Practice what you preach

A wise  phrase  I heard a lot  growing up… no idea where from  and I certainly didn’t  preach and  I don’t  feel like I  do now… but I do  write a lot about  “doing good” and  paying it forward , making a  difference…  etc… some may say that I go overboard  even ..and think that I’ve got issues….I do have issue’s , we all do but that’s  not what  this post is about,  it’s about practicing what I  “preach”  … I saw a photo somewhere  of someone  leaving a note on someones  car thanking them for something… and I’d forgotten about it until  I went to the store on my way home… I was leaving, I walked  by a  car that had a  bumper sticker that  said  “Vietnam –  I served” …

I’d never seen  that particular sticker before and it  reminded me of the photo I’d seen somewhere….but I’ll get to that in a minute….. what I did (back to practicing what I preach)   is  I  loaded up my   groceries  got in my truck,   wrote a  note – the note just said —

I noticed your bumper sticker and  I wanted to say  Thank you for your  service  in Vietnam, Welcome home. I appreciate the  sacrifices you made for my freedom.  Have a cup of coffee or a beer on me …I didn’t  sign my name  just put  GW I Vet …

I only had   10 bucks in my pocket so I folded it  up  in the note and   stuck it under the  windshield wiper…  I hope I  made   the person  smile  and it made me  feel   good to do it….  now please, PLEASE  don’t   get me wrong …I do this  “Type” of thing  all the time… and I don’t talk about it … it  lessens the value   to me when I talk about it …it feels like  “bragging” and  that is NOT me…. I just want to  let people know that I don’t just  spew feel good smoke  up  your  kiesters…I practice what I preach… if I see a  piece of garbage on the  ground  I  pick it up…. I hold doors and elevators for people, I help  little old  ladies  cross streets….  and I think the world needs  EVERYONE  to  do more of that…. don’t feel  weird  about it,  don’t be   grossed out  at picking up a  napkin you see on the  ground…. just do it…seriously it’s that easy…  change how you   think….. less about yourself  or even  more about yourself  really ….  by   doing kind things, thoughtful things,  things that  keep the park clean and pay it forward,  well those things  make  a difference and make  people smile and  it  really does  spread… and it will make you feel   good   too  so even if you are   selfish and  self centered  do those things  too,  for other people it will  boost your  own overinflated ego  🙂 see  everyone  can do it!!! next time you’re at  a Starbucks, or  grocery store  grab some 5$  gift cards or something  and  keep  them in your car or whatever and   write an  anonymous note  for someone and  leave them a  gift card…. or even  just a note…

ok  now  about that  sticker….. in  writing this  I  did a Google  search  for  “Vietnam I served sticker”  and here’s   what I learned  – – it’s from a  non-profit who’s  stated mission  is  to

“provides emergency financial and other assistance to the families of our service members and wounded warriors.”

The Organization is  called  “Operation Homefront

Before I donate to any charity I look a their financials… it’s my personal opinion that  if you  run  a  “Charity”,   a true  non-profit, you shouldn’t get  rich off it….   I understand  you need to  get paid and  have a way to  support your  family  but it needs to be a reasonable amount ….  this particular organization….I’m  trying not to judge  as I don’t know the   staff and their lifestyle  and  how much they give away…  I like the mission and  the  stories they have  and the good  that they do, but I have  to  disagree with  the “president”  making $175K last year… and the other  3 “officers”  making 100K or so apiece something about that  just rubs me wrong…  but  again I don’t know their circumstances…. so  I’m not donating to them  but I do support  what the mission of the organization is and  that their “product”   spurred me to hopefully make a  difference for one person….

bottom line – I don’t just  talk the talk… I walk the walk ……judge me  as a goody two shoes,  judge me   however you want… tell me  I’ve  got a  small weenie and am trying to make up for it… think of me what you will… but honestly my intent is to  set an example….leave a legacy and  just be a good person…   if that’s  wrong oh well it’s who I am and I’m not plannin’  on changing……

Stay Safe, Be Kind, Keep the Park Clean, Pay it forward, Make a Difference and One Love.




3 thoughts on “Practice what you preach

  1. Don’t change a thing MIchael…I appreciate your positive, help the other fellow, give the little guy a boost attitude!!! It is the attitude that I tried to instill in my children when they were growing up!! I bet your Mom and I are a LOT alike!!!! 😉

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