I’ve got worms….

Yep you  read it  right…. I’ve  got worms  and now I have  beetles too!!  Which  can only mean 1  thing!   Soon I’ll  have more  worms  yippeee…… You all remember the old song  no body  loves me everybody hates me  guess I’ll  go eat worms?   I remember my Mom  singing that  in a joking way  when giving us  pity parties as children… ( if you don’t know what a  pity party is well  you didn’t  grow up right LOL) …..

well  I still sometimes  sing that song when I’m feeling low..sweet chariot…coming forth to carry me hoooooome… oh sorry got side tracked again….  this is about worms…  y’all are  still wonderin’   what in THE  world is  this  feller talkin’  bout  “he’s  got worms”….  what kinda  worms? earth worms?  Tape worms? heart worms? brain worms? nope…. I’ve got  mealworms!!!!   I’ve had them for  some time now actually …..  everyone knows  what they are  and they creep a lot of people out….  I don’t get creeped out by much…. so  as usual I need to back up…. I’m not just a   crazy guy with pet worms ( and beetles) ..well I guess now I am  but that wasn’t the plan…. hopefully  you reading this  will recall that I  had a  very, very special  friend… a  friend that became family in  nothing flat… he  stole my heart and touched my  soul…   he  is a  Raven…  SuK is his name… he’s since moved  to  World Bird Sanctuary  outside of St. Louis, MO.   a great place where he will have an amazing life making a  difference in the lives of  many, many people.   The original plan  was  for him to   become and educational   bird for a  wildlife  center here in Washington  as  he was non releasable…. long story  and “Sh!& happened” as they say and well  my  friend, my family , my blood brother was  transferred  around.  Thankfully I got to  participate in the decisions and some of the transfers  but I won’t lie… it broke my heart…  together  he and I worked so hard for so long to  create a  strong bond  of trust and love..I do believe  that he loved me , and  still does , same as I love him… I know  when I go to visit him in   St Louis  he will remember me…he may be pissed but he’ll remember… that  still doesn’t  tell ya why I have worms in my office though… oh you thought they  were outside?  nope…  they  are in my office next to my desk…. they keep me company when  writing, they remind me of him…they  make me smile… ..you see one of  his  favorite  treat was  mealworms… I bought  tons of them ..and they aren’t  that cheap….and so I figured  I would start my own  “colony” , have fresh  worms , not dried,   and know what they  ate  was good so they’d  be good for him….. I could have gotten  rid of them or fed them  to my local  birds   but the colony is  started and  fairly self sustaining…. may as well keep it….  as  it grows I’ll   thin it out by  feeding the local  birds  special treats in honor  of SuK  but until then  I’ve got  worms….Long, thin, slimy ones; Short, fat, juicy ones, Itsy, bitsy, fuzzy wuzzy worms…… but  finally  I now have beetles  too  🙂  should have  babies soon!!

20130720_161553[1] 20130720_161605[1] 20130720_161629[1] 20130720_161649[1]


I know I  normally end my  writings  with  a  special   string of things… but   this time I think I’ll just toast   SuK  and  go eat worms……  Love you and miss you Suk!!!

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6 thoughts on “I’ve got worms….

  1. Michael I know it broke your heart to see him move half way across the country but I have been at WBS on several occasions and it is a GREAT PLACE!!! That is the place that I told you about Walt ( The Founder and CEO) giving us a private tour of the place…we got to tour the hospital and the nesting area…and I even got my picture taken with a BALD EAGLE!!! I hope to get to St. Louis before we leave here for Florida and if I do I promise you I WILL go and visit SuK I will tell him I came with a special message of love from Michael and if we gives me any messages I will pass them along!! And maybe you could just keep on raising those mealworms and share them with our Whoopers in OM!!!! lol
    Hope you are starting to feel better…I miss seeing you online!!! You always make me smile!!!

  2. Oh my I was going to read this one before and missed it, I definitely would have remembered it 😉 So the beetles produce the worms or the worms end up as beetles? Guess I should look it up. Thanx for the great video of SuK too! Hugs.

    • Yes… which came first? the beetle the egg or the worm?? great question!!! for me it was worms first… they turn into beetles who then lay eggs and get more worms 🙂 the circle of life happening in a box in my office everyday.. .

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