Star Wars Day, Cinqo de Mayo and Revenge of the Sixth!

May the  fourth  be with you ….  ( and also with  you…) …..  that’s how the  day started. Me  updating   Facebook with    a corny  post , changing my profile pic  and cover photo  to Star Wars  themed   pictures.. yep I’m a  geeky,  nerdy, dweeb and  proud to be  unique! For those  that  don’t follow my  blog , I’ve not been  all that  well… I have  some heart issues  and  sleep apnea ….I’m not allowed to  drive  or  do any firefighting  until  that gets  fixed… that could  be  awhile…  but I’m working on it… ( our  healthcare system  sucks….) …but   things could be  so much worse I know…  I’ve been  doing a  LOT  of walking/hiking with  Dukie,  thankfully there are  many  miles of   nature trails and animal   trails nearby my home that   go for miles and miles…. but I miss  driving , I miss Satellite  radio… I miss  my truck… don’t get me  wrong, the down time has  forced me to do  a lot of things  to fill the driving time… my garden is now “complete”,  I’ve  gotten new  bird feeders and plants… rearranged the   backyard, mowed  a few times,  weed-eated,  cleaning the house  often  and making it “pretty”  for when  Christy  gets home from work…. plus  my boss and  job is being really cool and letting me work remotely until we figure it all out……  I’m probably doing  more then I should, physically,  but  I have to   or go crazy…. I haven’t been  able to go to Sarvey   for close to  a month now…. and I couldn’t go there today either….  I can’t  drive!! ARRRRGGGHHH today  (besides  being Star wars day)   is the  annual wildlife baby shower for Sarvey! A fund raising event for  the spring “rush”  …and Sarvey needs it!!  The outreach team  is going to be there along with the Ed team…. I’m on the Ed team and  officially the   secondary handler  of   Ista  our Educational  Peregrine… ..I sooo  want to go , the weather is   supposed to be the nicest  of the year so far ….I  asked permission  for the Director  to meet them there   and  help  and she agreed!  Normally you have to  go to Sarvey and help load up and prep, then  go to the  event,  do the event,  then back to Sarvey to help clean , feed, put  the  ed-ones  away…. that’s  part of the duties..and I don’t like  asking for (or needing special  treatment) and I didn’t want to “get out” of that stuff…. I love that part too….. but  being that I can’t  drive  …and where the   event was  ( a little less than halfway between my house and Sarvey)  I asked if I could meet them there if I could get a  ride ….  you never know unless you ask….  and she  said yes!! actually  she said “Certainly”   which was awesome!! Now to find a ride….   I hate imposing on  people,  or asking for help, one of my  flaws…  but thankfully  I have an awesome wife 🙂    she of course would take me,  then go  do girly things and  come back after and pick me up…. sweeet…… we head up to  Bellevue  to  Lewis  Creek Park  on the way we  see a  beautiful Red-Tailed  Hawk  hunting…   sees it’s  prey  does it’s  thing……stalls, dives, grabs…… . a life  and death  struggle  and the circle of life occurring  right next to us on  I-405 …..

We make it  to   the  park,   and get warm greetings from  old and new faces. Christy   takes off in the eyelash mobile and I  look at all our different  set ups…. we have a   game and education  station, a merchandise  station,  a   food  station selling/offering cookies for a  suggested  donation of 1$,  we also collected  food for a food bank.  And lastly we had a station  with our Educational  Ambassadors…Guess where I went…Yeah I wanna  be where the birds aaare….. I wanna  be where the  birrrrrds are………( I did ask where they  wanted/needed me first of course) …. There was  already a  crowd  gathering around the  ez-up  that was  over the tables holding the  birds,  so I  became “crowd” control……we have to keep the public at least 6 feet from the  animals  always  for  the safety of all.    It was   a  b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l  day,  a nice breeze,  and mid 70s…the  birds are doing   great…we  take turns  taking them out  and talking with the  crowd that’s  gathered,  mainly doing  Q & A , we have a  full presentation  scheduled for 2PM so we’re  saving the special  stuff for  then… I have my  “speech” on the  Peregrine  Falcon all  ready to go in my  mind… I’d planned on      taking  Ista out of her  Carrier and saying  “And here is the Millennium Falcon” …..  and   then  explaining   that  ok  it’s  not really but  today is Star Wars  day (It  was May the  fourth remember….) …but that   didn’t work out.. we had a new  mother/daughter duo  that I hadn’t met yet that  are now also on the Ed team.    They  just moved here from Kansas and  are very nice..

We all took  turns rotating between the stations   in teams.  We had a  game station that I rotated to after I “worked with crowd” with Ista and did  crowd control to keep folks ( kids)  back , although once the  birds  defecate the kids usually stay  back , especially  the Eagles!   we  were supposed to be in  teams  of  2  but I was  solo…and it got a bit hectic!   lots of kids playing our   Raptor  and owl  Identification games,   kids and adults asking questions  etc….  it’s  1:50  now and  I’m  ready for the  presentation and excited  to get back out with  the edones…   there are few things  better than having a live raptor  on your  arm…. Our Director  approaches me  and  asks  if I want to handle  Ista for the program or if we can let the Mother/Daughter team  handle her… it was  kind of  her to ask me ….   of course I  wanted to do it ( I had my speech all  ready to go and everything)  but of course I  said  let the  daughter do it…  there were quite a  few  back and forth  – are you sure?  It’s your call… etc….   but   yes I was  sure   if a  “kid” ,  someone new to our team  is capable of  doing it   then  I’ll give that up  any day  to see  future  educators  get quality time with an educational ambassador……my friend  Dave   who’s  the handler of  Askate ( Bald Eagle) and  2nd in command of the Ed team  ( and  lead of the  rescue team)  heard the news and came  up to talk  to me about it as well… he’s a   good and thoughtful guy, but I assured him it was fine….two o’clock rolls  around and   I can see the presentation out the window  and who should appear but my beautiful wife…coming to  watch  me and the presentation… she wanted to surprise  me …. well $%^! ……I give her  a   kiss and   thank you  hug   and explain  what happened and had I known I would have made a different  choice…   I urge her to go see the presentation anyway and she does. Here are some photo’s that   she took:

Ista  – the Perfect  Peregrine 🙂


Hu’Iyake   the Gorgeous Golden Eagle


David and  Askate

David-n-Askate6 David-n-Askate5

Chetan  – The Regal  Red-Tailed Hawk


Askate  enjoying the wind and Tadita  the Barred owl.

Askate2 Tadita2

And  here’s a  photo  of her getting  ready to take a picture of me  taking a picture of her….  I shall call this photo: “Beauty on the Grass”’s  blurry  as it was taken from my  cell phone and through a  window….but she’s  still smokin’ hot !!! I’m surprised the grass ain’t on fire!


We  even made the news!!  AND they used the footage they took earlier in the day  when I was holding Ista   for the story …woo hoo….the redneck in me  says  “hey yall I was on  that there  teevee thang..loookit me….”

After the presentation  it was  time for the  event to end… we packed up , loaded the Sarvey Van’s and people’s  vehicles with all the animals and “stuff”  and  Christy and I   left, with me feeling badly that I couldn’t  go  help  clean and put the edones away but glad I  got to go at all… I  had an errand I needed to run at  a  brewery in Redmond  and since we were in that  general  area  we decided to  swing by there… turns out they were having a giant party…. bad day to  pick  to go there but  we went anyway to get what I needed… We then  decided to go pick up the  BEST grinders on the planet… at  Acropolis  we’ve been  going there   for over 15 years  and in all  that time  the ONLY  thing I’ve ever had is the pepperoni grinder…it’s  soooooo darn good I just can’t  get anythign else…in fact I always  get 2 ( and they are huge a good 18 inches)  it’s just  pepperoni, lettuce and mayo  but there’s  just something about it  that mmmm mmmm mmm is  incredible…  maybe 3 times a year I get them and just love them!!!  Christy got the  Ham and Pineapple  grinder…  blech….warm pineapple is  just wrong… unless there’s  upside down  rum cake  involved… but to each their own…  and I ended up  finishing half of her first half anyway  even if it was  yucky…but I saved one last bit of mine to  top off the meal…. oh but we  didn’t eat there!  We got them to  go… as I mentioned it was a stunningly gorgeous day.. so we took them down to a small  beach park  on Lake Washington got a blanket out, enjoyed out  sammiches and the amazing   sun,  breeze and water….. Here’s  a  couple  photos for you:

Our  deliciousnessful grinders!!!!


A sailboat on the lake  with the  Olympics in the  background….


Have you ever heard of the  Accipiter cloud ? Me either ( I  just  made it up 🙂 ) but it was hanging out in the sky  watching over us!!  could be a   Corvid Cloud but  based on the head shape I’m going with Accipiter……if you don’t  see it, well  you need to  continue with your  berdnerd enlightenment  training  grasshopper……


Beauty and the  Beast 🙂


We even  sawa crow  FISHING..yes you heard me  right…  a  Crow  diving into the ewater and coming out  with a  fish, flying off to a tree and  eating it…..  Corvids  are AMAZING!!!!

We wrapped up and  headed home….  but  we had one  more stop to make…..Remember that  nest I found over the winter?? oh you don’t? Well  doesn’t matter… I found 2   very large nests  this winter and one of them was on our way home  and I  got  Christy to agree to stop  so we could check it out…we   parked in a  couple spots and  took  some photos… I could see an  Eagle  Butt in the nest !! SWEEEEEEET …we stayed for awhile  hoping for some action  but nothing  and we’d already had a long day , and another one ahead of us tomorrow… so  home we went….  but here’s  a  shot of the nest and you can see there’s  an  Eagle in it!! Must  be very  deep!!!!!!!!!


So I think it’s official I’m a  nut job….it’s  been suspected for  many years… My momma  even had  me tested…  ( and they said I was  then too ) I’ve been tested  by  other Doctors too and they all agree on my nutjobbiness…   so I guess I’m ok with it…   I mean who else gets  super mega excited to see an  Eagle’s  Tail feathers????….Eggs  here in  WA hatch in late April  so   they  probably   hatched and this is most likely Momma  brooding her young who can’t yet regulate their  temperature….  that’s my  hope anyway..otherwise she’s  just sitting on eggs that  weren’t viable…. or   just  chillaxin…  I realllllllllly hope there’s   babies!!!!!! not to worry I’ll keep you posted… but I won’t  tell you where the nest is…sorry…. (any of my WA  EA   friends  that want to know,  the only way  you’ll get it out of me is if I go with you and you  swear not to share and promise to  use proper nest etiquette!!)

SLEEP  BREAK  ( For Christy… remember I’m   scared to sleep and  trying to sleep  sitting up to stay alive… so  she drifts off to dreamland and I stay sitting up  watching races I had on the DVR  and  wake up  around  1AM to turn off the TV and try to get some more sleep) ..but enough on that… its’ now Cinco de Mayo!! OLE!!!

A minor Mexican Holiday about some battle   that they  beat the French  ( Like that’s hard…..I think the  French have  already  surrendered  to  North Korea….)  but  here in the U.S. of A  any  reason to sell booze  and  trinkets for profit is a holiday….   but  no  tequila  and  tacos for  us,  we  have a  Birthday Party  to go to today!!!  It’s   Little  KD Bugs 5th  Birthday!  She’s  Christy’s  Besties/BFF’s  daughter…  so we are  Auntie Christy and Uncle Mike by proxy.  It was  a perfect day  and they had the party at Cottage Lake  Park  in Woodinville, WA  we  took  Dukie with us and had a ball…no really  we had a  tennis ball with us ..we also had a fabulous time celebrating  her  birthday with her  folks and friends.  I know how much you all like  pictures   more than  reading so let me share via  pictures and save you a  few thousand words:

Daddy I know my  ball is in your pocket…


I got  it!!


Daddy, This is MY  Ball  ok? Capisce?


IMG_2953 IMG_2949

Whatever  you say Dukie……


Now  throw it for ME !!!!


I got the  ballll  woo hoooo   now let’s play keep away!!!


Time to  relax with  Mommy


Posing with Daddy and the  sweet Birthday  Girl 🙂


After the party  can anyone guess  where we went next???

come on you know, you  know…. I know that you know….  and I know that you know that I know you know… ya know…..  ( sorry  Rumsfeld moment there……you ‘member.. that we  don’t know what we know we  don’t know  press conference…) no?  well here’s the  exact quote…I remember  watching it live  and  even I was like huh???

“There are known knowns; there are things we know that we know.
There are known unknowns; that is to say, there are things that we now know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns – there are things we do not know we don’t know.”

anyway    not the point at all….just a diversion to keep you  on  the edge of your  mouse  wondering  if I’m  going to tell you ….  and I  AM…. ….we went  to the  Eagle’s  nest again  on our way home  and  IT PAID OFF IN  SPADES!!!!!  we  drive to a  few  angles and get some photos….we spot   two eagles and  a crow  doing acrobatics in the sky…  they put on  an  amazing show  for us!!   We watched until they  went out of sight  and we walked back to the car and go park  in a safer location (  we were  in the middle of a street LOL) ..while  we  were parking they  must have  gone  back to the nest…. as we get out of the car and look up  an   Adult  Bald Eagle launches from the nest…. I fumble with the  camera as it flaps it’s  giant wings and banks  to the left, up and around the  tree…  about the time I  get the  camera  turned on  a 2nd  Eagle  launches from the nest heading  out and  down towards the  river….. the 1st   Eagle is being harassed by a  crow ( or playing games with it)  and we  watch  in  awe  and try to  take photos… but I don’t want to “lose  the moment in the lens” …. same  reason I didn’t  video tape  my  children’s  entire   childhood..I want to  be there  in the moment.. yes grab some photos  but  it’s too easy to get lost   behind the  lens and   really you miss that   connection with your  kid or with nature…  we are watching the   eagle that had  went towards the river  comes back around the two  circle each other and  I can see that in it’s  talons is a  fish…most likely a  rainbow  or cutthroat  trout  based on it’s size…. the eagle   gracefully   takes it’s  catch to the nest  where it is  joined by it’s mate  and I’m  hoping  that   behavior indicates  they are  feeding youngun’s  ..only time will tell… we  stuck around  for  a bit…here are some photo’s  we  grabbed:

Crow’s  Landing gear are  extended, Eagle banks  to avoid the collision…..


all together now… flap two three,  flap two three….  no slackin’!!!



If you look  close  you’ll see her 🙂  Deep nest huh??


Yep…. too excited to get   great photo’s  but  hey  LOOK…you’d be stoked too!!


With our  day  absolutely complete  and all of us, including   Duke  exhausted ….

(that’s  one  wiped out pooch!!)


we head home…..since I can’t drive or  do anything  remotely resembling  responsible  I go ahead and celebrate Cinco De Mayo with a  shot of Pendleton and  a Blue Moon… for tomorrow  is   Monday….. the Revenge of the  Sixth!!

As always  my  friends,  family and   just  plain  bored  and surfing readers…..

Stay Safe, Be Kind, Keep the Park Clean, Pay it forward, Make a Difference and One Love


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  1. Ista is GLORIOUS!!! Peregrine Falcons are definitely my SECOND favorite Raptor!!( I will give you 3 guesses what my favorite is…and the first two guesses don’t count!!). Your day,shoot your Weekend sounds perfect!!! Raptors, Dogs with Tennis Balls, Your Favorite Grinder ( Looks like Subway to me!!) and your gorgeous wife to keep you company!!! You GO Michael!!!!
    Thank you for sharing all of the fun with us!!!

  2. Gosh, Mikey, I sure hope you get your health issues sorted out and SOON! You’re not the kinda guy that should be hobbled by being unable to get up and go where and when you want to. As for giving up your chance to show Ista, has anyone mentioned that you are a nice guy? Hmmm, yep, I think that’s been said. Thanks for sharing your day, the birdies, and our beautiful, sunny scenery with the world. (And great shot of Chetan, Christy.)

  3. It was an amazing weekend for sure. And baby we will get thru all this health crap. You WILL overcome. I love you more than anything and am just blessed to be your wife. Thank you for all your writings. I love love reading them and can’t wait for the book. I love you! I love you! I love you!!! Always and Forever my love!!!

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