My Sochi Boycott

I love the  Olympics… I was  brought up  watching them. Passionately rooting on  the USA and our  Athletes.  As you all know I’m patriotic….  And while I don’t  think the Olympics  should be used for political purposes it’s  a  fact  that   they always have in modern days. I’m no  Olympic  Historian  but this year,   I have to take a stand….   I am boycotting  the  Sochi Winter  Olympics 2014  including  any coverage  or sponsors of it…  obviously I won’t be able to not  see  anything  of it, but I will  not  be supporting them  in any way that I can…  I completely support our  Athletes,  but  not  the IOC, Russia   or  even our own decision to  attend.   I’m sure there are other  games that I should have  boycotted as well  but,   as we grow,  we learn and  once we know  better, we must do better.  I have to  walk the  walk if I talk the talk…     Principle Six of the Olympic Charter says any form of discrimination “is incompatible with belonging to the Olympic Movement.” Yet there’s  all kinds of   discrimination and WORSE  going on and  NBC, the Government  and others are   brushing it under the carpet…  I’ve cited multiple sources on  this info and  you can verify   all  of these claims   via multiple sources…these are valid  and  I cannot  support these things!!!!
Here  are my reasons  in no  particular order ( they are all atrocious!!) for   boycotting  Sochi:

  1. LGBT  Rights –  I’m an  advocate for  equal rights  for EVERYONE Period…  Russia’s  stance, statements,  laws ( or lack thereof) and actions  regarding the  fair treatment of  ALL individuals  regardless  of   race, religion, sexual orientation etc…..  bigotry, racism,   persecution   is  WRONG, WRONG, WRONG…  does it  still happen   globally   – including the USA   yes, but we FIGHT against it!!     Humans with minds and  true  morals  understand  this….    And  the Mayor of Sochi claims there are “Homosexuality is not accepted in his  region and there are No  gay people  in his city”…screw you and your  city….

2. Threats and  real acts of terrorism in and around Sochi  –  Um Hello…..  McFly there anyone home???  This is  an increasingly  unstable political area with  multiple extremist groups… some could argue  that if  we  don’t  do it there the  terrorists win.. bullpuckey…  the Terrorists will never win  squat… they only win  if you’re  afraid, we’re not  afraid to live our lives…  but to blatantly  go where  they are  currently blowing things and people up  to prove that their God is  better than someone elses God  is ludacris…..  every  freaking   “up and  coming”   terrorist/extremist  is   looking at this   as the perfect opportunity to  “strike”…  why  go there? Who’s   brilliant   plan was that?  Who  financed that decision?? Hmmmmm   the (Modern)  Olympic  Games have  NEVER  been held in such an  unstable region  for a   REASON…….

3. The Russian  Ban on  Americans adopting  Russian  orphans…… many with special needs…. For  political purposes!!!

4. Russia’s  support  for the Assad  Regime –   Russia  is  Syria’s  #1  Weapons  supplier…  to Assad…

5. Orcas…   Orcas!!!!!!!!  Capturing  wild Orcas is  WRONG WRONG WRONG…  period  end of discussion … debate, no arguments  of any kind  will be heard by me.. period..

6.  Killing stray dogs  so they aren’t  an embarrassment to the  country??!!! Really???   Give me a  BREAK you can spend BILLIONS  of dollars  building the  damn  facility for the  games, the aquarium for the   Orcas you’re  enslaving  but you can’t  build  a  freaking dog shelter??? I’m sure you  wouldn’t  even allow  American’s to adopt your  dogs!! Instead you hire a company to   cull them, to shoot them in the street..shame on you!!

7. The “protest zone” ….   First  Putin said no protests or  demonstrations would  be allowed.. then  after international pressure he  agreed, but you have to have a permit  ahead  of time, and then there is 1  small area  you can  protest in….  here check out  how   much sense it makes…   it’s completely hidden from  public  view and nowhere near the  Olympic venues……

8.  We really , as the United States of America  have  to publicly announce that we  have  to have   an extraction plan for  our  citizens…. A real  one, not just plans, but ships  and   aircraft  and troops on station to    rescue our citizens……   really?????   And we  offered to help   Russia  with Security and  Technology to  protect our people and were  basically  told to screw off……..

So,  there you have it  folks…  those are  some of the reasons why I am  boycotting the Olympics   in Sochi, NBC and all it’s coverage of them and the major sponsors products – those being:  McDonalds and Coca-Cola….  I won’t be  buying any of their  products for the  duration of the games and probably even longer…..( their terrible for me anyway LOL but  it’s   the principle!!)

I hope  for the first time  that the Olympics , IOC, NBC and the  sponsors   lose  money and  viewers/ratings!!!   But I doubt it, sadly I think some people are hoping for  something bad to happen to see it “live” ..sick ..sick..sick…  Not I…

I  support the athletes and wish  it could just be about the sports but  it’s not… never had been, never will be…. I  hope  it turns out that   contingency   and extraction plans don’t have to be used,  I  wish for positivity and   change in the  minds of the narrow minded  bigots, I  pray that no one is injured or killed….

So tell me why you are  watching?  Or  are you  going to   join me   in  a  boycott? Or just  let it all  get brushed under the carpet and pretend it’s  not real?


no matter your  opinion  please:

Stay Safe, Be Kind, Keep the Park Clean, Pay it forward, Make a Difference and One Love.

6 thoughts on “My Sochi Boycott

  1. All very good and legitimate Points my friend!!! It is too bad that the rest of the world doesn’t feel the same….it would be a shame for our athletes not to be able to go and perform at the Olympics…after all of their hard work…but there are so many things wrong with this venue this year!!! I am proud of you for standing up for what you believe in!!!

  2. Mikey … there are no good staging points anywhere near Sochi for a Naval evacuation. Black Sea is extremely difficult to get in and out of (one egress … Dardanelles, Sea of Marmara, Bosporus). Serious choke points controlled by Turkey ( a NATO ‘ally” who is less than friendly). USN is sending two ships … a Command Ship (USS Mount Whitney), and a frigate? Value ? Your guess is as good as mine. A Command Ship has good comms … and a helo … that’s about it. The Frigate would have standard armaments, including Tomahawks I guess.
    Without Russian cooperation they would be toast … Russian Black Sea Fleet, according to my rumor mill, has about 35 warships of varying sizes and capacities, and a few diesel boats … leaving the USN with not much in the absence of Russian assistance. As far as I can determine no USN assets have been cleared for port visits in Russia, nor for transit of Russian Littoral/territorial waters.

    • Yes it’s sad , I hope there are more plans than this, but I wish that we didn’t have to have real plans that may very well have to be implemented.

    • thankfully I don’t have a Visa Card 🙂 my Boycott, is to do what I can, to try to make a difference no matter how small, I am doing something…. that’s the point to me… don’t just talk the talk, but walk the walk.

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