Grandpa’s hands

“Ew  I don’t wanna hold your hand Grandpa they’re yucky”.  Those words hurt  but they were true, my hands are kinda yucky.  We were in Redmond Town Center, going to see Santa Claus, it was the cold of  winter and  while my hands are never “pretty”, in winter time they are  really kinda  gnarly.  Dry and split, stained with grease, dirt and nicotine. Constantly bleeding or scabbed from  something  somewhere, my hands  always hurt somewhere.  I  don’t treat my hands very well. Never have and probably never will. Continue reading


I cannot sit idly by. This is not a political post, this is not a bleeding heart liberal post for I am not a liberal, I am not a conservative. I am a human being that has common sense, eyes, ears and a heart. You have to be missing one or more of those things to not see, hear or feel the division and  the outright hate, bigotry and  lack of empathy,compassion or even common sense coming from the alleged president-elect.   Continue reading

Wild Raven Visitation update

The wild ravens  have been  visiting Suk  daily for over a month now,   Suk will  now occasionally interact but his typical reaction is  no reaction whatsoever,  just goes about his business  eating his food, playing with toys or just  hanging out “perching”.  Continue reading

Eye opening bucket list

I just celebrated a  birthday, not  any big milestone birthday , but closer to  then end than the beginning for sure…  as  a “gift” to myself  I booked  several Dr’s appointments   since I’ve been  very bad about  going to  Dr’s for a bit now…  I’ve had some  bad experiences  so I put it off and  kept putting them off. So  for my birthday ,  I booked  an eye Dr, a heart Dr and  a  couple different Primary  care Dr.  appts. Continue reading

The Secret of NIMH’s Truck (An F-150 Tail)

I have been sharing my truck with  mice.  We live in the country, We have bird feeders. Mice are part of the deal.  We don’t use any poisons. Poison  kills other  wildlife besides the  target species ( owls, hawks, raccoon, possum, any  critter that eats the poisoned animal or the poison itself!)  we don’t use  glue traps because they are  extremely inhumane,  torturing any animal  is  wrong. Continue reading

Mystery Building Revealed

I got word that Suk wasn’t working out for the free flight program at World Bird Sanctuary (WBS) in St. Louis. I didn’t get many details, just that it wasn’t working out and would we know any other prospective new home options for him. WBS I am certain did everything properly and correct they are an amazing organization, not every birdie is cut out for life in working with the public in free flight. Continue reading

Keep It Positive – Decorah Eagles – Petition for Bob

Keep it positive… that’s what I keep telling myself.

That  can be challenging when I feel  strongly that an important issue is being ignored, or a wrong is being done.

I see the uproar and outrage against the people that killed a lion in Africa.  I wonder what makes things “go viral” and what gets people motivated to take action on certain causes and there are times  that it’s really uplifting, and times where it is  sickening. Continue reading

Anna’s Dive: The sound of Spring

The  trill of the Swainson’s Thrush

The Song of the  Goldfinch

Some of my favorites for sure, but the  best for me,   is best described as the squeak of a frightened mouse on  a cartoon..  for the longest time  I could not figure out what made the sounds,  once I did I was astonished!    The Anna’s hummingbird mating  dive…  and the sound isn’t  from his mouth!  Quite the Opposite!  OK not  truly the opposite, but close enough! It’s from the tail feathers as they flare out at the end of it’s high speed dive bomb run. Continue reading

Spring is Sprung!

Spring is  definitely here.  It has been for a few weeks now in Western, Washington.  Typically I know  by the return of the swallows,   but they haven’t shown up yet this year.    But  Spring has  Sprung!

The  front walkway is  bathed in the scent of  Hyacinth with it’s pink and  purple flowers.  Buds are  opening on all the trees with many in full bloom.  If that alone doesn’t convince you, we’ve have temperatures in the mid-sixties for over a week!  The weather has been  extremely mild this winter and  I fear we are in for a   hot and  smoky  summer. But for now it is  Spring with all the refresh  that it provides the soul. Continue reading


As most of my loyal readers know or have figured out, I have PTSD. I’ve had it and dealt with it for many years. I’ve tried many less than effective “treatments” over the years. Some not so smart, but that was before I really knew what it was that was “wrong with me…. After my actual diagnosis, I tired medication but didn’t care for how it made me feel… then I just tried to deal with it on my own, that didn’t work so well. I lived with it and helped other people and animals as much I could. Now that I can’t even do that, except through online activities ( I do hope to get back to being able to physically do some more work with wildlife and people again in the future) I am really feeling the depression side of the “disorder”. But unlike a lot of people, and unlike a younger dumber me, I am getting real help now… talking with a counselor, getting EMDR therapy, and looking into natural as well as maybe chemical assistance ( not alcohol or drugs sheesh… medication if necessary – going to work with a naturopath first). OK so enough of THAT nightmare stuff… let’s get to something a little more uplifting – Hopes and Dreams….

Continue reading

This Land is OUR Land

I took a   road trip in August for a day, the purpose of the trip was to see my   current favorite band: The Paul Thorn Band. I went and met some dear friends there, and had a more than fantastic time! I’ll post some pictures, video and thoughts on that later. The following day, I was heading home when I saw a sign for a National Wildlife refuge, I had nothing but time so I decided to take a detour, the scenic route, the road less traveled. The temperature the day before was 106 degrees, and shooting for 100 again on this day, it was already in the 80s so I didn’t have too long to go in the “cooler” morning air so I pulled off and parked. I grabbed the camera, a bottle of water and started walking through the sage and sand of the high desert.   It is located along a beautiful waterway , the Walla Walla River, a feeder into the Columbia in the spot where 3 rivers meet , the Snake and the Walla Walla draining into the mighty Columbia. It’s an amazing place, and I hope to someday make a longer trip to explore the beauty. For now I   will just share   some thoughts and    photos of the couple hours I spent in the Madame Dorian use area of the Wallula unit in th   McNary National Wildlife Refuge Continue reading

Don’t doubt Mother Nature

Never Give up, Never surrender.. ..   That’s my phrase of the month…   There are many reasons for that.. from my health, to my job… to    so many juvenile eagles that I “know”… I’m not going to dwell or really elaborate on the former, but on the latter, The Eagles   well duh, of course I’ll elaborate thanks for asking 😉 ….

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First post of 2014.. what should it be…..hmmm…hmmmm…oooh I know, Hummers!!! Who doesn’t love a hummer? If you don’t love Hummers there’s something wrong with you in my opinion… everyone loves them… even people who say they don’t like them secretly do…and there are some people that really shouldn’t like them but yep they do too…. How can you not??? Hummers are fun, usually they are fast, sometimes they linger… you each know your favorite hummer… sometimes they get in your face… even in your hair if it’s long… sometimes you love to watch them, sometimes just knowing they are there getting the nectar puts a smile on your face. Sadly though there aren’t enough people in the upper US that get them all the time… year round… sometimes they hardly get them at all…… I feel sad for those people because I can tell you I get them year round… Different types depending on the type of year but my favorite kind I get alllllllll year round… Continue reading

I’ve got worms….

Yep you  read it  right…. I’ve  got worms  and now I have  beetles too!!  Which  can only mean 1  thing!   Soon I’ll  have more  worms  yippeee…… You all remember the old song  no body  loves me everybody hates me  guess I’ll  go eat worms?   I remember my Mom  singing that  in a joking way  when giving us  pity parties as children… ( if you don’t know what a  pity party is well  you didn’t  grow up right LOL) ….. Continue reading