~Short Stories vol 2 “That’s Bull”

As I hiked through the  deep snow, trying to be as quiet as possible,  I was  shaken from the winter silence  by  a crunch. The sound  was up slope from me.  I  stopped in my tracks holding my breath and  trying to focus on the sound’s location but it had ceased. I had to wait, though waiting meant  having the cold set in.  The sweat under my clothes would begin to freeze  soon but I had no choice.

The minutes passed, I slowly exhaled.  My frozen breath lingering in the air. That’s a good thing, no wind.  It’s only  midday but  up here, the minutes can quickly  turn into hours  and  the daylight doesn’t last long  this time of year.

Crunch, Crunch I Hear it again!  My heart speeds up,  I  scan  through the Douglas Firs and Alders looking for the source  but seeing nothing.

There’s  movement out of the corner of my eye!  45 degrees uphill to my right.  I  slowly  turn my head, my face covered in camouflage paint shouldn’t draw attention.  I see tan through the trees.  The minutes are flying by  now,  my breathing slows as I see the  deep brown and the ivory colors I’ve been searching  years  to find.

I prepare my bow, slowly  I draw back. Looking down the shaft of the arrow I see the exact spot , the perfect shot  just behind the  front leg.  The Elk is  facing slightly uphill and  I have  a shooting lane through the  trees. The perfect bow hunting  scenario.

Deep breath in, hold it, exhale,  I blink and the  bull turns his  head towards me as if he could feel my eyes  on him.   I see he is at least 6 points of magnificence on  both sides with the tips of his antlers  easily 8 feet off the ground.

I unconsciously  shudder, the arrow falls off the rest.  The tiniest of sounds, but the Bull knows it didn’t belong, he  gives out one long snort and  in a cloud of snow dust he is gone.

His breath and mine linger in the mountain air as I contemplate the story, one  that no one will believe.

6 thoughts on “~Short Stories vol 2 “That’s Bull”

  1. I liked it. I could totally picture it. There are some sentences where I think a comma would help seal the impact. That slight pause can make a difference. Then again, I tend to over use them I think. Not sure if everyone will connect the dots on why you were sweating and how that can impact you in that scenario, so that may confuse some readers. But for a short story, it landed for me. I felt your loss. Good job Mikey!

  2. Nice story Mike, I knew you would see the elk as too beautiful a creature to shoot him! Good descritive narrative and I too think you should have used a comma for the reader to pause and reflect while reading to gather feelings.

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