mom, mom, momma, Mommy, MOM, MOTHER!!!!

I think I’ve mentioned before  that I was a  “challenge”  as a child…  there were many reasons for it …hypoglycemia,  being a boy, being a middle  child… growing up with 2 sisters…. Those issues  were all  factors in me being a little terror….  Then   in my Teens I was  horrid….. but we’ve  already talked about that….maybe someday we’ll really delve into some of that but this post is for My Mom… A letter  to  you  for Mother’s Day Mom 🙂

Dear Mom,   I love you.  Thank you for   carrying  my large head and  body around inside you for 9 looooong  months… Thank you for   all the pain you endured to bring me  into the world.  There’s nothing I can do to ever repay that… the gift of life…. Even  in that  era  when  everyone  smoked and drank and  didn’t know or care about the  side effects  that would have on their children you  didn’t were healthy and  happy and   took care of me  while I was hurting you without even  being aware of it.   You loved me before  I was ever born and  even after all I did as a  kid, as a teen and even as a young adult  you loved me, sometimes in spite of myself…. I’m sure there were  times where you didn’t  like me  very much, but you always loved me……  So out I came after I have no  idea how many hours of labor   but I arrived   8 lbs 5 oz,  20.5 inches long at 12:13 AM….that was  one LOOOONG   day for you….

Here’s the  chunky monkey you pushed out that day many  years ago…….I still have that darn  double chin….


but that day was probably no  where near  the longest,  or most painful  day   that I caused you…..  the  days I spent in jail as a teen, or the nights I  never came home and you never knew where I was,  if I were alive, or when I went off  to the military and who knows where and you never heard  from me for months, or even years at a  time  were probably   some of the longest…..   I know that  now  and  I’m sorry  to have put you through that back then…… but  you were always there.

Throughout my  childhood  you instilled  (ok sometimes forced, but that’s  GOOD!)   Christian values and morals in me, you raised me to be kind and respectful, honest, honorable and chivalrous. You  fed and clothed  me , even making my clothes ( not that I appreciated it then!! Especially in 1976!! But I sure wish I had that shirt today!!!)    You protected me from  Tornadoes and made me clean up after the “Michael Pasqually Tornado”  hit my  bedroom every day or so  as  a  kid….. you  cleaned up my sheets and bed  after I wet it for so many years and you took me to the Doctor to find out why that was happening  and  got me the surgery to  get it fixed…… The list goes on and on  and on….. you got me braces, though it probably cost the family a fortune  but you wanted me to have  straight teeth….you cared, you loved, you sacrificed….  Back then I didn’t appreciate it  most of the time, I’m sure I took you  for granted, (kids  are good at that) …. But I know better now Mom…. I know what you gave up  for me to be here today and you are  a  large part of  who I am today…without  your  examples, your love, your  sacrifices,  your punishments and reprimands, your  creativity and your tough love when it was needed,  I wouldn’t  be who I am today…and  I think I’m a pretty OK  guy ….. You did also give me some things I’d rather not have too…. Like  Sleep Apnea, High blood pressure,  High Cholesterol…. and other genetic things…. but you didn’t have much say in those !!   SOOOOOO Mamma, Mommma , Mommmy,  MOTHER,   Valerie, Mom……… I love you and I thank you for being my Mom.

MOM1 Mom2

Mom,    today (ok well Sunday,   but let’s  pretend  ok?)  is   Mother’s  Day….  Your gift  from  your family out west  to you for Mother’s  Day  is a   day of   spoiling at the The RoseDore Salon    it’s   all pre-paid (INCLUDING TIPS!!) you just need to call and schedule the day you want …..   you just put on your Tiara (I’m sure you have one, or   a  crown even!!)   on your appointment  day and   go  relax and get pampered!!!   It’s a small  way for me to say  thank you &   I Love you Mom.

Happy Mother’s Day  to you,

Your loving Son.

P.S.  I’ll still call on  Sunday 😉

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  1. Aww that is just so sweet!!! You are a great son Michael!!!! And I know that you and your Mom share a LOT of love and wonderful memories!!!

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