Eagle with a Raven Chaser

I’d like an Eagle with a  Raven  chaser please…. Sounds like the start of  a Thorogood song….One  Eagle, One Raven and One Nerd… but there are actually 2 ravens in this story… so  make it a double! 

I  was doing  some maintenance in the  aviary  under Suk’s supervision and  assistance,  if you can call  biting  and stealing of tools and supplies  assistance. I was securing a roost board  a little better on one side, and  replacing worn AstroTurf on  another. As I was finishing up,  Suk  starts  flying back and forth and doing  his “hey  man  check that out”  calls which later turned into his “EHRMAGHERD, THE WORLD IS ABOUT TO END” call.   I  ask him what’s  up?  He says exactly!…What? I said,   Look up! He croaked, Oh ok, I look up and  see  a  large bird about 30 feet above the aviary,  hey it’s one of your friends, oh neat it’s  squeeeeing like an  eagle  that’s cool. I’ve heard Steller’s Jays mimicking  Red-Tail Hawk  screams and  Starlings mimicing every sound under the sun  but never a  Raven  copying a….. oh wait that IS an Eagle! Holy Guacamole!  Dude, it’s an Eagle!    I know he says, why do you think I’ve been hollerin’?   oh and look there’s one of your  friends chasing it!  Very cool. (If you listen closely to the video you’ll hear some of that conversation)

The eagle   circles  once  and  land in  the very  top of a large fir tree to the south.  I make a break for the house to grab the camera.   I ran  faster than I have  in a very long time, as fast as a fat guy  with a  bad back,  bad  ticker and a  bum knee  can run…  in hindsight probably  not the  best idea, but I was  excited!  While I can see eagles (and ravens) every day here in Western, Washington,  it’s not every day they  are together and in my yard!  I run  in the house, grab the camera as I holler “HONEY THERE’S AN EAGLE OUT HERE”… I hear her  respond but  I’m already back outside zooming in on the  beautiful raptor  precariously perched on  the tiny branches at the top of the tree. The eagle  is constantly adjusting to  keep it’s balance and  occasionally  calling, either to a mate or a challenger for territory.

A large dark bird swoops down from behind the house, just over our heads and  off into the woods to the west,  the raven that was harassing the eagle, or more likely defending it’s own territory  quorks deeply on it’s way  to circle around to the eagle.

Meanwhile,  Suk is  screaming his lungs out  behind us,   all up in arms ( or would that be wings?)  that there is an  eagle stealing our attention.

The eagle lets out a string of squeeeees and the  staccato eek eek eek  calls , drops down out of the tree and flies off to the  east and  out of sight.

Suk immediately stops his screaming  and life returns to normal in our wild kingdom.

I   go through the photos and  also remember that we have video cameras around the property.  Suk-Cam is  on the  fritz, but I have a replacement on the way, it does still work but  with a red tint to the video,  on the footage you can  hear the eagle calling from above and see the raven giving chase. You can also see  the nerd  start the dash to the house, where that one leaves off another camera picks up the  end of the dash for a laugh…


And as always:

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    • Thanks, I was debating continuing with the song throughout, but I wanted to keep it short, and not sure how many would “get” my obscure references.. let me tell ya the story of the raven house blues… but I said I’m tired.. that don’t befront me , long as I get my rabbit next friday….

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