Oh Canada….. Day 1 11/24/12

Saturday Morning  we  left  for Canada…Vancouver, BC  to be  more specific…  a weekend  getaway  to celebrate  Christy’s  Birthday  and then on Monday  the 26th see the Boss  live …. It was a lovey day  for a drive  with my  beautiful  bride….  We  made the trip up I-5, waving towards  Sarvey  as we drove by the  exit,  waving at Tyler as we drove by the next exit to his place… and  further on up the road we went…. We  stopped for lunch  at a place  in Bow, WA  that Christy worked as a craps dealer at  many years ago, in a  previous life, back when it was  a “Harrah’s” Casino. It’s now   The Skagit Valley  Casino and Resort….  http://www.theskagit.com/   it was a nice little place,  we had some fun then got lunch … over lunch we sat next to an older couple.  The older  gentleman  was  obviously hurting…   broken arm  in a  cast all  the  way to the shoulder, along with other  bruises and   bumps  I’d  guess they were in their  late 70’s or older…  he had a walker, the kind that  doubles as a seat if you need it to.  They were finishing up their   lunch as we were just sitting down to ours.   His  wife got up and  he  tried to get up  but I could see they were having  a  challenge…. You never know how people are  going to  react when  you offer help  but  I’ve kinda  got it  down from the Fire Dept/EMT training,  and a  good  southern-style upbringing, and being a  boy-scout of course….  So I politely  offer my assistance and his  wife looks at me like I just   gave her a  million bucks … and her husband  immediately  stuck his arms out and  I helped him  up….we   got him  situated and I   inquired what hat put him in this predicament …and  no lie…  he said his  BED!!!!   Turns out he fell  out of his bed and broke  his arm and  got really  badly banged up …we  laughed as  I shared my  story about my own  bed trying to kill me  and we all had a  nice chuckle  we  wished them (better) luck   and were  back on our way up  the road…we  get close to the  border and  we were going to hit the  duty free  store on  the way there and on the way home….  Well (luckily  as it turns out) that didn’t work out…instead we ended up   in the  twilight zone…. Deee dooo deeee doooo…. We take the  exit that it  says is  for  the  DF store….we  follow the  signs   and  Christy who’s  been this way before says this isn’t right… so we decide to  bag it  and just  get on up to  Cananananda …..pull into a   gas station and I go in  to grab some  road trip  stuff….junk food and  sodie pop and maybe a slim jim…. And  get this…   I also    asked the  cashier  where the DF store was…. Yes, I am a man  don’t you pull my man  card just  ‘cause I asked directions… it’s not like we were looking for a City or  something that’s  very different.. this is a  STORE  so it’s  OK  for a man to ask directions on how to find a  store for his wife…  well she  gives me the  directions.. head outta her  take a right eh  and got aboot 1 mile  and you’ll be der  eh….    (We were  really close to the border)..so I tell Christy but she’s not  buyin’ it.. that’s not the same store I went to before.. “yes dear” ..so   we  don’t follow the directions that I “lowered” myself to answer and we head back out to the  freeway…or so we thought… we really entered  the DUM DA DA DUM..twilight zone…..   ok maybe not the twilight zone but  at least the freeway heading south instead of north….   The next exit is about 10 miles  back…. So we   do a greeeeaaaat big  circle  laughing and saying how familiar things look…  we get to the exit we took before I say there’s a duty free store at this exit…  I get “the look” in response as we  pass that  exit and continue on to the  exit  she knows ….we  take that one…”last  chance  before Canada” and  well whattdaya  know  the DF store is closed hahahaha…. Oh well off we go   to cross the border… we  make it across…..but  not without  a laugh out loud by the  Border patrol  lady checking our passports…. Why  was she laughing  you ask?  Here’s why…     this is the front of my wife’s  car…. Everyone we  see get’s a  huge kick out of it…

Christy's  Car

Christy’s Car Yes those are  eyelashes…..

We  make  the  beautiful   sunset drive  up to  Vancouver , even through a long  river tunnel  (Christy is  scared of Tunnels, I don’t  care for bridges, we support each other  in our fears)  and we pull up to the hotel… wow.. full on    dressed up  valet,  and  doormen  in  the get-up  including the hat and everything!  Fancy schmancy…    they get the car doors and our luggage,  take the  car away (chuckling of course)  and escort us to the desk, check in  and up to the room…nice…. The hotel was  lovely , had  great service  and  all around I’d give it 5 stars and  recommend it to anyone – it was  The  Sutton Place Hotel   http://www.vancouver.suttonplace.com/default.htm   the only thing I  didn’t care for  was  that  they  made you pay $20  bucks a day for  internet PER DEVICE….as a Network Engineer I found that to be  highway robbery….  But  we paid it…  for ONE  device only… there are ways  around it  but  I don’t  hack unless I have to lol…So  we  drop off our  stuff and head out on the town!! We  need  some  Canadian food, Beer and  Whiskey! We  walk up the street and find “The  Moose”   http://www.yelp.com/biz/loose-moose-tapas-bar-and-grill-vancouver a little  bar ..with a doorman…  interesting..   we  get right in  and after we’re seated at a table for  two by the  front door  a line  forms outside…we lucked out!  Our  server  was  from Chicago so   chatted  a bit and  taught her some new drinks   to make lol….. we had a nice lite  dinner and  a  few drinks…  we’d  take turns  going outside to smoke (eeew I know right? ) Christy went out  and   chatted with the doorman and then a  group  of guys  in  line …turns out the doorman  is working this  job as a side gig, he’s actually   working in the  film industry which is big in Vancouver…  he  is like a  key grip or  camera man   something… and the guys in line were in a local rock band…  Christy and I would trade places and I’d  got out and chat with the  doorman  and she’d  sit in the window and enjoy the music and atmosphere.. well  as I  was  out there I  got my 1st “proposition” by a lady of the oldest  profession  in  a  very, very   long time….   It was  quite entertaining,  but I politely  declined  several times but thanked  her for the offer and wished her well LOL……  I went  back in  thinking I was going to get questioned but  Christy wasn’t looking so I explained what happened..and we laughed pretty hard!!  By this time we   are feeling great and having a  great time relaxing.. the band that she was talking with outside is  seated  next to us so we chat with them and try to guess who does what in the band… we  failed miserably…  they were there for a  meal before they  played a  gig  at another  place down the way a bit… we  told them  we’d love to check em out..so we head outside and  have a nice long chat with the doorman about different  films/tv shows/ musicians he’s worked with before we head to the other  bar….  as we’re standing there he looks up and says oh you are in for a treat….. out of the shadows  across the street  comes   a lady  i’d guess in her 60’s  dressed liek a cross between  bo-peep and  Marilyn Monroe..including blonde wig  and Tammy Faye Baker Makeup….carrying a   large basket….. the oorman greets her  by name and  she’s talking a mile a minute.. I don’t even have a clue what she said other then she  was looking for donations for something or  other and   she forces some  things in to  both my and  Christy’s hands… we give her a couple  bucks, thank her  and  then look  down at what we just “bought”  OMG…… all sorts of assorted  condoms for both men and  women (didn’t know those even existed!!) and  similar related items.. (new and  packaged sorry should have been  more clear on that part hahaha)  and we just die laughing…. Christy  gives  some to  some people in line that look  like they could use them  and I just put my handful  in my pocket and  continue  laughing…. all the way over to  Joe’s  Apartment, the bar where the  band  will be  playing later.. http://www.joesapartment.ca/  interesting place… we hang out and  are amazed that   the drinking age is 19  there…  the “kids”  freaked me out…. Seeing such young looking kids  drinking was   hard for me….so the band comes on   and it was kinda cool to  say “hey we know those guys” lol…. They were  really good and we enjoyed their show! Their band name  is  Good Grief!   They are a  rock/punk/alternative  band  http://www.facebook.com/goodgriefvancouver  …by now we’re wiped out  from the  day so we walk back to the hotel for a good nights  rest…… … look for  parts 2 and 3 and  a link to  the photos of  the trip  soon…..


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  1. What a fun time you two always manage to have!!! The hotel sounds marvelous ( but I agree the daily charge per device is a rip off). I should introduce you to my youngest daughter, she has a story about a bed too lol. She fell out of her bed and BROKE HER NECK!!!! Her bed is now on the floor, she got rid of the bed frame and she has bit hope chest type thing that she keeps on the side of the bed so there will be no more “falling” lol..

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