Stay Safe, Be Kind, Keep the Park Clean, Pay it forward, Make a Difference and One Love

This is a messsage I posted  for the Memorial  Group for the two Eagles in  Decorah, Iowa that perished  by electrocution that I run… . I’m sharing it here with you  so that more people can see that we  made a real difference and   also to explain some of my  “closing  remarks” that you may see in other  posts I make and   now understand the meaning 🙂  Enjoy….
Happy Winter Solstice Team D12 & D14!!!
I personally want to thank each and every member of the Memorial for D12 and D14 Facebook Group as well as the many other non-facebookers that helped us in this effort.
The actions of this group, the generosity, the heartfelt compassion and camaraderie was truly amazing to witness first hand. A group of over 400 strangers coming together to come up with a way to memorialize a young eagle that we watched online… say that out loud and people look at you funny….. WE got it but many of friends and family didn’t…. that is until we blew away our goals and made the news with the real difference we were making with the power pole perch project… then other people actually “got it” and are continuing to “get it” thanks to the members of this group, through the news stories and the book, through the RRP “Feature” on one of our members….Inspired to act is what RRP titled it…that’s it in a nutshell… the gift that RRP gave us, to witness these eagles lives truly did inspire us to act and the deaths of D12 and D14 inspired us even more, to action! Our fundraising may be over but our actions will live on and we can continue to make a difference in our own communities and in future generations… we more than achieved all our goals and beyond… I typically end most of my “writings” or ramblings with the following:Stay Safe, Be Kind, Keep the Park Clean, Pay it forward, Make a Difference and One Love.Some of you may not know what each of these phrases mean to me , they are more than just nice words to close out my thoughts….

Stay Safe – This is what you say in the Fire Service to a Brother or Sister as you are parting. It is also what I say to any police officer I speak with as a parting greeting. It means much more than have a nice means I recognize that your life is dangerous and I want to see you again so please “Stay Safe” so I share that with you all after each post because in our world today this can apply to more then just civil servants.. and I want you each to know that the world is dangerous and I want to see you all again. So please – Stay Safe.

Be Kind – well it’s just something I want everyone to do…always…. So it’s a reminder from me to you. Just thinking about it makes you smile…and it’s a small ”Call to action” a little reminder for the back of your mind to be on the lookout for ways to be kind to any living thing that you can, even if, especially if they can do nothing for you.

Keep the Park Clean – This is something I learned years ago in a “management seminar” was the “Disney” method or so I was told and I adopted it for myself years ago… the way I learned it was that anyone who worked for Disney, when asked what their job was, they had to respond with ( and live by) I’m the Vice President of such and such, or I’m the Character Mickey Mouse AND I help keep the park clean….. I liked that a lot …. You did your job but you also helped keep the park clean…. Well that can apply to everything we do in life to me the world is our park… so I’m a Father, a Husband, a Network Engineer, a Firefighter and a wildlife rehab volunteer an educator AND I help keep the park clean…. Won’t you too? I take it literally as well as figuratively – if I see trash on the ground I pick it up… if I see a way to help some who needs help getting “clean” I try to help them if I can…..

Pay it Forward – Yes it’s from the movie by the same name… to me it’s one up from being kind… it’s doing whatever you can to make the world a better place in any small way that you can… we are blessed, each and every one of us and we can all do something to repay the world for those blessings, as often as possible.. no matter how small a gesture it is an action that has ripples… the ripple effect of goodness and kindness, of love and hope… so Pay it forward every chance you get.

Make a Difference – This one – you already all “get” because YOU HAVE, YOU DO, AND YOU WILL!!!! MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

Lastly –
One Love – is a relatively (pun intended, I got it from my Aunt) new one for me. I have an Aunt that I had lost touch with for many years because after her divorce from my uncle in the 80’s I guess technically she wasn’t my Aunt anymore and life for everyone moved on…thanks to Facebook we’ve managed to reconnect and she closes most all her posts with One Love…. I asked her about it and here was her explanation to me: “I believe in healing energy, positive thinking, and never letting the negative get the best of me, or the world. {My Husband} and I have adopted that term because we find it a wonderful global term encompassing all faiths…which mirrors our own spirituality.” So then I listened to the song and read the lyrics and while I’ve never been a Bob Marley Fan, the lyrics really said exactly what she was saying to me so I too want to share that “One Love” with you all and have you pass it on and live that “One Love”

So Team D12 & D14 – Stay Safe, Be Kind, Keep the Park Clean, Pay it forward, Make a Difference and One Love.
But most of all, I very humbly Thank you.
Mikey AKA Capt_Dad

2 thoughts on “Stay Safe, Be Kind, Keep the Park Clean, Pay it forward, Make a Difference and One Love

  1. Capt_Dad,
    I have come to know of you through you postings on the Decorah forums. I have been a follower of Raptor Resource for about 2 years now.

    I have enjoyed your blog postings and look forward to the next one. In one of your blogs you wrote in passing about knit nest bowls. Ahhh haa!! This is something I can do to “give back”. I knit (and sometimes unknit) and so I went online in search of some photos of these nest bowls. I can do this. I contacted Sarvey and Rachel responded with some photo and let me know what size bowls they could use. I mailed three of them this week.

    I just wanted you to know that because of you and your passion you have inspired me in this cause. Thank you!

    Merry Christmas
    Best regards,
    Lynn Husting

    • Lynn that is WONDERFUL!!!!! you are really making a difference in the lives of some wildones lives thank you so much!!! I’m betting any rehab place could use them too!! they really do make the young ones and smaller birds “feel safe” and stay warm and help them fight whatever battle they are in , well done I’m proud to call your friend and you made my day with this post thank you and very Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

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