Happy Friendsgiving!!!

What you’ve never heard of Friendsgiving?  Ok  I hadn’t either, in fact I think it’s a made up word …. But it’s a  great word huh?  But before I get into that I feel a  need to ‘splain the relationship a “little”..hahaha I   say little  when I mean Little…. Continue reading

Heard from a Stark that “Winter is Coming”!!! Must mean Wolves, Ravens and Zombies??

Friday Night Lights except it’s on Saturday!!!! Playoffs!! My son’s team made it to the playoffs by finishing 3rd in their league, (4A School) so we go to travel up to Everett, WA and face the WESCO League Champions at a large Stadium –Everett Memorial Stadium. Where the minor league farm team plays for the Mariners…..the “big show”

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Of Eagles and Men (Conclusion)

Part 4 – True Love and Family

And now the continuation of our “story”  the following weekend…. This “episode”  starts on a sad note though,  we lost my “great-aunt-in-law?” and technically not even that really…..  but there’s a quote that I love by one of my favorite authors- Richard Bach  that goes “The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof “  Continue reading


I’ve been thinking  for months on how to  put into words what  watching the Decorah  Eagles  from egg to  Eagle  meant to me.  I’ve also  been  thinking about the video tributes I want  to do .   In addition to those things,  I wanted to also incorporate   the 4th of July  and our Great Country’s independence celebration.  Then today I  got the news….  We all dread bad news, and there is never a good time to  get it. I got an alert on Facebook  from the Raptor Resource Project that D12, the 1st hatch of this year’s  Decorah Eagles  had died of electrocution  from a  power line  and all my ideas went out the window…I’m still going to do my  video/slideshow tributes but they will be with mixed emotions rather than just pure joy… Continue reading

Me, The Boss and 9/11

I have a friend  that I work with ( @Scott Proctor) who did this  30 day music challenge thing  here on FB. For 30 Days there is a question that  you have to answer with a song that made you feel that way or  what you listened to when you were feeling a certain way etc… it was very interesting and the questions  made me  think  how  I would answer them… well depending on the weather, the time of day the curvature of the earth I thought on such and such a day I would choose  this song  but if the wind was from the  south east, I would choose this song.. so I didn’t do the  challenge because music was such a huge part of my life. My entire childhood was full of music, I won awards and  honors for musical stuff.. Continue reading

The Death of Big Daddy ??/2010 – 4/30/11

The end of April in the high desert of Eastern Washington.   A small group of dedicated rocketry enthusiasts (not quite scientists)  gathered at the site of a cancelled  launch. Cancelled due to Navy training  exercises, so  a worthy reason though still hard to take after a 5 hour drive to the launch location, but made worth it with  a fly by of  a pair of F-15s, a bi-plane and a couple hang gliders, good friends and family,  good food and all in all  a good launch weekend camping trip, but not without it’s drama and destruction…. Continue reading

Remembering KK – Memorial

here’s what I said at the memorial ceremony.

For anyone who doesn’t know me, I am “Uncle Mikey” also known as  Mike Cunningham,  “Auntie” Christy’s  Husband, I married into the family  in a way,  and while we may not be blood related  we still feel like a part of the family. Continue reading

Remembering “KK” Night at the Races

to go with the video/pictures  uploaded

The audio is  a bit hard to understand so in case you want the  transcription here it is.  It was an honor to be asked to speak at this event, I just wish I’d  had the time and the mental capacity to memorize my “speech”. Thanks again to @Amy Chavez and family  and the whole @Team Remembering KK team you all rock. And from one (Former Bomber) racer to all the Mini-Stocks thank you all for  all you did for KK and family. And whomever made that Hood – You are amazing and touched many, many people with your beautiful art. Continue reading

Adversity and Character

One of my favorite sayings of all time has always been “Adversity doesn’t build character, it displays it” I have no idea who originally said that but it’s on my mind today.

Today, a brave, loving, gentle and thoughtful young man, full of character lost his years long fight with cancer. While I wasn’t physically there for the entire battle, I was mentally. It and he were always on my mind, in my thoughts and heart.

Through great adversity he constantly displayed more character then many adults I know who are perfectly healthy, and more than most would in a similar fight.

Kelton, your character has inspired many and has left a legacy of strength for anyone who knew you to remember and strive to live up to, I know I hope to be able when my turn comes, to display half as much character as this young man. Good bye Kelton and thank you for the legacy.