Oh Canada – You ROCK – Conclusion

I left you  on a cliff hanger?   No I didn’t,   I just   gave  you some teasers  as to what was in store for this post that’s  all….. I said  “There’s  music and dancing,   violence and   wildlife…   gambling and  even some law enforcement  issues!!!!! Part three  will be  exciting!!!!”

So here  goes part three!! What do you want to start with?  Oh yeah we’re not actually talking here are we… so I guess I’ll  start at the beginning  but the go back in time then bring us back  around and wrap it up….… We woke up and had  coffee I Seattle’s  Best this time  –  (don’t worry Starbucks owns them too  it’s ok) we once again  rubbed lotion on each other…  well  not really… I rubbed it on her  but  then I  chose to rub it on myself  after she was done…. Oh  if you didn’t  read  part two you’re thinking that you’ve stumbled into 50 shades of something huh?   Here’s  Part Deux if you need it: http://www.mikeynchristy.com/Mikey_Blog/oh-canada-part-deux-112512/

So lotion is applied  but now we have to go  back in time… back to the 1980’s  one of Christy’s  good friends was killed in a car wreck in or near  Stanley Park  in North Vancouver, BC…we’d  heard that  there was  some type  of memorial  for her there so our plan was to scour the  park for the memorial.  The  biggest issue we had 1.6 Square Miles  of ground to cover…..it’s  a  giant park…  we  drove all around the park  the first time  just to get familiar with it,   we then parked and  had  brunch ( I had one of THE  BEST  burgers ever) . The  deck was  covered in icy  frost but it had a gorgeous view of Burrard Inlet,  English Bay, the Lions Gate Bridge and the North Shore Mountain Range,  we stood  in the chill and took in the  view,  arms around each other  just enjoying our brief respite from the real world…. We  continued to  tour the park, walked some and  did the  sight seeing things. We  asked at the information center about the memorial no  help from the teenager there…. So we  wandered all  over but  never did  find anything. We tried ,  and I think  the trying   gave Christy  some closure and peace. That was the majority of our day, we had to head back to get ready for the  Bruce Springsteen Concert tonight at Rogers Arena…we have killer  seats and  I want to be there early!!   But I wanted to  find a spare battery for our camera..so we   went    to a few places, parked illegally  (ooh living on the  edge!)  and got away with it …but no luck finding a  battery for our  camera… so  we  decided to head back to the hotel and make some calls,  search the internet  and see what we could find…. If I could get one   within the hour I should be able to get it  charged  enough for an emergency back-up   before the show!!  So I find a  place on line, I call them  and they have one in stock!!  Sweeet!! Ok Honey I’m going to  go grab a  cab and  have him run me there  grab the battery and  then get back…down I go to the valet jump in a cab and  tell him where to go…  he  starts yelling at me….  not kidding..  we get in a full on argument and  if you know me  I’m NOT an  arguer! I’m pretty much the most laid back guy I know….   All I did was  tell him where I wanted to go  and he’s reaming me that   he needs the exact address I was  taken aback and I explain I don’t know the exact   address but  it’s  in the  whatever block of   whatever street and  the name of the place is  such and such…. And if you can just get me close that’s  fine…  NO!  I NEED THE EXACT ADDRESS OR IM NOT TAKING  YOU ANYWHERE (only it was  with a very thick accent) ok  mister settle down let me look it up on my phone  real quick and I’ll  get you the  address…   now keep in mind this is early afternoon on a Monday….  There are 5 taxis lined up  and no one waiting for  a cab….. and he starts yelling at me again..NOGETOUTTAMYCAB…what?  Are you kidding me?  is this a   prank show? NO! Get out!!  WOW dude you’re in the wrong line of work……  this is a big day for me, plus I’m a  little  stressed  I  really want an emergency battery and when I set my mind on something I get a little (ok a lot) OCD ish.. normally I’d make nice and  apologize and  wish him well  but not today.. I  fire right back at him  that  there’s no one waiting,  I’m a  “Fare”  so if I get it wrong you charge me more, you’ve  got nothing  to lose here.. what’s the issue?    IDONTCAREGETDEPUCKOUTTAMYCAB……. (OH HELLS NO -It’s on now)…..Me: GLADLY  I  tell him he’s an insane idiot and I  think (well I know)  I called him a  name (rhymes with  whoosh-bag) give him the  one finger salute and    go back inside…. I need a drink…  LOL I cannot believe that just happened.. AND that I reacted that way…   I   never get mad  or  respond to abuse,  normally everything just slides right off   but something  got to me   and well it felt good to put someone, who was completely wrong,  in their place…..  but it stressed me out… I’m on vacation…I need a  drink…   go back upstairs and  explain what   happened  and Christy is  laughing and  in shock… screw it  no battery for me today…I give up (very  rare) let’s   get ready to go and   go to the  bar before we  head to the show…. I belly up to the bar and  she  daintily  sits in her chair..we meet a  very  friendly gentleman from  Eastern Canada and a  lovely local   older couple and we have  pleasant  conversation over  drinks for a bit and I finally  relax a little…   then it’s  time to go….


well glad  you asked!!

To see BBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEE!!!!! And the “the heart-stopping, pants-dropping, house-rocking, earth-quaking, booty-shaking, Viagra-taking, love-making –Le-gen-dary E – Street – Band!” 

we grab a cab and  head off to the arena… it’s about 30 degrees and clear, a  nice chilly  night.. we figure we  get there early find our seats, wander around a bit etc… well we  get there more than an hour before the doors open…but that’s ok  it’s all  BOSS  fans  🙂  so we  are  at the front of the line  to get in once the doors open, chatting with  people and having a good , if  shivery,  time….  Finally the doors open and  WOO HOO in we go!!  We hit the “merch”  booth 1st and  are the  1st ones there too  sweet  no lines  get our “merch”, grab some brews and head to find our SWEET  seats…1st row on the side about 45 degrees  from center stage…it’s a  fairly small arena  only holds  18,000 people   and is the home of the   Vancouver Canuks  NHL  Team.. we have  great “neighbors”   also from up from Washington State for the show , they are  big Boss  fans   and they actually got to meet him before the show as he was coming in the  Arena… LUCKY…  it’s probably for the best  because I’d then  have to leave and change my drawers   had I been there for that… and I would have missed one of the best shows of my life….  I saw Bruce   in 1985 ish  on the  Born in the USA  tour at the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis   and he was a white teeshirt and blue jeaned  dot  in what seemed  a  million miles  away… if you have to have binoculars to see a show  that’s  not the kinda  show for me…. here we  were RIGHT THERE  we could  see him  and the band clear as day  about 60 yards away for most of the show and less  when he crowd surfed and  came to the middle of the arena for several  songs on a platform….. not  a single person sat during the entire show…  the show  started  at 8 ish and  the arena was  only  booked till 11  ( according to the  security lady standing in front of us that we joked with all night she was  super nice) …the show  ran long of course and the arena  turned on the lights  ALL the lights… Bruce didn’t  let that stop him! He  played 4 more  LOOONG  songs after that, ending with a  beautiful tribute to  E-Street Band Members that are now playing on another plain of  existence…. Danny Federici and the  Big Man  Clarence  Clemons complete with  videos and photos of them on the Jumbo-tron and  a  rousing rendition of Tenth Avenue Freeze out….

There wasn’t a sing song that I didn’t know every word too  and boy did I sing along  and dance and laugh and smile and his first album came out literally  40 years ago!!! 17 Studio Albums and so many best ofs and  live albums and other compilations tons of amazing music over the years… music that tells you a  story and  touches your heart and soul, music that makes you want to move, music that makes you want to  grab the  gal next to you and  hold her face in your hands and  giver her that passionate kiss,  songs that make you weep for the heartache and pain,  lyrics, poetry  musical genius  that  evokes  every emotion  and even quite a few that make you laugh out loud…yeah I’m an uber-fan…what can I say..…Christy  even loved the show and she’s  not a  real fan-fan… she likes some songs but  she was blown away by his  show….  That’s all it takes to  love Bruce, see him live… you’ll  love it…. I don’t necessarily agree with all of Bruce’s  strong political  views but I do believe in his musical genius and he has my  utmost respect for using his  fame and fortune to make a difference a real positive difference in the world…all his shows  help some  charity or  other… typically a food bank or something to help the local  community he is playing, a  genuine hero… here  are two  other “Ramblings”  I’ve done   regarding the Boss….and also 9/11…..I’d love for you to read them because they  mean a lot to me…



The  complete set list for “our show”  went like this:

         Shackled and Drawn

        Out in the Street

        Hungry Heart

        We Take Care of Our Own

        Wrecking Ball

        Death to My Hometown

        My City of Ruins

        Spirit in the Night

        Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street?

        Red-Headed Woman   (Sign Request)

        Streets of Fire  (Sign Request)

        Because the Night

        She’s the One

        Cover Me

        Darlington County

        Waitin’ on a Sunny Day

        Raise Your Hand (Eddie Floyd cover)

        The Rising


        Land of Hope and Dreams



        Racing in the Street

        Radio Nowhere

        Born to Run

        Dancing in the Dark

        Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

        Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out

If you read  my other “Boss”  stories and  go back and look at the set list you’ll see quite  a few songs that line up with  me……every song on the set list was   extra long and   tons of crowd  involvement, just a magical night….   But like all nights  they have to end…  and like all  posts  do too… but our night wasn’t over and our trip wasn’t over yet so  this post isn’t either 🙂 ….I promised you music  and dancing and you got that…. I promised you violence   and well my issue with the cab driver is as  close  as I get to that LOL… I promised you law enforcement issues  and wildlife and we’ll get to those ( though there was a lot of wildlife at Stanley park and WILD life at the concert)  and I also promised  you  gambling…. That sounds like  fun, let’s  gamble! We   leave the arena  and can’t hear very well…. It’s  right across from a  Casino so we figure  sure let’s go there,  let  traffic and people  die down and  then catch a cab back to the hotel….    So we gambled… we played a single slot  together called “Godzilla”  it was   fun and  we enjoyed it but we were really wiped out so  off we go, grab a cab and   hit the hay, for tomorrow is checkout day L …we  wake up and I’m still on cloud 9 from the  show…  and then I get  the news….. the news about D14  being electrocuted… I’d only brought my laptop to  keep the memorial  group I run updated and  on track , it was an obligation I had…  but when I opened my email and  got the news it put a damper on my mood…Christy could tell I’m sure but I didn’t let her know until later…  let’s enjoy one last morning …so we  dinked around , Seattle’s best again and took the  scenic route home…  here’s the  story  about  most of drive home  and about  the death of D14  – http://www.mikeynchristy.com/Mikey_Blog/the-day-i-learned-of-the-death-of-decorah-eagle-d14/   but that wasn’t all that happened on the way home… I know you’re thinkin; well that covers all the promises.. except for the law enforcement issues.. hmmm did they get a  speeding ticket? Nope… were they involved in hiway robbery? Nope….  It was an issue crossing the  border back into the  USA…..  we had our passports in order …and we were ready to go  in line waiting to  get the wave thru to be back in the USA…we pull up to the booth and hand him our “papers” …as you all know I’m honest to a fault sometimes…. Sothey guy asked us  if we had any  tobacco…yessir .. how many   packs…  we told the truth and he  was like well  that’s one too many…but I’ll let you g……he got the “guh” of go out when he  saw 3 roses  in the  back seat of  Christy’s  Car… they were propped up in their vase  being held by a jacket……what are those? Um Roses…..(duh…)  where did you get them?  Huh?  Did you get them in the US or  Canada….  I said I got them on the Internet LOL…not a  good move….. I wasn’t  trying to be a  smart alec it  just came out …..  I explained I had bought them on the  internet to be delivered to our dinner table  for Christy’s  Birthday at a  fancy  schmancy  restaurant….. so he  says  they came from Canada?   I said well I guess so… Ma’am and  Sir I’m going to  need you to pull over  to the holding area,  leave your keys in your vehicle and please  be seated inside… OH  crap…..getting busted for Buds… but the wrong kind !!! we don’t do the other kind!!! Come on really? Over flowers??/ fine…  we’re pretty  upset but I looked at it as part of the adventure and I   got Christy to pose in front of the building and  try to make a  sad face holding the ticket..but  we got busted doing that too so  we just went in and  I said hey at least they are looking at things closely they are  protecting us…. Should be  quick….hahah well they are protecting us but they are still the government…  wait in line for 30 minutes  get called up they take our paper and they guy had written us up for BOTH the roses AND the Cigaretttes  he was going to let “slide”  dagnabit… ok so can we just leave  it all  here and  be on our way?  Nope…… have  a seat please and we’ll call you  after we’ve searched your vehicle…… so another 30 minutes goes by and then two officers and a dog go out and search our car we can see them from where we were sitting and they were getting a kick out of the eyelashes on her car…but yeah they went through it  very well…. Another 30  mnutes and they come back  and call us up…ok  we  are supposed to charge you for the  extra cigarettes but we are going to let that slide  this time with a warning… but you now need to go wait in that line down there for  the Agriculture inspection…. Another 30 minute  wait and a  “very nice” (NOT)  lady treating us like  drug smuggling ,  bomb running terrorists and talking to us like we are 5 year olds   tells us they will need to  search our  car…. Um they already  did that, that guy down there….  I’m sure he did Sir but I need to do it again  to see what other  plants or agriculture items you might have…  have a seat and we’ll call you when we’re ready…    so off we go to sit on the  bench another 30 minutes  watching this  “lady”  chit chat and lollygag with her buddies  then finally lumber off her seat and go outside and  search our car  again…. She was obviously NOT   impressed with  the eyelashes on  the car…..she’s protecting us I’m  trying to believe this…..she calls us up  with the one finger   how to same come here… ( RUDE) you know the  come here signal with one finger……..I’ve  about had it with this lady but  she reads us the  riot act  on  importing plants but  then  checks everything off the list and says  the roses are fine and  you can go….  So we can  go  as in leave go?  Don’t have to tell us twice… 2 and a half hour delay  for  basically an extra  carton of smokes and 3  cut roses that they let us  keep….. wow…thanks for  keeping us safe 🙂  seriously thank you Border Patrol  normally you do a great job I’m sure  but  today was not that day…… how many guns and  drugs  got waved through while you were dinkin’  around  looking at our nicotine and  roses? …all a part of the adventure 🙂 we cruised the rest of the  way home without issues and   were warmly welcomed home by Easton who had stayed with the  Critters  and then critters themselves…. A  nice welcome home and it’s nice to sleep in our own bed with 3 roses on the headboard and  a pack of smokes on the porch…

Here are photo’s  from the trip:  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4885549657601.2190695.1263426166&type=3

Here are photos from the Concert: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4885775103237.2190699.1263426166&type=3

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