First post of 2014.. what should it be…..hmmm…hmmmm…oooh I know, Hummers!!! Who doesn’t love a hummer? If you don’t love Hummers there’s something wrong with you in my opinion… everyone loves them… even people who say they don’t like them secretly do…and there are some people that really shouldn’t like them but yep they do too…. How can you not??? Hummers are fun, usually they are fast, sometimes they linger… you each know your favorite hummer… sometimes they get in your face… even in your hair if it’s long… sometimes you love to watch them, sometimes just knowing they are there getting the nectar puts a smile on your face. Sadly though there aren’t enough people in the upper US that get them all the time… year round… sometimes they hardly get them at all…… I feel sad for those people because I can tell you I get them year round… Different types depending on the type of year but my favorite kind I get alllllllll year round…

Anna’s Hummingbirds of course! They stay year round in Coastal Pacific Northwest (West of the Cascade Mts.)! We have 4 feeders that we keep filled with nectar for them… 3:1 water to sugar in the winter……4:1 in the summer… .. the 3:1 in the winter does a few things.. it gives them more glucose=energy for the cold and helps to increase their fat so they can stay warm, it also lowers the freezing point of the liquid down to about 25 so only if it’s going to be in the 20’s overnight do I need to bring them in… we do get some of those days here but not many… we get wicked cold snaps in the teens every year but nothing like the rest of the northern states..Western Washington is part of the world’s largest temperate rainforest that  I and the Anna’s LOVE!!!  One of the cool things about   Anna’s  is that  when it does get cold..  they can go into a   state  called torpor  it’s very cool…  Hummingbirds  acutally do  daily torpor or noctivation….They  do it at  night and come of of it in the morning… the Anna’s  are always at the  feeders  just  before dawn so  I have to be sure  that if it was  super cold and the  feeders were brought in to get them out there ASAP in the AM..they need that energy!!!  When I was volunteering at  a wildlife care center, I  got to hand  feed  (with a syringe with a “flower”  on the end) rehabilitating hummers, and  even baby ones… I must say one of the most incredible  things on earth is hand feeding a hummingbird… and one of the cutest  things  to me  is  hummingbird poops …  yes I am odd… but it’s so darn cute when they poop!

The rest of this post is mostly photo’s … I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them… but I doubt it… getting hummers is best live and in person…

Here are   some photo’s   from Today  – January 3rd , 2014 … starting off the New year  properly with  some Hummers!  (All of these  are Anna’s  Hummingbirds)

Let’s  start with  a  Patriotic Hummer…

The Patriotic  Hummer Front Porch Sittin'

and move on to   Hummers in the mist….   as the sun hit the  frost on the  fence the steam rose and seeing the  hummer on  the swing, and   feeding in the mist  was  just beautiful..

Hummer in the mist 1 Hummer in the mist 2 Hummer in the mist 3 Hummer in the mist 4 Hummer in the mist 5 Hummer in the mist 6

Then there’s the  window  feeder.. the cats  love it  almost more than I  do…  but these hummers know  it’s   safe!  Here’s a  beautiful lady …

Window Hummer 1

Shhhh  now that the holidays  are over I can go back to being a  turkey!

I'm  no Turkey

and a  super handsome male… love the iridescent  colors  on his  head!

You Talking to me? DSCN0694 you TALKING to me? YOU  talking to ME? purple rain purple rain... hmm  funny  lookin human hi

and  a profile shot of a lovely  lady with a long beak..

thanks for the nectar


That’s  the  Hummers for  today, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I  did….. there’s no such thing as a  bad hummer!

Stay Safe, Be Kind, Keep the Park Clean, Pay it forward, Make a Difference and One Love.



8 thoughts on “Hummers

    • Could be …. the store bought mixes I’ve found they don’t like, they also don’t like the red …just 3:1 water to sugar in the winter and 4:1 in the summer… I change mine out every 3 weeks or so unless they guzzle it all down sooner 🙂 which lately they are.

  1. Do they really use the little swing? That’s so neat! They’re sure beautiful Mike, thanks for sharing them with us and sounding so up beat 🙂

    • They love the swing 🙂 though they are very territorial… they chase each other around all day… we have about 6 or more individuals around one male claims the front, one male claims the back and the ladies sometimes get to share…. the other males are rarely tolerated but they manage to get drinks in..just like us human males 🙂

  2. I am so sad, I thought I would have TONS of hummingbirds here in FLorida but so far…none. I need to experiment with where to put my feeders. But I get alternatives…yesterday a Red Shouldered Hawk was sitting on my lamp post!!!! And of course there are the Sandhill Crane Neighbors!!!

  3. I too love Hummers altho we only get them in the summer months. They love the Trumpet vines and Hostas. Your pictures are beautiful! Thank You Mike!

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