Grandpa’s hands

“Ew  I don’t wanna hold your hand Grandpa they’re yucky”.  Those words hurt  but they were true, my hands are kinda yucky.  We were in Redmond Town Center, going to see Santa Claus, it was the cold of  winter and  while my hands are never “pretty”, in winter time they are  really kinda  gnarly.  Dry and split, stained with grease, dirt and nicotine. Constantly bleeding or scabbed from  something  somewhere, my hands  always hurt somewhere.  I  don’t treat my hands very well. Never have and probably never will. Continue reading

The Death of Big Daddy ??/2010 – 4/30/11

The end of April in the high desert of Eastern Washington.   A small group of dedicated rocketry enthusiasts (not quite scientists)  gathered at the site of a cancelled  launch. Cancelled due to Navy training  exercises, so  a worthy reason though still hard to take after a 5 hour drive to the launch location, but made worth it with  a fly by of  a pair of F-15s, a bi-plane and a couple hang gliders, good friends and family,  good food and all in all  a good launch weekend camping trip, but not without it’s drama and destruction…. Continue reading