Christmas Lights Hitch and a Crack Problem

Saturday 12/1- Christy is  gone  for  a  gals day….Easton is  at his new  dream job  working at  Crystal Mountain  Ski Resort ..working mornings  and snowboarding  after work…I worry  like crazy but  at the same time I’m  very proud that he’s  doing something he loves.  I’m  at home  with the critters and a  honey-do  list…  My list    comprised of   getting  the  8 Million, four hundred and eighty seven thousand, five hundred and  thirty two  boxes of  Christmas decoration “Stuff” out of the  garage; doing the  outside  decorations – lights, lit up  moving deer etc…, hang the new  shades that she bought  (but they were on sale…..)  to replace our  (just fine) current shades… .joy to world…  so  I  hop to it…  up and down the ladder, in and outta the house  15,945 times  just to bring  in the  decorations… pile the  containers in the  living room….then  back out to  haul down the  outside  stuff and test each strand of everything before   starting to  string them ( lesson learned the hard way  too many times, I’ve finally got it  figured out!)… get the “big”  ladder, staple gun, extension  cords, pliers,  hammer, duct tape,  coat and hat… Up and down,  string and test,   reposition and  test..move on to the next  strand…. on and on it goes…  until the house is  wired for  Christmas…. now it’s time to  move on to the   deer in the yard…not  real deer    those just come in and eat the tulips..  these are  a doe, a fawn and a buck all  “lit up”  and the buck’s  head moves from side to side  protecting his family….  this year I attached a  fake  Cardinal to the  back of the Buck  to remind me of  my roots in the Midwest 🙂  I miss Cardinals… but not enough to go back sorry Mom and Pop…  finally  complete..and  sore …  it’s amazing how  much going up and down a ladder and  stringing   Christmas  lights  takes outta  an old  guy…..Christy  knows  how much I   dread  putting up  Christmas Lights ..I complain about it every year and try to wriggle out of it and always  feel   guilty for   complaining about it….  but I keep doing it ( both the complaining and  the hanging)  it’s  become tradition   at this point….  and  bless her  sweet heart  she  got home and even said she liked them….  AND to top it off she   went by Safeway  knowing I was going to  Sarvey  tomorrow   and  brought  me the goodies  for  Sarvey  that I normally  get on my way  which will save  me a lot of time and give me more time with the  wildones…   she  thinks it’s no big deal  that she  got me the  stuff ( bleach, paper towels,  meats and even some TP for  the office)  but to me it was a huge gesture  and it meant a  lot to me that she did that for me. It’s the little things   like that in a  marriage or in any friendship that  really   make  them wonderful…

Up and  at ’em   bright and early  on Sunday to go to my  “church” … SWCC… oh man am I sore today…  but not  going to  stop me!!  I  load up the goodies that my sweet  wife got for me and hit the road. …I hear my  “song”  Solsbury hill again on my way up and smile  thinking about all the  Eagles and other wildones and edones that have “talked to me”  and  before I head up the final hill  to  Sarvey where my  phone  doesn’t work I pull over to make a call.   I call my Friend who  is a volunteer  at Ojai Raptor Center , they lost   a 7 Year  ambassador for the Bald Eagle’s  “Hitch” was his  name  and he was a beautiful  raptor. My friend was  very attached to him.  Here’s  a photo and the official announcement:

So as I was on my way  to Sarvey , I wanted to give her  a call and my condolences,  friendship  and support. We chatted  for a  bit about  the joys and pain of  rehab work. A virtual  hug for  my friend  –  SIP/SED  Hitch ……

up the hill I go,  peace washes over me  and the stress of life lifts from my shoulders. I’m there, a tiny speck on this giant planet trying to make a difference…to hopefully create  those  positive ripples  that are  our dreams for peace and  beauty.  I start the day  seeing Jeff, the  President of the Board of  Directors and  author  of  “An Eagle Named Freedom: My True Story of a Remarkable Friendship”  if you haven’t read the book  , I highly recommend it.  I’ve read it twice  and   am  so honored to get the opportunity to  see and talk with  Jeff  occasionally… today was one of those  days…  we were alone in the   food prep area, I was   prepping   lunch for my friend the  Raven and he was   prepping   Freedom’s   meal… I  thanked him again  for  writing the book  and  we chatted about the “State of Sarvey”  and how he, as the President  felt about the  changes and  growth, he smiled and   shared how pleased he was about the future of SWCC.  we moved on to  talk about Alaska  (even more beautiful than Washington)  where we’ve  both spent some time,  and  the Iditarod  and other things… a  great  moment   for me to just chat with  a personal hero… but  enough chatting  time to get dirty!!!

Oh wait I haven’t  unloaded my  truck yet….  better  get  all the goodies  that Christy got  put away!   Then  it’s   time to  get dirty!! First  stop is  none other then the  Raven formerly known  as known as Pretty  Girl or   the Raven with no name… my friend that I’m building trust with….we  play ,  we  bond, we  build trust…   I give her  a  “raven bomb” a   device that I devised  from  miscellaneous  enrichment  ideas…it’s  essentially  a paper sack  with “goodies”  meat and bugs and  fruits and then rolled   tight, and stuffed into a  TP roll. She has a  ball with them… ripping them to shreds  and   getting  the goodies… it keeps her occupied for a  few minutes  anyway  while  I can clean….everyone else  is scared of this  bird,  she attacks people  or at least in their mind she does… she’s really playing and  setting a pecking order in my opinion…and I’ve got a sweet spot for the underdog, for the damaged or abused  for the ones – human or  animal –  that  others shun… because I’ve been there..I’ve felt that  I KNOW what it’s like and  I want to  be the change for that  person or  animal… this   Raven and I are  a lot alike… or at least  I was like her  once  and grew ….and I feel like I can share that with her…give her the love and attention she needs to grow and  help others… so  I  spend  over an hour  cleaning her flight  “with” her…  on my hands and knees  every   single scrap of  anything  old is cleaned up…as  I run my hands through the gravel   she pokes her beak between my fingers like the  old pirate “knife challenge”  you know  the game that all  ” young men”   with knives play?  palm   flat on a  table, fingers  spread and the switchblade or  other  knife  stabbed  between  the fingers  in order, faster and faster….yeah that game only my  hand and her beak… building trust …..all goes well  until  she spies  my  bandanna   hanging out of my back pocket…..  STOLEN!!  up  up and away and  she’s   having a ball with my yin yang  bandanna…she   caches  it and just has a  ball with it…

she also  informed  me of  my  crack problem… no  not drugs… I follow  Nacy Reagan’s  advice on  those…  I mean plumbers  crack….  I’m  crawling around   on my  hands and knees  getting  filthy and not realizing that   I have  said  crack problem… but she promptly sneaks up  behind me and  lets me know ..I guess it would look like a  great place to  cache something hahahaha……and  really who  but a  true friend would   tell  you about that??  most people just   point and  laugh behind your back, it  takes a  true friend to  tell you  and   a  real partner to actually put something in there to   really pound the message home hahaha…. thanks Ms. Raven   you’re a  great friend…….  we had a great  session all in all..until  I was  ready to go… I think she sensed that it was nearing that time …I  had finished her bath time and the  scrubbing and was  packing up to go,  I bent over to  grab a  bucket that was a wee bit close to a perch and BAM  got’cher other ear this time mwahahahah says the raven….  I can’t help  but laugh and say ya  got me …lesson learned..we  still have a ways  to go  but we ARE making  progress… it was a love bite……my work  will continue  next visit.  Thank you Ms.  Raven for  letting me in  and for  trusting me and  I am trusting  you..together I know we can make each others life  a little  happier….








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  1. Great story telling as usual Michael!!! And I loved the video of the hide and seek game with your bandana!! Did you ever get it back???

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