Don’t doubt Mother Nature

Never Give up, Never surrender.. ..   That’s my phrase of the month…   There are many reasons for that.. from my health, to my job… to    so many juvenile eagles that I “know”… I’m not going to dwell or really elaborate on the former, but on the latter, The Eagles   well duh, of course I’ll elaborate thanks for asking 😉 ….

Briefly – There are some Eagles I watch online in Decorah, Iowa ( Via the Raptor Resource Project’s Ustream channel    here’s RRP’s website – they are a non profit so if you can, please support their   incredible work! ) they   raise 3 babies a year.. and have had 100% success with all 3 making it to fledge. After that   only Mother nature truly knows about the outcome of most of them, but we do know that in 2012 two babies were lost to Electrocution, and then this year one was lost to Electrical Transmission lines, a second one had a broken wing and is at a fabulous rehab facility called SOAR in Iowa ( ) , it’s undergone surgery to fix the break and is in for a long haul recovery. The third is flying free and is wearing a solar powered satellite transmitter like her sibling from 2011 D-1.. .. providing incredible educational and research data.   So 1 out of 3 is flying free.. (hopefully 2 someday).

Next up let’s go a bit further east…   we’ll make it back out west shortly I promise..

I have a friend in the Midwest that has a local nest they watch, similar to “my” nest here in Washington… they had 1 baby and it too fledged perhaps a bit too soon.. long story short, my friend got permits, and the sheriff and farmers all involved and really saved that beautiful raptor just by being vigilant ( They did more than just be vigilant, they hiked o’er hill and field and dale twice daily to check on and protect the young’un from predation)  They didn’t intervene directly with Mother Nature but monitored the situation and made sure that the farmer didn’t plow over the eagle,   (or shoot it! ) … It’s now doing well and flying free… ( YAY FOR G3!!)  a scary deal but it turned out great for that eagle thanks to my friend’s caring and going above and beyond for nature!! I truly believe that without their vigilance that there would be one less eagle soaring the skies over the Midwest this year….

Ok here we go .. back to the correct coast 😉

“My” “C” nest…. ( the  Header Image to  my blog is  of C1 from Last year)   (C of course is for the Cedar River.. not Christy or Cunningham) …. This is the 2nd year for this nest. There was 1 baby last year that I watched “grow up” and fledge and then followed after fledge until it dispersed to who knows where. This year,    I watched and watched and then poof one bobble head.. two bobble heads!! 2 babies this year!! I’ve watched them through May, June and July… a few weeks ago one of the babies was nowhere to be found….. the area they are in isn’t really accessible unless I wanted to   cross private property, then cross the glacier fed river, climb the bank and fight through blackberry bushes and brambles…. I searched with binoculars and tried to find a way into the area but not much luck… I didn’t hear the baby squueeeeeeing.. I assumed the worst….

Knowing the odds are 50/50 for eaglets to survive their 1st year I chalked it up to cruel nature.. I was sad but there was another baby still , plus the parents to enjoy and root for…   I went back and took my photos and   watched the behaviors… until the other night…. I went to visit and I hear squeeeeeing super loud and not coming from the nest! Did the lone survivor fledge already? It’s a couple weeks early..   did it fall from the nest?? Nope there it is in the nest.. maybe my hearing is off.. check 1, 2, check check…. Mee mee mee mee mee… you you you you you… check 1, 2 …. nope hearing is ok….though my voice sounds like crap … hmm where is this sound coming from.. I scan the area but don’t see anything in the brush and brambles.. or in the lower branches.. squeee squeeeee squeeee it’s almost non stop and super loud and low… I’m now fairly intent on finding the source…. I talk with a homeowner on the opposite bank and he says yep the 2nd baby has found its way back just this morning and been screamin’ like that all day…   he said the parents have been down on a log on the river with it and feeding it etc… HOORAY!!! My heart soars hearing this news.. I ask him which log and he invites me onto his back patio to see.. we get down to the river and no eagle to be seen, but the SQUEEEEEEEEEES are huge, loud and long.. a good sign of a healthy set of lungs anyway.. I scan the bank slowly with full zoom on the camera… and poof there I see the beauty!   On a tree that has grown out over the river, standing proud and hollering at the top of it’s lungs to the Parent that is up high in the dead snag about 50 yards upstream. The parent is keeping an eagle eye on the baby, making sure that it’s ok and being a great parent at ignoring the screaming baby down below….

It was so wonderful to see the 2nd eaglet I was overjoyed.. I stayed awhile and chatted with the kind man that let me onto his property, took some photos and just watched and listened   for a bit.

Shame on me for doubting Mother Nature so easily and going with the odds… that’s normally not my style ..   but I must say thank you, thank you very much mother nature for the reminder that you are a Goddess!!

We all need reminders that Mother Nature truly does know what she’s doing… she should, she’s been doing it for millennia….. long before we  humans were here causing her so much pain,  and  I hope  that she’ll  be doing it  long after she purges us from her system…

Here are some photo’s from the evening that I was there visiting   – Mid July 2014

Can you spot the Eaglet  in this  photo? this is even  with a little zoom !


 Let's play find the Eagle!!

Let’s play find the Eagle!!

How  about  now?    Here’s the source of the  SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEES



A Parent  watching ( and  listening ) over the  Youngster..



Brother or Sister in the Nest


Let’s play Find the Eaglet again  from another  Angle..

Find the Eaglet 2

Find the Eaglet 2


This  should help….

Eaglet 2

I’ll be adding my June and July pictures to my Facebook Album for this year’s clutch soon… here’s the location for that album in case you want to see up through  June 1st

As always my dear readers:

Stay Safe, Be Kind, Keep the Park Clean, Pay it forward, Make a Difference and One Love

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4 thoughts on “Don’t doubt Mother Nature

  1. Oh Michael what a wonderful end to your story!!! I love it…and I love you for being such a caring a kind soul…you truly are a treasure!!!! Tell that sweet wife of yours to give you a big hug for me!!!

  2. Wow guy, that is so super!!! That homeowner sounds great too, better make sure he see’s/gets some of your pictures 😉 I’m thrilled to pieces #2 showed up again, so you must be ecstatic. Glad you include us in your day. That’s great about the midwest eagle your friend helped too.

  3. Love it.. Wish I was there to see with you. Thank you as always for your sweet writing. Your the best my Love.. Love you.. And Ruth, I will gladly give him a hug for you 🙂

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