Keep It Positive – Decorah Eagles – Petition for Bob

Keep it positive… that’s what I keep telling myself.

That  can be challenging when I feel  strongly that an important issue is being ignored, or a wrong is being done.

I see the uproar and outrage against the people that killed a lion in Africa.  I wonder what makes things “go viral” and what gets people motivated to take action on certain causes and there are times  that it’s really uplifting, and times where it is  sickening.

Keep it positive Mike…

I’m not going to go down the path that my mind and heart want me to, and that is  to get outraged that there’s a  number of petitions to extradite the Dentist that  killed a lion to  Zimbabwe.  One of them has over a MILLION signature! The official white house one has 227,000 signatures as I write this.

Wait, Wait, don’t go…  Yes, I am  outraged!! Not because those petitions exist or because they  have so many signatures. That’s part of our power as Americans! We can affect change. We can take action and band together  to make a difference, to right wrongs!

I am outraged that a petition to give a true hero some much deserved posthumous recognition only has 868  signatures… a man who dedicated his life to wildlife conservation, preservation  and education, a man  who brought the lives of raptors  into MILLIONS of hearts and homes with his nest  cams.  A man who  was a huge part of bringing the Peregrine Falcon back from near extinction.  A man who fought for what he believed in  and won!  A man who changed the world!!!

Bob Anderson deserves this recognition, a Presidential  Citizens Medal  awarded to him  posthumously. In my mind he deserves a Nobel prize if there were a category for  Conservation or Education and for so much more.

I know that many of my friends have signed and shared the petition.  I think that is wonderful.  868 is a lot of people and it is  fantastic that those people signed  the petition, a very positive thing!  Many of those folks also shared it on their social media platforms.  Positive.

How many people who have maybe only heard of the Decorah Eagle Cam   or saw clips from it on the news or  on a website know about Bob, about the Raptor Resource Project?  Not enough….   We can make a difference,  we can accentuate the positive!

I feel that Bob’s story should be a book, a movie…  A man on a mission to save the falcons in the Mississippi River Valley turned into a  worldwide  phenomenon with the Decorah Eagles… A man  rappelling down cliffs in his 60’s to band falcons, a man climbing trees to  mount cameras  near Eagle’s nests, a man capturing raptors to track them, to learn and educate  to conserve to protect…  wow that has the  makings of an amazing tale, too good to be true you say?  Nope that was  Bob’s life.. and there’s so much more… so much that I have no idea about even. You see I  never had the honor of meeting  this man,  I had some correspondence through a friend, got his  blessing on a few  projects I was involved with,  sent him some Starbucks but   never got to meet him.

But here I sit, with one of  his cams on   my other monitor, watching the falcons over Great Spirit Bluff  along the Mississippi River as I write this.  Wishing I could have met him once to shake his hand, look him in the eye and say  Thank you, you changed my life, you changed the world,  you made a difference.  How’s that for keeping it Positive?

Bob is gone too soon. Please  friends, please help  him be honored in his passing by  signing this petition, share it  on your social media, share it with the  media media… share it and share the message that it sends: People who do good in this world deserve more attention than those who do wrong! Those who positively impact millions of people, should be awarded a presidential  citation, those who  make a positive difference  should be at the top of our pages, the headlines.

Keep it Positive.


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6 thoughts on “Keep It Positive – Decorah Eagles – Petition for Bob

  1. I wish you could have met him. I know first hand how he impacted you. He should be recognized and I am defiantly sharing.. I love you

  2. I Will happily share this on my FB page and encourage people again to sign this petition. I agree with you that his life was a life SO well lived and he touched so many people and gave us gifts beyond what he can possibly imagine!! If it weren’t for that Camera in that tree, with those beautiful Decorah Eagles, I would have never met you, Dawn,Robin, Cynthia, Lori, Amy, SO many other people who have touched my life and made it richer and more wonderful!!! I always loved wildlife and have always been an advocate for animal welfare but the knowledge and insight that I have gained through Raptor Resource Project had changed my way of looking at things and thinking about things…he was a hero in my eyes to Michael…thank you for sharing your thoughts on this!! <3

  3. Now that was one heck of a FANTASTIC “rambling” Mike!! I HAVE met Bob and gone to some peregrine bandings and took pictures one of the times Bob, Neil, and RRP crew changed the cam in Decorah and I couldn’t have said anything more than you did. Hero is a perfect description. A huge thank you!

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