion.   Some I haven’t  done yet, so they really are bucket list items.  I’d love to get YOUR help in  adding to my list, and  maybe you’d even consider adding some to  your “to-do / bucket list”.

Here’s my list so far,  I’ve  done most of these, but some  are  things that I am  working on or are  just  every day “to-do” reminders for myself.

  • Stand up to a bully
  • Pick up trash on sidewalk/wherever – both when you are alone and in public
  • Give someone different a compliment every day
  • Smile and say HI! to  a stranger
  • Give someone a random gift without an expectation of anything in return
  • Call a distant relative or senior family  friend – just to chat and say Hi, I’m thinking of you.
  • Go to a nursing home, ask to visit someone who doesn’t get visitors – just chat about their life & really listen.
  • Volunteer at an animal or wildlife shelter/facility
  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  • Sing Karaoke – sober
  • On a NON “veteran’s” holiday (AKA a regular day) – thank a vet for their service & welcome them home
  • Bake a Pie or  cook a casserole/lasagna dish and deliver to a neighbor that you don’t know that well
  • Carry 5$ Gift cards ( I use Starbucks cards) and give to random people who look like they could use a  kind gesture.
  • Leave a note on a car in a parking lot wising the person a nice day, or saying something nice.
  • Take a meal to a family/person you know fighting cancer. (we all  know someone)
  • Send someone a hand written letter in the mail
  • Pick up the tab for  a stranger on your way out of a restaurant – without letting them know.
  • Go a full 24 hours  without  a single complaint.  – it’s harder than it sounds.
  • Hold someone’s hand (or hold them) while they are dying. – no one “wants” to do this I don’t  think,  but I hope someone is there to hold mine so I “assume” others want this as well.

There are  so many other things,   these are similar  to just general random acts of kindness, but if I make it a “list”  then I am more  apt to do them regularly and once they become a  “habit”  then I’m on the way to real  change outside of myself.

I’m looking for  more though!  Not just RAK  ideas there are a million of those out there…  I’m looking for  bucket list items that can really make a difference in the world,  not just things for “me”…  like most “normal”   bucket lists are  things for  yourself..  see the Eiffel tower, the Pyramids, the Parthenon,  eat  a worm (after finishing the bottle) – done it LOL, skydive… etc.. etc..    I have always been a  “dare to be different”  person… so if you think this list is just weird  well Hi! I’m Mike, I’m weird and proud of that 😉  won’t you consider joining me  in  being weird, thinking outside of the box and  come up with an idea for my list!

So friends,  please   hook me up with more ideas!

As always,

Stay Safe, Be Kind, Keep the Park Clean, Pay it forward, Make a Difference and One Love  –  http://wp.me/p2RcFA-3Z



One thought on “Eye opening bucket list

  1. This is a great list….and I bet as you complete some of them, they will lead to other things. Few people can visit a nursing home 1x and not want to go back and make a difference. Volunteer or arrange for volunteers with a school or scout troop…
    You make a difference everyday and I love your soul.
    Xo Amy

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