Saint Paddy’s, “Poppa” and Engagement Day

Saint  Patrick’s  Day.  For  some it’s a  day of partyin’  and  drinking  for no  reason whatsoever. For  others  it’s a day  of  religious  celebration  for the  coming of  Christianity to  Ireland.  For   my  wife it  was  a  day  of  sadness. She lost her   grandfather, Edwin Eyer (“Poppa” to Christy)  on this   day in  1990. Continue reading

Joy is Children’s Laughter

One of our  very dearest  friend’s  father  died.  It was not  completely  unexpected as he was not in the best of health , but still not expected…..he was “Papa John”, a   big man who commanded  respect and never went anywhere without his  “Peacemaker” … I’ve heard so many  funny , amazing  stories  about this man I was  looking forward to meeting him someday!  Knowing I’ll never  get the chance  makes  me sad, but  James’  stories will  hopefully  continue and  the lessons he taught his children and  so many others  will   be his legacy  along with  many other  things that he  gave the world…RIP Mr. Byers….

Papa John

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Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year to all  of my friends and  family, I made so many new  friends in  2012 and I’m thankful for all of you!!!.  My New Year wish for  you  all  is that 2013 brings you all  peace, happiness and many opportunities to make a  difference in the world, no matter how small the gesture your actions have ripples… make many ripples in 2013!     Stay Safe, Be Kind, Keep the Park Clean, Pay it forward, Make a Difference and One Love.

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My Daddy, My Father, My Coach, My Nemesis, My Dad, My Friend

My Daddy,  My Father, My Coach, My Nemesis,  My Dad, Mr. Responsible, My Friend…Let’s  get one thing  straight…l  was  not a  good kid….  When I was  young, grade school  though junior high I ( and beyond) I had  hypoglycemia  which  made me  extra  “special” …a  better word for that is  evil  I think…..  I was constantly in  trouble and  talking to shrinks and  Dr’s  trying to figure out why I was  “nuts”….then High School came around and  I  was even worse…throw a   bunch of testosterone  in the mix  as well as  weightlifting,  swimming, track, tennis, golf  etc.. 6’ 2” and 220 of “V” shaped muscle  and  attitude  and well let’s just  say I sure would not have wanted to be  my  parent!!!    I may have given me up for adoption  after the first  few  years…… but they didn’t….. and for that I’m  grateful….. because I love my  parents.  But  this post in particular is about My Pops…

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Stay Safe, Be Kind, Keep the Park Clean, Pay it forward, Make a Difference and One Love

This is a messsage I posted  for the Memorial  Group for the two Eagles in  Decorah, Iowa that perished  by electrocution that I run… . I’m sharing it here with you  so that more people can see that we  made a real difference and   also to explain some of my  “closing  remarks” that you may see in other  posts I make and   now understand the meaning 🙂  Enjoy…. Continue reading

Christmas Lights Hitch and a Crack Problem

Saturday 12/1- Christy is  gone  for  a  gals day….Easton is  at his new  dream job  working at  Crystal Mountain  Ski Resort ..working mornings  and snowboarding  after work…I worry  like crazy but  at the same time I’m  very proud that he’s  doing something he loves.  I’m  at home  with the critters and a  honey-do  list…  Continue reading

Oh Canada – You ROCK – Conclusion

I left you  on a cliff hanger?   No I didn’t,   I just   gave  you some teasers  as to what was in store for this post that’s  all….. I said  “There’s  music and dancing,   violence and   wildlife…   gambling and  even some law enforcement  issues!!!!! Part three  will be  exciting!!!!” Continue reading

The Day I learned of the death of Decorah Eagle D14

I received word   in the  early morning of  Novemeber 27th,  2012 about D14’s  Death by electrocution.  My wife and I were just  preparing to leave Vancouver, BC  from a  wonderful  weekend  getaway.  During our trip  I received  several “signs”  from  Eagles that I’ll write about  later…..

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Oh Canada Part Deux – 11/25/12

We left off  last “episode”  with us happily  walking  back to our hotel  feeling great  but  pooped… we  got a   good nights sleep and arose well rested  and ready to enjoy  the new day.   It was  chilly but sunny and  beautiful… we went on  a bit of a “walkabout”  downtown,  had  breakfast at  Starbucks  (of course)… did some  shopping and  sight seeing and found the  tattoo parlor we were  searching for…. “The Fall” ( )   Continue reading

Oh Canada….. Day 1 11/24/12

Saturday Morning  we  left  for Canada…Vancouver, BC  to be  more specific…  a weekend  getaway  to celebrate  Christy’s  Birthday  and then on Monday  the 26th see the Boss  live …. It was a lovey day  for a drive  with my  beautiful  bride….  We  made the trip up I-5, waving towards  Sarvey  as we drove by the  exit,  waving at Tyler as we drove by the next exit to his place… and  further on up the road we went…. Continue reading

T-Day & Bufflehead in the Bathtub Black Friday

Happy Thanksgiving!  The real one this time….  Not Friendsgiving…  this is the real deal…..  this  used to be my favorite “fall” holiday…  I went all out….  Starting days ahead of time planning  down to the minute what happened when… the boys were my “sous chefs” and   friends and family would fill the house  it was  always a  great time! Continue reading

Forever Family Day – Release 11/16/12

Today was  National  Adoption Day…. And we gained 2  beautiful   family members today: A  beautiful  Niece  – Savannah and a  handsome nephew  Anthony.  Their parents are my Brother and sister-in-law Russell and Patty Johnson.  The  ceremony was very special  and the reception afterwards was  beautiful and moving.  Continue reading

I wish I could Jess that girl….

Yes the title of this post is a vague “punny”   reference to a Rick Springfield song……Yes I know I was just there….. yes, I know  it’s a long way… yep I  do realize what  gas costs these days…. Rather than  ask “can I afford it?”   I have to ask  can I not??  Oh you’re new to my   blog?  Well I’m  speaking of  Sarvey  Wildlife Care Center, or  SWCC for short…of course….  (link down there on the bottom right)….I had scheduled a  “meeting” with the primary handler/trainer for “my” Raven… Continue reading

Happy Friendsgiving!!!

What you’ve never heard of Friendsgiving?  Ok  I hadn’t either, in fact I think it’s a made up word …. But it’s a  great word huh?  But before I get into that I feel a  need to ‘splain the relationship a “little”..hahaha I   say little  when I mean Little…. Continue reading

Heard from a Stark that “Winter is Coming”!!! Must mean Wolves, Ravens and Zombies??

Friday Night Lights except it’s on Saturday!!!! Playoffs!! My son’s team made it to the playoffs by finishing 3rd in their league, (4A School) so we go to travel up to Everett, WA and face the WESCO League Champions at a large Stadium –Everett Memorial Stadium. Where the minor league farm team plays for the Mariners…..the “big show”

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“Take Care of the Rabbits and the Elephants will Fall”

The county in which I live (King County, WA)  went to a 100% by mail voting system  a year or so ago. At first I thought it was a good idea.  It would get more people to exercise their RIGHT to  vote…I still agree with that the more people that  vote the better off we are as a nation, regardless of the outcomes of those votes and your  or my particular  wishes on those outcomes….but  I have to say, putting a  stamp on the  envelope to mail in my ballot  seems  like having to pay to vote… Continue reading

Of Eagles and Men (Conclusion)

Part 4 – True Love and Family

And now the continuation of our “story”  the following weekend…. This “episode”  starts on a sad note though,  we lost my “great-aunt-in-law?” and technically not even that really…..  but there’s a quote that I love by one of my favorite authors- Richard Bach  that goes “The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof “  Continue reading

Of Eagles and Men

Part 1 – Da Doc

Friday morning started with me working from home because I had a Dr’s appt at noon… my cheeks had  red “stripes” like I was wearing rouge and  was painful to the touch… I’d been fighting a  sinus infection for about a month or so and it finally got to the point where my body needed some assistance… chemical assistance..  so off to the  Dr. I go… My Dr.  has been “my Dr” for roughly 15 years, she’s  seen me through some nasty stuff…a Pulmonary Embolism that nearly killed me,  ruptured  disks in my back, several  cysts that have had to be removed, along with  my normal  high blood pressure and cholesterol… along with many other thing over the years…we always  spend some time in our appointments just catching up and  chatting about her life and my life… Continue reading

Tatoos with stories….

WOO HOOO I’m on Vacation!!  At my day job at  Starbucks we use the “federal” fiscal  calendar, so our year  is  October –  Sept …we have a “use it or lose  it”  policy for vacation….  I had 1 day left to use before the end of the month….  What better use  than to  use that as a Sarvey day?!?! I’m sure some of you  are thinking  um I can think of about 50 ways I’d rather use that… and I can only think of 1… my family  and since they are all  either working or in school    I’m going to  “donate” that day to Sarvery  Wildlife Care Center….. Continue reading