Saint Paddy’s, “Poppa” and Engagement Day

Saint  Patrick’s  Day.  For  some it’s a  day of partyin’  and  drinking  for no  reason whatsoever. For  others  it’s a day  of  religious  celebration  for the  coming of  Christianity to  Ireland.  For   my  wife it  was  a  day  of  sadness. She lost her   grandfather, Edwin Eyer (“Poppa” to Christy)  on this   day in  1990.

She remembered him on this day and every day as he was  a huge part of her life. At one point  taking her in, she lived with him and her and  Grandma Eyer.  She has so many wonderful memories of him.  I wish I had the honor to meet him, but sadly I never did.  His children  and  grandchildren, that  remember him,  live life the way he taught them and  are  wonderful  people because of it.

So knowing that  Saint  Patrick’s  day  carried sadness for her,   we had planned a   huge party at our house with tons of our friends and family.  In order to try to  bring some good memories to a sad  day.   Christy’s  Dad   was in town  along with  good his  friend Karl. But,  let me  back up a few  days.

Her Dad,  Russ,   and Karl were  staying with us.I  found  some private time with  Russ down at the  Fire Station  where we had them park  the moving truck they had driven up from  San Diego. I  asked  Russ  for a private moment  and explained how I felt  about his daughter. I explained  how much I loved her, and   that I know my  “track record”  wasn’t  the  best, but that  I truly believed she was  the one, my  soul mate and the love of my life,  we’d  been  together for  5 years, sharing  our lives  and joining our family  but we weren’t married. I  showed him  the ring  and  asked his permission for   his only daughter’s  hand in marriage. He messed with me quite a bit, (he even have pulled out a gun at one point) hemming and hawing   and pulling my leg   but  eventually he laughed and gave me a giant hug called  Karl over  and we  all hugged and shook hands and  I  got  his approval.

Then I  told them my plans….. bwahahaha mwawahahaha  See, I’d been thinking and planning this for some time!! I’d  asked   Christy’s  best friend  (at the time)  for her   permission as well as both of our children. Beside them,  I’d  told   4 other people  about the “plan”   because I needed help  if it were to be pulled off. Thankfully  there  was even  a fire call  the night of March  16th 2007 and no I didn’t  start the fire or have anything to do with it!! Other then to   put it out and  clean up the mess and there weren’t any injuries. The fire fit  perfectly into my “Master plan”.

I had gotten permission from the  Chief to  use the  Rescue  Truck for a “demonstration”  for  kids ( there were a lot of kids at the party and I really did do an  educational demonstration). I had my best  friend  enlisted as a  videographer and  as a diversion.   I had  ” Crazy Uncle Timmy”  enlisted to be my “test subject/victim”.  I made  an  “excuse”  that because of the fire call the night before I had to go down to the station and  do some paperwork and  clean hose.  I’d only  be gone a  little while.

our house was  on top of a  mountain  above the Fire Station.  Christy was more than  a little  upset that I was  leaving when we  had   so many people over and this  huge party  going on   but  sorry honey  “duty calls” hahahahahah. Drama  class and all  my acting   in high school   has finally paid off!! The plan  was pulled off without a hitch (other then accidentally using foam  instead of just water on Timmy)  and the best part.of the whole thing, the raison d’être:   “SHE SAID YES”!!!

I could  ramble on all  day  (as  you all know)  but  here’s the video  to show you  how it  was pulled off. It’s hard to hear what  I’m saying  but  I think you’ll  get the  gist. I basically said  “Please  say yes or I’ll be forced to do to you what I did to Uncle  Timmy”

Now,  every year  on Saint  Patrick’s  Day , we  celebrate the life of   Edwin “Poppa” Eyer and also the anniversary of our  engagement. It’s a  day of mixed emotions but time  is healing  her and the memory of  our engagement day helps to override the loss  of Poppa on this day.   I’m a very lucky man to have this  fabulous mother,  loyal  friend and the love of my life as my wife. She  makes me  a  better person and  as corny as  it sounds, she completes me.

So  everyone –  enjoy your  Saint  Patrick’s  Day  (responsibly)  and for all our  friends and  family  we love you all . For those that were there on   this day in  2007  thank you for  the  wonderful memories.

My  beautiful  bride  Christy – I love you with all my heart  and  thank you  again  for saying yes on this day 6 years ago….your love,support and partnership are everything to me. Happy  Engagement  day  my darling  (K)(L)(F) GILU!! MMMMMWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAHH XOXOXOXXO 😀

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Stay Safe, Be Kind, Keep the Park Clean, Pay it forward, Make a Difference and One Love  –

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3 thoughts on “Saint Paddy’s, “Poppa” and Engagement Day

  1. What a sweet sweet man you are…Christy is VERY lucky to have you in her life!!! Congratulations to both of you!!

  2. I’m in total agreement with Ruth. You are a very “gentle giant” with a heart of gold! Christy is definitely a very lucky woman. Happy anniversary on the day of your engagement 6 years ago.

  3. I am so blessed to be your mother Michael, and thank you so much for giving me a daughter to love as if she were of my flesh! You both are wonderful and this mamma loves you soooo much! Hope your day today is perfect!

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