Dear Readers, please help me with a dilemma

HELP!!!  I’ve got a  dilemma and I’d like you , my friends and family, people I  trust and  respect  to   offer me  advice  and opinions……..I want to  write a book.  I have an idea for the book,  I have the information that goes in the book, I have the knowledge,  most of the research, history and documentation.  I have the story line,  I’ve yet to decide  on the title  but that will come….  It’s  going to be  fiction  but  based on a true story…  I think it’s also a unique idea……  but back to my  dilemma……

Should it  be a children’s  book,  a young  adult book (or series)  or a  novel? I  could do it  any of those  “styles”…should I even  do it at all??

Here are a couple  questions  I think you’ll have   to help me   solve my dilemma.. ( at least these are the questions I’ve  asked myself)

1.        What is this  “unique idea” you speak  of?  and is it  really unique? is there a  reason you haven’t heard of it before?  is it a  dumb idea?  – an example of the “style”  is  my two  posts: and the conclusion

a.       I want to  write a  book    that contains  2 perspectives on the  same events…  so  in  theory you  could read it 2 or three times…   meaning  that   you could read every other chapter and   get the entire  story from  one  perspective  or read it straight  through and get  the whole   story from  both angles…  though there  maybe a couple of  chapters that  are  “joint” perspective….. Or in the  case of  a  “kids book”  do it  with  split pages, or young  adult book  do it from one perspective from  the front, flip the book over and  do the  other perspective from the  back…

2.       What are your goals for  writing the book?
      a.       To pay it forward and make a difference!!
      b.      To  write it out!! To tell the  story…. I like  writing
      c.      To  make money  so  we can start a  charity, do what we love  and live  how  we   want.
      d.      To teach people more about the  topic  in an  “entertaining” way  to  create awareness and appreciation for  the topic


3.       How soon do  you want to publish?
      a.       Yesterday….  But I have to answer the question and  write the book…
      b.      When it’s  ready…. But not too long  as   the story is in my head and needs to come out…
      c.       One  answer to this is   that   a Children’s  book  would  be  quickest… but would it  meet  the goals?  Some… all?  I don’t know…
      d.      Another answer is   Young Adult  book..  but would it  meet  the goals?  Some… all?  I don’t know… I am leaning towards this though …. Because  Adults  could read it as well  and parents could read it with  kids too  (I used to read  books  like that to  my  son) ……. And it would be shorter  than  a full novel  but would it  make it?  Would  it  get the whole  story out?  I don’t know…
      e.      Yet another option is a  series of  short young adult  books   each one the  other perspective of the previous  events…..  that way I could write a  couple  to see how they  do and if people want  more of the story… maybe offer the  first two ( ending on a cliff hanger of course)  for  really cheap ( I’ve  already got  the  self-publishing thing  figured out)  just enough to cover the  publishing costs?
      f.        Last  option is a    full on  novel….  Would  take a  much longer amount of time,  editing, reviewing, rewriting …potentially  years to get out….and  again –  would it  meet  the goals?  Some… all?  I don’t know…

And lastly and probably  most important……

4.       Are you  really   good enough to  write a book?
a.       A  question I ask myself… you   are my  readers…  you tell me…  and  BE BRUTALLY  HONEST…..  I know my grammar  isn’t perfect, I know  my writing style is  non-standard,  even colloquial…. And jumps around… I know my vocabulary isn’t  that great…  but  I’ve had  a lot of people,  a lot  of people  for many years   tell me to write a book….   And many more than that “make” me  write things for them….
b.      So IF I wrote it…..  do you think you would  buy it? Do you think people who  don’t know  me would  buy it?  That’s the real question….  Would it sell?  While that’s not the only reason to write it, is  an  important   part  of HOW and WHEN I  write it…. Make sense? 

So there’s my  dilemma  and I want your input…. I don’t want to tell  you what  it’s about   (though most of you probably already know) …. But  the idea could be applied to many different   topics/subjects….

I’m  basing my chances of   success at just above  slim to none,  but  I have to try…  I only have   9  “subscribers”  to my blog (mainly because I publish it on my own website)  but even with that   I have   posts that have been  read  300 times..  ( well at least looked at 300 times) .. and  the  average   read for one of my posts   is 40-50  ( I could do the real math  but I don’t wanna)  and that’s without really  “promoting”  them… I post some links on  Facebook or  twitter but   that’s it…. I don’t  “advertise” or make any money off my blog  in fact it costs me money ….  I do it because I like to……I could   do ads  but I don’t …..  Sooooooooo  my  trusted, free willed and  opinionated  readers…  please do me a favor:

Give me  your 100% HONEST  opinions on my  dilemma  in the comments  below and   if you’re so inclined   become a “subscriber”  by entering your email  address on the right  hand side of the home page…becoming a subscriber just  gives you an  email when I   make a new post…..  and if you  think my  “blog”  is a  good read  share it  –  and if you have suggestions on  how to make it better or easier to “peruse”   please let me know!!

Thanks   Readers 🙂  I’m excited to start  the book, or the series or  whatever  my family  and I  decide  is the best to meet  the goals…with your  input ,   Or    just write it all here …. for “free” which  wouldn’t   do much for our charity  goals…..but it would get the  story  out there….


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2 thoughts on “Dear Readers, please help me with a dilemma

  1. Hmmmm…. Okay, so I suppose the easiest to answer is the “Can you do it” question. As you may have figured out, I am a bit of a competitive feller. I don’t do it with bad intentions or anything, it is just when I take an interest in something, I tend to go a bit overboard on it. I can tell great stories. I can even write pretty entertaining stories that can make you laugh. But that is far different than what you are talking about here. I have had crazy Stephen King like dreams that I always knew would make a good book. I thought about it…but fact is I don’t have the wiring to write like that. Big difference between telling a story as opposed to true writing where someone is in your head. So, I will go on record to tell you that you have me beaten in this space, in spades. You have a great gift, and I think you should go for it. My hunch is that you will do well with it, or at least you should. Publishing is kinda weird, not that I understand how it works. Just that I see some books that are really really bad and it makes me wonder who signed them or what they were even thinking. So maybe you will make enough for all your dreams to come true. Or maybe not. You have enough goodness in your life already to hang your hat on, so this would just be an added perk. Will you have regrets if you write it? I doubt it. Will you have regrets if you don’t? You better believe you will…so that answers that! Now the tougher question with regard to the intended audience. Personally, I would go with a children’s book. You can totally relate to them (children) and I think you could write in a way that they can relate to, and you will also cover the parents in that scenario. Kids books can also have multiple iterations, so you could still plan on several subsequent books. And kids are a renewable natural resource so you would never run out of them! That is just an opinion though and ultimately you will need to call the ball on it. I say stay away from a novel though…Cheers! PS…opinions or advice is typically worth exactly as much as you paid for it. 🙂

  2. Capt.

    I’ve thought a lot about your latest blog since i read it last night. My only words of wisdom are “follow your heart”. Don’t spend too much time or energy thinking about the “what if’s”. You have the wisdom and desire inside you to share.

    There is a new book by Jon Acuff called “Start”. I haven’t read it yet but this is what the author says about the book:

    Growing up, we dreamed. And our dreams always painted the portrait of the adult us living an awesome life… as an astronaut, a pro wrestler, a movie star, a bee keeper, or insert your dream here. We don’t set out for average. But that’s exactly where we end up after listening to our fears day after day, year after year. Our dreams take a back seat and eventually are left stranded by the side of the road.

    That’s why I’ve written Start. Your dream is calling, and it’s closer than you might think. It’s time to go after your purpose. Every awesome life goes through five stages. Learn what they are. Do them. Start.

    I haven’t read it yet but it sounds like it was written for you. Follow your dreams. If you’d like the book I would be happy to have it sent to you.

    I find it amazing how timing works in life, all we need to do is recognize it and use it to our full advantage. Keep the faith.

    Weasel65 (aka Lynn)

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