Tatoos with stories….

WOO HOOO I’m on Vacation!!  At my day job at  Starbucks we use the “federal” fiscal  calendar, so our year  is  October –  Sept …we have a “use it or lose  it”  policy for vacation….  I had 1 day left to use before the end of the month….  What better use  than to  use that as a Sarvey day?!?! I’m sure some of you  are thinking  um I can think of about 50 ways I’d rather use that… and I can only think of 1… my family  and since they are all  either working or in school    I’m going to  “donate” that day to Sarvery  Wildlife Care Center…..I get up as my wife leaves for work, coffee, take care of some  online stuff and finish the last  few laps that I haven’t seen of the  Singapore Grand Prix  (Formula 1 Race) that I had recorded, it is vacation after all I  get a little leeway, plus I don’t want to hit rush hour traffic top get there… ok time to  goooooo,  prep the hosue for Dukie to be alone with his  sisters the cats..until Momma  gets home from work, apologize for not taking him with me  and give him some treats… and sneak out the door.. As usual I hit  safeway and buy up their buthers specials,  grab a couple  things of  paper towels (Brawny this time, because they had special packaging to support the troops), a  couple  jugs o’ bleach, a sandwich, pop,  water  etc…  and on the road… oh you want to know what kid of music was on this time?  Hahah you think it was Bruce you say?  Nope  surprise  surprise surprise …it’s  what I  and  Sirius like to call “Prime Country” I was feeling mellow and  had my killer  “morning voice”  on  so  something  to  sing along to and think I sound good haha….oom papa oom papa ooom papa mau mau….  80’s and  90’s  country… .traffic is still lame  but with the music it’s  tolerable… 2 hours later I’m at SWCC.  I  walk in the  door to the clinic and get a  surprise   greeting  HI MIKE!!! Boy am I ever glad you are here!!! Hahahah I laugh  yeah right   ok I’ll bite, why’s that?  Because we have NO ONE here that can do the outside work… ahhhhh  I see well I’m happy to do anything and everything anytime I am here  you gotta job no one wants to do  give it to Mikey , hey Mikey he likes it, Hey Mikey….   Unload the truck and make people smile with my paper towels  and meat….  Oh my that sounds wrong but you know what I mean… and then for the  uh oh….oopsy  dang Safeway brand Bleach… well one and half  bottles will have to do and  I guess I  better open all the windows in the truck or I will die from asphyxiation on the way home….yep I now have a  very fresh and clean and  probably soon to be WHITE  spotted back bench seat in my truck……just gives it more character!

Ok so   since I’m the only one here for outside,  I get to pick and choose what I do  when….. so let’s get the stinky, nastiness out of the way  first  and save the Eagles for  last…at least that was the plan in my mind…  so guess where I’m headed ? yep you got it  the Chain Links  for the raccoons.  They are all doing really well, looking healthy and happy  which is great news, I was pretty worried about them last week…. But they are good, even  “Satan” the mean fatty coon lol….(He was given that name by one of the leads, because he  has bitten her several times  through  heavy gloves,  also through her SHOES and  is just generally not a  happy guy….  In the very first enclosure, I’m in there cleaning away and these cute little  coons are  lined up in two rows,  head to toe but in opposite directions… Now If you’ve  ever  had or seen horses preen each other,  they stand opposite each other but even length wise ( the  head of one is  at the tail of the other  alongside each other) ….so imagine 6 coons lined up that way and  they are just going to town preening away , it’s very   adorable… all of them  checking each other and making happy sounds…   they don’t even notice I’m there much at all… well apparently it felt a little TOO good for one of them  he ( yep I know for a fact it was a he….)  decides the preenin’ party is over and  everyone better stand back  except for you lovely lady coon…. What’s a perty little  bandit like you doing in a joint like this anyway? My your  mask looks   beautiful today is it new?  And do your little paws hurt?   Why  no why  should my paws hurt hee hee, because you’ve been running through my mind all  day….  Oooh  hee hee  you’re silly …. You had me at snarl….  Whoa there you guys I’m cleaning in here….. wow you really don’t care that I’m  here you must be used to  me…Ok well you all have a nice day I’m  just going to avert my eyes and  move on  to the next enclosure….thanks for letting me clean your temporary homes….  So I finish up  the  4  raccoon chain links  and move on to the Eastern Grey Squirrel   area…  there’s  a number of them (always) in there and I explain to them about  their cousin that was  caught eating my  woodpecker suet feeders this morning before I came to Sarvey and when they get out could they please  pass the word  to  do that at someone else’s house  but really it would be best if they could just  find their food in the wilderness like they are ‘posed  to……..oh well thanks for letting me clean your temporary home …just working my way north through the list of to-do’s  and the layout of the place…. My next stop is “Pine Alley”  what are called the pine flights… ( a lot of  the different sets of flights are named after trees – Pine, Alder, Maple, etc…….) first up is a  one eyed  snowy owl….a feisty one at that!! I go in and  start to clean up and  BAM he  dive bombs me..DUCK…no no  no…OWL not a DUCK get it right puny human!!  OK OK OWL I give….lookout!!   so this owl  thinks I’m his personal  play toy…flying circles around me as I am cleaning … scrub, scrub DUCK (er I mean OWL dangit….)..rake rake  OWL,  stop it now I said OWL!! I’ve never really be up close and personal with a snowy owl like this before  they have big feathers even on their tootsies… very cute.. unless those   feathery talons  “get ya”  I ‘spect… well he didn’t get me with his  talons thankfully  though I did get wing whacked a few times… a lead walks by when this is happening and calls it a muppet assault LOL…. They  do kind of look like muppets…well thanks  Snowy for letting me clean your flight, one eye or not I say you are  ready for the wild once again!! Next is  Coop,  I call him Coop now…and I can do that…..but that’s later…. For now, just cleaning our the  flight of a  beautiful  Coopers Hawk.  A few fly bys as he had fresh  quail that he decided I needed the head of…. he picked up the head  and dropped it next to me as I was cleaning…… I picked it up and put it in my yuck bucket  and moved the rest of the  quail “parts” to a perch for him to chow on  when I had left…. Thanks  Coop for the first gift…. We’ll see more of you later… next up is Ms.  Merlin, a  little  cuite patootie…in here miniature pine  forested flight that I have  to treat like a  Marine Corps confidence course with her as the live ammo flying  just above my head as I’m crawling around pickin’ up parts…I’m pickin’ up  parts….. exhuming things that’s better left alone…. ( an old Randy Travis song…. Diggin’ up Bones….)  we got  her cleaned out though…thanks Merlin  for letting me  clean your flight have a nice day cutie pie……gulp  next is  dare I say it….nope not yet…   so these flights  ( the  Coopers Hawk, The Meriin, and this next one ) are all the same size, they are about 30 feet long by 20 feet  wide  and  roughly 30 feet tall with  half of  it being under cover and the other half of the roof  with  “anti Eagle” netting… so in this next flight  is a..what you already guessed it? Am I THAT transparent????  Well fine but you don’t know that it’s a ….oh you do know it’s a Juvie ABE….did you also know that it’s being hunted? So it’s not JUST the Eagle it’s also a Rat that the Eagle won’t  catch and eat……. She’s on  Day 2 of   nothing  but the live rat and her…… that is until I come in to clean…. And she’s none too pleased  about the additional  company….. yikes!! Well Yikes for  you all, for me it’s WOO HOO an Eagle  just a few feet away squeezing and cawing up a storm…  , nothing between us but air,  I can FEEL  the breath when she screams at me… nothing between us AT ALL…… I can see her shiny black talons, she’s sitting on her perch  with her “thumbs”   in the air  rocking  back and  screaming at me to  not steal her friend the rat and why didn’t I bring her some food?? Well hi there pretty lady sorry I can’t give you any food, you need to eat your friend the rat… whoosh whomp whomp  squeeee squuaaaw!  WOWOWOWOWIE Great to see you  so close I appreciate the wing whack  I honestly do….thanks for not  skewering me with those pretty nails you have…  sorry but I have to  clean…. Then you need to  hunt and then be free!!!!  On with the cleaning…. So this  Eagle… let me tell ya…. She decides that she really would like more space than is in this flight… she flies up to the  tippy top  dead center in the flight  where there are two cross members  holding up the netting….she decides she’d like to be between the netting and the   cross ..oh crap she’s stuck…  well crap what do I do now?? Well  she got herself in there maybe giver her a minute and she can get herself out… just don’t freak her out  and it should be OK…  tick tock tick tock….ok it’s been a minute, her  left wing is hangin’ down and she’s “squished”  between the wood and the netting with the X of the  cross right in her chest and she’s  got that wild eyes HOLY  S%$# look about her… Ok maybe I should go get a ladder and a   partner….. I start to go out of the  flight and she  calls sqqqeeeee don’t leave me like this…  well crap pretty girl I have to …this is the  reverse of Timmy’s stuck in the well…. Susie is  stuck in the  ceiling and I’m Lassie… arf arf arf… so I again  start to leave and she calls me back and is  kind of   changing positions…  so I   figure maybe if I can get  in a position  that she want’s  to ge  away from  I can help her maneuver her way out of the predicament.. so I’m standing  basically directly under her behind ( please don’t PS, Please don’t PS) and  just me being there in  her “vulnerable spot”  get her to move  over to her left without making her feathers go the  wrong way  in the net  and she shimmies her way out from being pinned!! You did it Susie ARF ARF ARF and Lassie helped LOL…… ok  so don’t do that again OK??  Finish up  cleaning  her flight, thanks  for letting me  clean your  flight  sweetie  sorry if I scared you to get stuck….now catch that RAT!!! Whew  time for a walk through  the clinic to visit the  in patients.. Hi Peregrine, good to see you doing better, hello  Seagulls and baby squirrels and bunnies,  hi there coons and  a mink  I see you’re still on lock down…. Hello all you pretty little  song birds, crows, grosbeaks, robins and woodpeckers…. Make my way back to medical  and  lo and behold it’s “Bob” non too pleased ..it’s  “pill time”…. I meet M the weekday Med Tech who I haven’t met before,  another  great person!! And we talk about  Bob, Bob’s doing great  In case you don’t know Bob, he’s  an Adult American  Bald Eagle  with half  of one wing amputated.  Bob is the Eagle I found  injured in the big flight last week  and  helped  get  treated… Bob is recovering nicely  and  has found a permanent home once he’s  travel worthy at a Zoo in Ohio to live out his life as an ambassador of his species with other  Eagle friends.  He is   really doing well,  they re-wrap his  wing and  give his his pills and  back  to   R&R for Bob..bye bye Bob… Back to the mines for me!!  ( they are Diamond mines though not coal)…. So off to see my buddy Ista the Peregrine Falcon that  tested me my 1st day, we’re bosom buddies now… she doesn’t mind me at all  anymore and we have  great conversations about the  other volunteers and how beautiful she is and  how good Quail is, how nice her talons look today and oh Ista you have a  hunk of Quail on your beak..Oh my how embarrassing, thank you for telling me friend let me feak that right off….  Much better… you don’t mind if I  finish this quail while you clean do you> No no of course not Ista this is your home, I’m just the housekeeper, you can call me Alice if you like.. or Mr. Belvedere…..your wish is my command…  ok well all done pretty lady  thanks for letting me tidy  up , enjoy your quail and have a great day, I hope to see you again soon.  Next up…the Raven… not Rex the Educational  Raven in the Yurts up  front ( jmy wife’s   “friend)  but a new  Raven  that is supposed to become and educational  bird because it is imprinted on  humans so cannot be released… oh this guy  is a HOOT not  like an Owl HOOT but as in a prankster, practical Joker, so  I get my yuck bucket and my scrub bucket, my rake and the hose all “staged “ in the airlock, close the door behind me and open the door to  his flight… while I was “staging” my stuff he  knew what was going down, so he positioned himself (unbeknownst to me)  just above the  door opening into his flight….I walked in and he let  loose with a  nice  juicy one….  Mmm so that’s how we’re gonna play this huh? Aye-ite….nice one Score: Raven 1 Mikey Zip…. Ok so  do the walk through  pickin’ up “stuff”  and this guy is  chasing me around everywhere I go …very  curious and he has me laughing very hard…  I got the giggles now with this guy… he’s a hoping and flying jumping and jivin’…  all the “gunk”  is picked up and  I grab the  scrub bucket…. And start scrubbin’…he doesn’t like that.. .and decides to  take the brush from me…. he hops up on the  log that I’m scrubbing , hops over to me and with his beak he grabs the bristles of the  brush and  yanks it out of my hand! Nice one..Raven 2 Mike 0,  ok gimmee that back funny guy…so  I’m laughing my a$$ off  by this point I get the brush back and the Raven is still “stalking” me   everywhere I scrub…this raven isn’t that big really  about twice the size of your average crow, and he really is beautiful   so black that he  looks almost purple in the sun and  I don’t think  he ever “shut up” cawing and  screaming at me… so I continue  scrubbing with my new   buddy  “helping” like your 4 year old “helps” you fold laundry… or your puppy helps you  pull weeds in the garden….. the kind of  help  that really causes you extra work but you love it anyway… scrub scrub scrub hop hop peck , caw , ack ack, caw   peck  ouch, quit it, no… hey what are you doing?? I look  down at my thumb and see red… uh oh did this guy just draw blood?? Oh no it’s   squished up strawberry guts whew hahaha….peck and  WOW it’s gone…thanks for the  clean up on  aisle “mike”  raven … I continue with scrubbing and  he continues with  assaulting me….and I’m laughing and shooing  him off etc…. well  one of the leads walks by and sees him harassing me and say OH my…are you ok?  Oh yes I’m fine this is fun and hilarious…. Well we’ve heard about him  acting like this but we haven’t seen it yet… oh really I say and I turn towards her to  carry on the conversation with a “perch” behind my head and  I see her eyes flick over  my right shoulder and her face drop and the start of a warning when out of the blue I feel talons on the back of my head… uh oh… HEY GET OFF HIM  she screams as I reach up to remove the raven from my skull … he decides to jump  down to a perch and  proceeds to chomp my  ear a couple times HARD as I put hand up to bat him away from my  extra-large, and now bleeding ear   he proceeds to “bite” my arm and my hand and my arm and my ear and my hand ….Raven 50 Mike  Zip… In comes the lead  and grabs the rake  in the very hitchcockian scene, blood and raven  seemingly everywhere at once… she  demands  control, you WILL  OBEY LOL she’s a tiny little thing ( compared to me)   about 5’ 4”  maybe 105 soaking wet  and I’m guessing 25 years old at the most…. But a PISTOL ….and she verbally lays into that raven like he’s a  red headed step child!! So for the rest of the scrub down she “stands guard” …I tell her it’s OK I  can handle it,  but nope she wants to stay to teach the raven that it can’t  molest the volunteers….OK  so I go about my  business finish up scrubbing and  then I tell her seriously, now I have the hose and the rake that really I can handle this…..OK  well don’t let him get away with anything!  She says treat him like he’s  your kid and  you can spank him  hahaha… ok  so she takes off and leaves me alone with who I am now calling “Arthur” …..so I start hosing down the joint and  low and behold he loves the hose!!! He’s   playing in it just like my dog !! chasing the stream and trying to “drink from the fire hose” then I filled up his water bowl and he  decided it was  sh-bath time..(shower and bath all in one)  I’m trying to fill it up and he’s doing all he possible can to  empty it out he’s full on in it ducking his whole body  under then coming up and shaking like a wet doggie….all his feathers are  standing on end and he looks like a puffed up  pure black rooster!  With all I’ve done I probably had the biggest grin at this  playtime…I wrap that up and  lastly I have to rake  the gravel.. same stuff he hopped and yelled but respected the  rake and kept his  distance…  I’m giving myself a point for that one so I didn’t get skunked!! Raven 50 Mike 1. Well that was fun, seriously that WAS FUN!!! So Thank you “Arthur” for letting me clean your flight  and for  giving me a cool new  set of scars I love you!! Have a great day!!!  So with my cool new  wounds that will be  scars soon ( I see Scars as Tattoos with cooler stories)    I head out to  grab a quick break….check my  new look in the truck mirror and  snap a  pic of my ear and one of the  “nips” on my hand … super cool!!  Grab some  antiseptic  stuff from  medical (everyone  yelled at me and told me I had to disinfect it NOW LOL) clean myself up and  back to work!! What’s next on the list… ….Hey Mike are you doing anything t right now one of the leads says.. nope I say just  looking at the list to see what’s next…. OH well  since you’re trained now can you take care of Baxter?  The Bobcat?  SWEET um I mean  , yes I guess I can do that…grab his “chow”  which looks delectable to me..a  couple really nice looking steaks! Grab a  scrub bucket and a yuck bucket with an extra bag, a rake, the hose  and the key to his  enclosure.. Bax is  ready for me he’s just a big kitty kitty ..he’s purring so loud  it hurts me,  he’s  laying on his back squirming  and  sayin’  pppppppllllease rub my belly …oh you’re breaking my heart here Bax… I want to pet you so bad an just  rub your  ears and smooth your  whiskers back ..but I can’t  it’s not allowed  waaaaaahhhh I so want to  well I can’t so  let’s get busy…Ok Bax you have to go into the side  area through the Guillotine passage so I can get in the main enclosure and clean up  the place and put a mint on your pillow…  place the meat in the  side  area, now up with the guillotine, close one gate, open the other, close it behind..go around and  let Baxter in that area… oh you don’t really want to go in there? You just really want a belly  rub? I can’t Baxter, you eat your steaks.. please? I have to clean.. NO I DON’T WANNA  I WANT A BELLY RUB!!!  ..off I go to try to find someone  because I don’t know what to do at this point , he won’t go in  the side area for his  steak…..  and I can’t make him hahaha… no one to be found…well maybe  with me out of sight he  went  in there..so I sneeeeeeeaaaaak back  around the corner and  no Baxter to be seen….peek a little more, no Baxter… oh good he must be in with the steaks…  so hurry up to the fence to lower the guillotine and lock him in that side.. oh he’s not in there??!!?? What the heck  Baxter where are AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HOLY  S%$# OHMYGOSHOHMYGOSHOHMYGOSH ok BP is  through the roof heart rate is beating out of my chest  and I have  Bobcat  PAWS inches from BOTH Lungs… My goodness they are FAST!! He just wanted to play wiff me…. why did you scream like that Mikey?  So  Baxter was hiding in the corner under a  ledge  waiting on me hahaha when I got close to the fence BAM he was on me….  time to clean the  britches out  and  go get help!! Oh   Pistol  Leader LOL..   what do I do?   He won’t go  in the side area…  Oh he does that sometimes  and you  just have to give up… OH hells no I  don’t give up… it needs cleanin’ I’m   cleanin’ it one way or t’other…Ok  well let me see what he’s doing…  you go in that side  and I’ll  go in this side…  she walks in  and Baxter immediately  goes to his steaks, I lower the guillotine and  poof 2 seconds  he’s  where he needs to be and I can clean… HAHAHA  nice test Baxter…  did I pass?  I think so  because I came back for more and I didn’t give  up so  we’re even  Baxter 1 Mike 1,  whatever it’s my story  and I’m stickin’ to it!  The funny thing is once I got in to clean Baxter’s enclosure it wasn’t really that messy…  no poop that I could find ,  rake up some nasty  “marked” straw and some “secret squirreled” Chicken parts, fill up the water dishes , empty the pool, scrub it out and refill it…meanwhile Baxter is still not interested in the steaks,  he’s laying in wait for me under the  ledge in the side enclosure hoping  I’ll get close enough to the fence  for him to wrap his arms around me and give me a big ole bobcat hug…well  fool me once shame on you fool me  twice shame on me… and I don’t play shame on me very often Bax..so sorry….chalk another one for me ..Baxter 1 Mikey 2 w00t w00t…thanks Baxter for  finally letting me  clean your enclosure, have a great day, I wish I could stay and play but gotsta work…  I know all work and no play make Mikey a dull boy but it is what it is, but I suspect there are some folks that disagree about me being dull , Just sayin’… dense maybe but not dull ahaha……how did this report get to be longer than the “two day in a row report??”  oh well sorry   dear reader but there is more still….. plus photos and a video…. Ok so far we’ve had coon sex, Ear, hands  and arms bitten enough to bleed,  and given an MI ( Myocardial Infarction AKA Heart Attack or Coronary)  along with a full  load in the britches (not really , though I am rather “ripe” at this point)  time for something a weee bit less stressful…. The Yurts!! Let’s go talk to Rex the Raven  and the talking crows about  their cousin!!!  Off I go , hi Crows you guys sure look  great and not to messy this time..thanks for letting me clean have a nice day…   well howdy Rex, we need to chat….. ( seriously I talk to these guys)  you’re cousin  had it’s way with me …can you please have  a chat with him because while I personally thought it was a blast, I’m thinking that some young kid volunteer ( I think 15 is the youngest allowed) will NOT have a good time with that experience and we want our utes to appreciate and enjoy nature and the Wildones…thanks you’re a wise Raven, enjoying  your educational ambassadorship…ohh you want the hose? Sure and tell my gorgeous wife you said hi?  Well I can certainly do that I’ll even give her a smooch for you! Anything for you Rex…thanks for letting me clean up, you have yourself a great evening.. it’s now getting on in the day , nearly 5PM time to think about  the drive…Oh crap it’s an actual weekday….that means ugly , 3rd worst traffic in the nation rush hour evilness..oh well  so in I go to check out, say good bye to Bob..and the Ambulance pulls up.. I meet the lead “rescue tech”  a very calm cool and collected guy ,he’s got an injure Coyote in a carrier, we get it into medical  and I ask if I may stay and help…sure you can!! Well turns out this poor Coyote  was much to badly injured to  survive, she had head trauma, was completely blind in both eyes, emaciated and  covered  in mange, literally no fur, the poor  thing, breaks your heart. I know that people think Coyotes and Raccoons and Possums etc…are “varmints” and pests  but  they are Mother Nature’s children in my heart and mind, they are all beautiful and deserve a chance to live their lives, it’s mankind that is the  pest..sorry that’s how I feel  and this “journal” of mine is for  honesty and  something to share with my  grandkids maybe someday and help them appreciate nature  and the Wildones… anyway so we help the poor coyote on it’s way, and I dedicate it’s peaceful passing to a dear new friend. Well  I hate to leave on that note but it’s late and I have a brutal dive  facing me… so I’m  gonna pack it up and head out… thank you Coyote for letting me help release you from  your pain , enjoy the rainbow bridge and chasing happy bunnies forever… thank you Sarvey team fro allowing me to  help you help the Wildones…let’s hit the road… grab my frozen water from the freezer, wash up and  almost get in my truck..HEY MIKE..yes ma’am?  You  live way south right I sure do.. you wanna take a Coopers Hawk home and release it?   DUH would I ever…. Oh sure I can do that  no problem… (WOOHOO YIPPPPEEE another release and a bigger Raptor YESYESYESYESYES!!)  ok for this one you’ll need a permit, let’s go get that filled out… alrighty then.. paperwork in hand let’s go get the Cooper’s hawk, you mean the one I cleaned his flight earlier? Yep that’s the one, we have another that’s ready to move in so  it’s good that it’s clean…cool cool cool… ok grab the  Raptor net, a  towel and the carrier,  in we go the  Medical person that I ‘d just met  today and I , and she asks me have you ever caught a bird before, I said  Like a seasoned Veteran,  do Eagles, Osprey and Turkey Vultures count? Hahahaa  ye they count ok  so  she tries to get him with the net and  he  easily dodges her, goes to the corner of the  flight behind me on the ground and I think Jessie Owens took control of my body because the next thing I now I’m on top of  “Coop” with the towel and have  my hand on his back in the just right spot, I scoop him up and  wrap him into me  just like I was a pro what the heck? Instincts? A  born  Raptor Wrangler ? or just dumb luck?  I’ll let you be the judge… I don’t care hahaha I caught him and peacefully got him into the carrier , draped the towel over it  and  said, we got him, let’s   go J Ok here’s your permit  good luck! Thanks again Sarvey you all ROCK!! On the road again I go, I take the back roads out of there rather than the evil that is I-5…  I choose the back way , through Granite Falls with breathtaking views of  Mt. Pilchuck and the Cascade range, along Highway 92 past Machias and Lake Stevens, Snohomish  and Clearview, into Woodinville and  onto the  freeway… this whole time I have  that same  country music on the radio, not too loud  because I don’t wanna scare “Coop” and he’s doing fine with it… Until Garth Brooks comes on.. WHOA flapflapflapslamscrapesqueek,   Coops not happy, Coop doesn’t think Garth is legit…. As soon as  the song is over he calms down… hmm was it really Garth?  A little later another GB song comes on and sure enough  Coop  freaked again, it must be something  with his voice or  the music that I can’t hear but yep it’s definitely Garth LOL..Ok..so by now it’s  getting pretty late n the day  and I may be running out of daylight before I get home and I don’t want to release Coop in the dark… so I callmy wife and  beg her ( I didn’t have to beg, she would help me with anything anytime no questions asked, but for the sake of the story , I begged LOL) I  begged her to  meet me  at a place  about half way between where I was and home so we could release Coop to give him the best chance to  settle in for  his freedom….well that’s on video  found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYclEr9G7pU (copy and paste the link to your browser)  that tells  a much better story than I can…. Coop was  released  for D12 ( the 12th Eaglet from the Decorah Eagle Family  that was tragically killed by a power pole in  July of 2012)  and also fro my friend Boomer who had a rough experience at her volunteering  at a Raptor Rehab center in California.  Fly Free Coop,  thanks for letting us release you to release  part of me!!!

My wounds 🙂 Cool!!!

Meet “Coop”

I’m the Raptor Smoocher!!

Be Free Coop! Thank you for releasing ME!!

Coop is Free!

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