~ short stories vol 3 “Pole”

Sitting in the  car, engine thrumming, a deep rumble.   The field is  behind me, when  the green flies  I will be leading the Nascar Exide Short Track drivers into the first turn.

Over the  motors I can hear the roar of the crowd and even hear my name called out as they go through the field on the  track PA system.  My nerves are on fire with excitement, and a  touch of fear.

The  flag-man gives the signal for us to do the pace laps,  the pace car pulls away and I follow.  Weaving the car side to side to get some heat in the tires.  They  are a special compound that  sticks to the asphalt  when warm.

The turns are  really just one  long curve if you’re looking at the  3/8ths  mile oval  from  above,  but from behind the wheel   it is  at least 4 turns.

The pace laps done, we  get the signal  one lap before green.  Gripping the wheel we  follow the pace car into turn one, turn two,  the pace car pulls off  on the backstretch  into pit lane.  I’m now leading the field of 20 cars. I pick up  the pace  as we  enter  turn three.

Off of turn four   I see the green flag waving and  mat the  pedal,  the car lurches forward, gripping the wheel  I   let off the gas, touch the brakes and lean into turn one, a glance at the mirror shows chaos  behind,  in my right peripheral I see  the second place starter   pull ahead of me on the outside as we  go into turn two.

Exiting turn two onto the backstretch,  cars are now starting to pass me on both sides.  This track doesn’t do  three wide very well. I back off the gas and   get to the top groove and out of  three wide before we hit turn four.

Several  cars are now in front of me as we cross the start/finish line.  I see them  starting into turn one  a car spinning, another one collected in  the spin,  I let off the throttle, my  left foot jamming on the brake.  Cut the wheel to the right  to head to the top side of the self-cleaning track.  I come to a stop a foot away from another car broadside in front of me.   Just long enough to catch a  breath and  think YES! I missed it!

Crunch, bang, shit.   I guess not everyone got the memo that there was a wreck in turn one. Yeah I  missed it but  it didn’t miss me.  Two cars  slam into either side of mine, one in my right rear, not a big deal, the other   into my left front tire.  We sit waiting for the  track to clear, my car still running.  I  don’t know how bad the damage is yet.

The track clears, I put the car in gear and  pull away.  The sound is horrendous and the steering  isn’t very responsive.   The car won’t turn left, thankfully   I am near pit lane and  can just pull off and into the pits.

My day is done, I’m not sure I like this  format of having the slowest qualifier start at the front of the field.


~Short Stories vol 1 “Incoming!”

Kicking off  a new section for  “fictional”  short stories..  Here’s one to start us off..


“General Quarters, General Quarters! All hands man your battle stations! Up and Forward to starboard, down and aft to port! Set material condition ZEBRA throughout the ship! All hands set MOPP level 4! This is not  a drill”

“Multiple Vampires inbound. All hands brace for impact” Continue reading