Thank You

Thank you,   Such simple words,   but said in the right place can do so much.. other times, times like   now they just don’t seem like enough to convey how much I appreciate what I have been given.

The Love and support from my truly amazing wife, the tissue & bone grafts from an organ donor, the   skilled medical care of trained surgeons and medical staff,  the love, prayers, positive thoughts, cards, flowers, gifts, and well wishes &  meals from friends, neighbors  and family, the flexibility and support from my   employer, the insurance coverage, the list goes on ….

I have so much appreciation for those things, I hope that I have conveyed my appreciation to   each of you that have touched me and my life in a meaningful way.   If not, please know that I’m forever grateful that you took time out to think of me.

For my wife,   Honey – there’s nothing I can say to thank you for all you have done and continue to do for me. I couldn’t have done this without you. I know this has been so hard on you, probably harder (though maybe not as physically painful) for you than it has for me. I am sorry, that’s my one regret with having this surgery is what it put you through. I hope you know that my love for you is humongous and that I hope I can be a better husband for you once I’m healed. Hopefully we’re on the downslope of this chapter and will be able to turn the page soon. Thank you for being by my side through it all. I love you , I love you, I love you mmmmmmmmmwwwwwah! (K) (L)(F)

For those of you that are organ donors ( like me) – Thank you – in conjunction with this   post, I am also writing a thank you letter to the family of the tissues and bone that I received as part of my operation.   It’s amazing how much of us can be used to save lives , to improve other’s lives after we are gone. If you aren’t a donor, please consider it. Without the   decision that was made prior to my donor’s death I wouldn’t have gotten the surgery ( I could have gotten it, but they would have had to harvest bone from my hip and the recovery would have been even longer).   So I’ll be writing a very heartfelt thank you to the family, they don’t tell you who they are, but they send you home with a form to fill out and send in to the administration of that “service”   who then sends that information on to the donor’s family. I think it’s   very important for me to do that piece as I want them to know that their family member left a legacy, that   persons selfless act made a real difference in my life and most likely many others. I hope someday that my family will get similar letters.

As for how my recovery is going, well   it’s going… I’ve had some complications and setbacks, mostly caused by my own   impatience… I made it home from the hospital as was in a haze for the first couple weeks but I still managed to walk ( too much) ..the instructions from the discharge were improperly interpreted by me.. it said to walk 1-2 hours a day…. What they meant was walk a little bit every 1-2 hours….   So I way overdid it… it was painful as all get out , though it helped me on my   weight loss goals…. I had an   episode of dogs jumping on my incision site as well that brought me to tears… I still love them, and they didn’t know any better… next – I was warned ( too late to back-out mind you!) that I may get a lot of drainage into my   testicles ( they said don’t be surprised if you get an EGGPLANT sized testicle or similar bruise in your thigh) …. YIKES…well thankfully none of those things happened… instead I got a large hematoma on   my incision site… we called the Doc and they made us come in… checked it out and said it was abnormal and   that I needed to use a heating pad and try to get it to get absorbed by my body and to add my aspirin back into my   medications to prevent blood clots, also to monitor it as they may have to go back in and remove it …ok   I’ll behave !!!   Thankfully it has since mostly dissipated , it was the size of a cantaloupe and is now the size of a peach… I did get permission to continuing walking the distances I have but that is it, no other activity.   Our latest scare, that I am still recovering ( hopefully?) from is a bad dream that sent me flying out of bed at 3AM … this was a week or so ago, and I landed hard on my bum… which in turn jarred everything very hard.. I woke poor Christy up with my screams…..that made for a very long night… I’ve had many sleepless nights due to the pain and not being able to find a position of comfort, but that one took the cake… We didn’t call the Doc on this one and   hope to find out at our next appointment if anything was damaged… I think I get an MRI at that appointment…

I can’t  recall the last  time   that  Pain brought me to tears…  even the Discogram  I talked about a couple of posts ago…  but so far  I’ve had 2 events actually  make me cry  tears from pain (and frustration)   with this  process…  I’m going to chalk those up to the meds  messing with my mind  rather than me just being a  total  wuss….

Then there was the episode of lawn mowing… yeah I knew better, but I felt ok…. Still turned out to be a really bad idea…I’m still paying for that… and a few other things that seemed like good ideas at the time….   Well I’m a slow, thick headed, impatient learner… .. but I’m learning……

So I’m following orders, and trying to behave and heal, it’s tough, and I still can’t sit at a desk for more than a few minutes,   I find it very frustrating to not be able to do simple things , anything that involves lifting, bending, twisting, pulling, pushing….etc etc… but time will pass and someday I’ll be wishing I was back here in this moment… I’m trying to get better, or at least functional   so I can get back to work, get back to things I enjoy, get back to living….. hopefully by my next appointment in a couple weeks I’ll be doing better and get some restrictions lifted… until then, I need to remember all the reasons to be thankful that I listed above and just focus on the healin’….

Until then my friends, THANKS  &  As always:

Stay Safe, Be Kind, Keep the Park Clean, Pay it forward, Make a Difference and One Love –


2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. My Love… Thank you for loving me. I will always be by your side no matter what. In sickness and in health right? We are a team and the best team if I do say so my self. I do know that you WILL heal and things will get back to “normal” (if there is a normal 😉 ) I also thank the person that gave you the bones for your surgery. I, like you am also an organ donor and wish everyone would be. You never know what could help to save another. I look forward to the next follow up appointment and hope that you get the green light for a few things. I know this is hard for you to not do anything but right now, you have to follow orders 😉 I love you more than anything and I don’t know what I would do without you… I love you! I love you! I love you!!! mmmwwwaaahhhh (k)(f)(l)

  2. Oh Mikey…what can I say?? You are a MAN…I KNEW…going into this that you wouldn’t follow doctors orders ( although mowing the lawn is NOT something I would have expected!!!! SMH). I am just grateful that you are healing and looking forward to getting back to “normal”. I am grateful to Christy for loving you and for being such a loving and caring “nurse”…and to all of those close to you that I know have been there for you and for Christy. It’s times like these that we learn how much we NEED others….and I know that you have lots of “others” who love you and care about you!!! I just wish I lived closed enough to have brought in meals or even mowed your lawn!!! 🙂
    You continue to heal, continue to “behave” and look forward to the days when you can get back out there and do just whatever your heart desires!!!
    Take care…you are loved!!!

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