Grandpa’s hands

“Ew  I don’t wanna hold your hand Grandpa they’re yucky”.  Those words hurt  but they were true, my hands are kinda yucky.  We were in Redmond Town Center, going to see Santa Claus, it was the cold of  winter and  while my hands are never “pretty”, in winter time they are  really kinda  gnarly.  Dry and split, stained with grease, dirt and nicotine. Constantly bleeding or scabbed from  something  somewhere, my hands  always hurt somewhere.  I  don’t treat my hands very well. Never have and probably never will. Continue reading

Small town boy in San Francisco

** Warning  Graphic  Content **  The following post contains language and event descriptions that some may find  disturbing, they were disturbing when they happened,  and beyond  and I have  kept most of the details limited to  innuendo but it is still a disturbing post – read at your discretion or bypass it altogether for some of my other more light hearted posts.  Continue reading


I cannot sit idly by. This is not a political post, this is not a bleeding heart liberal post for I am not a liberal, I am not a conservative. I am a human being that has common sense, eyes, ears and a heart. You have to be missing one or more of those things to not see, hear or feel the division and  the outright hate, bigotry and  lack of empathy,compassion or even common sense coming from the alleged president-elect.   Continue reading

~Short Stories vol 1 “Incoming!”

Kicking off  a new section for  “fictional”  short stories..  Here’s one to start us off..


“General Quarters, General Quarters! All hands man your battle stations! Up and Forward to starboard, down and aft to port! Set material condition ZEBRA throughout the ship! All hands set MOPP level 4! This is not  a drill”

“Multiple Vampires inbound. All hands brace for impact” Continue reading


As most of my loyal readers know or have figured out, I have PTSD. I’ve had it and dealt with it for many years. I’ve tried many less than effective “treatments” over the years. Some not so smart, but that was before I really knew what it was that was “wrong with me…. After my actual diagnosis, I tired medication but didn’t care for how it made me feel… then I just tried to deal with it on my own, that didn’t work so well. I lived with it and helped other people and animals as much I could. Now that I can’t even do that, except through online activities ( I do hope to get back to being able to physically do some more work with wildlife and people again in the future) I am really feeling the depression side of the “disorder”. But unlike a lot of people, and unlike a younger dumber me, I am getting real help now… talking with a counselor, getting EMDR therapy, and looking into natural as well as maybe chemical assistance ( not alcohol or drugs sheesh… medication if necessary – going to work with a naturopath first). OK so enough of THAT nightmare stuff… let’s get to something a little more uplifting – Hopes and Dreams….

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70th Anniversay of D-Day – 6/6/14 – Thank you

One hundred and fifty THOUSAND , yes 150,000… that is how many allied troops stormed the beaches on June 6th , 1944….70 years ago…. To some that seems like a long time. In the  grand scheme of things it wasn’t that long ago  in historical terms… However,  I can’t imagine being a child in today’s world and being able to fathom the enormity of  war on that scale…. I started life at the end of the US involvement in the  conflict in Vietnam where we had over 500,000 troops deployed with nearly 60,000 US troops killed in action that is for the entire period of time from when US Ground forces  landed at Danang in 1965 until our withdrawal in 1973 …. That is 8 years…. But D-Day (and all of WWII) is a completely different beast! Continue reading


**WARNING –  Seriously  this is  a real WARNING**  –  the below  post contains some  very graphic language, and  depictions of traumatic, tragic  and disturbing  events including death and destruction.  Please  read at your  own  discretion** Continue reading

Practice what you preach

A wise  phrase  I heard a lot  growing up… no idea where from  and I certainly didn’t  preach and  I don’t  feel like I  do now… but I do  write a lot about  “doing good” and  paying it forward , making a  difference…  etc… some may say that I go overboard  even ..and think that I’ve got issues….I do have issue’s , we all do but that’s  not what  this post is about,  it’s about practicing what I  “preach”  Continue reading

Murder of a Symbol

WDFW POLICE NEED YOUR HELP – On January 9th four dead eagles were discovered floating in a lake outside of Granite Falls (Snohomish Co). The four eagles were retrieved by officers on January 10th. Initial observations suggests at least three of the birds were killed using a small caliber rifle. It appears that the birds had been perched in trees before they fell to their death into the water. Continue reading

My Daddy, My Father, My Coach, My Nemesis, My Dad, My Friend

My Daddy,  My Father, My Coach, My Nemesis,  My Dad, Mr. Responsible, My Friend…Let’s  get one thing  straight…l  was  not a  good kid….  When I was  young, grade school  though junior high I ( and beyond) I had  hypoglycemia  which  made me  extra  “special” …a  better word for that is  evil  I think…..  I was constantly in  trouble and  talking to shrinks and  Dr’s  trying to figure out why I was  “nuts”….then High School came around and  I  was even worse…throw a   bunch of testosterone  in the mix  as well as  weightlifting,  swimming, track, tennis, golf  etc.. 6’ 2” and 220 of “V” shaped muscle  and  attitude  and well let’s just  say I sure would not have wanted to be  my  parent!!!    I may have given me up for adoption  after the first  few  years…… but they didn’t….. and for that I’m  grateful….. because I love my  parents.  But  this post in particular is about My Pops…

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9/11/12 – The Rising – 343

Last year, 2011 on the 10 year  anniversary of the 9/11 attacks  my wife and I went to  a  ceremony  on the Tacoma Waterfront  where the  Gig Harbor  Fire Department  had on  display a piece of steel girder from the WTC in NYC.  As we were walking  along the beach to the  ceremony we were witness to a  fire boat in the harbor  shooting  water and ringing it’s bells to memorialize those lost on that day 10 years prior.  Continue reading