~ short stories vol 4 “Operation Bird Brain”

“Hey, Hey  Aurelia,  do you see that  creepy bird brain bugging Goldie?”

“Why yes I do Tristis,  what a creep,  do you think she needs help?”


“Hey, Leave me alone  you  meanie, I don’t  want any trouble” Goldie said

“Youse don’t want no trouble?” Spinus mocked.

“No I do not, please just fly away and leave me be” Goldie begged


” Never!, you Finches are MINE, MINE I say hahahahahahah,  you will pay for what your flock  did to my face! Look at me! LOOK AT ME, see my face?  the missing half of my black feathers? They did this to me..  and YOU shall pay Goldie!!”


” Can you beleive this bully’s   nonsense Aurelia?” As Tristis rolls her eyes in disdain.

“No I cannot, this is a job for Fringi!!” Aurelia relplied

In unison they called for the  most famous  Finch in town, Fringi the fantastic he  is called.

“Fringi, Fringi, Our Friendly Finch, a finch in need, needs  your help indeed!”


“Fringi can’t help you Goldie, Look at these viscious talons! ” said the evil Spinus the spackled5

“Ohh my, those are wicked talons, what shall we do? What shall we do?” whimpered Goldie


“Was that a distress call from a damsel?” Thought Fringi.  I must fly to save the day!  On wing, on talon, I’m not Jimmy Fallon, Fringi fights during the day!” 7

“Bah dum da deee, ’tis I, Fringi!!!!!!!!”

8 Aurelia sings ” oh Fringi,  save us , save us please, the  mean Spinus is up to no good!”

“Oh my that Fringi is soooooo handsome” thinks  Tristis “just look at how sleek he is”


“I see you back there Spinus, You’d best be on your way or the wrath of Fringi will be  your undoing!” Shouted Fringi

“Never!! I’ll never leave Fringi! They all belong to me!  and this feeder is mine, too,  yeah  all mine and the ladies’, the thistle is divine!”


“I said SCRAM Spinus,  OR else!!”




SPLAT,KABOOM,UGH,URGH, BOFF…The fighting continues, the  gals are frozen in fear..  SQUEAL, UMPH, UGG, RRRRGH, BOMP, BIFF, KAPLOWIE, FLAPPITY, FLOOPITY, FLUMP!!!


“HA! I told you they’re MINE Fringi! Now you scram! Mwahahahahaha, bwahahahahahaha” scoffed  Spinus


“oh ok, you win  this time Spinus,  but look! The ladies  have all flown the coop! Next time play it a little cooler on the  evil villain thing and maybe we’ll both have some chicks…” 14

The moral of this story? Only in a birdbrain does crime really pay……


Stay Safe, Be Kind, Keep the Park Clean, Pay it forward, Make a Difference and One Love  –  http://wp.me/p2RcFA-3Z


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