The Birds and the Bees….

Talking ‘bout the birds and the bees….and the flowers and the trees and the moon up above and a thing called….. LOVE….. Yep  folks, today we’re  talking about the  taboo subject:  The Birds and the Bees!!!!!

There once was a   little bumblebee who didn’t know what  flowers were, or where to get nectar to make food,  or the pollen to fed the baby bees,or even  the propolis to  patch up the hive….    but the worker bee  was under strict orders to bring back nectar with which to make honey… without the proper training and education the bumblebee didn’t know what to do!! It was in a quandary ..   the poor little bumblebee had overslept on nectar gathering day… but it knew what it tasted like,,  during it’s   training in depositing the nectar into a cell and sealing it up… ( just the sealing up part,  it got a taste)… well off it flew to  try to  figure it out…..around and around it flew,  testing leaves and grass and other things but it just couldn’t find anything as sweet as what it tasted during the sealing the cell class…… there  were other bees it saw   but they all chased it away or called  it names…. so, tired and a little scared to go home without having anything to show for it’s long day, the bumblebee took a break on a red thing hanging over some grass it tested earlier…While taking the rest it said to itself, whew it’s hot and I’ve been flying for hours… oh look there’s a drop of water… sip, sip… wait a second…. That’s not water!! It’s…..   almost….. the same taste as that nectar!! I think I have found it!!!!! Re-invigorated,  the bumblebee   drank deeply, and flew off to it’s hive to share the grand news of the unending fountain of nectar it had found… the other bees just scoffed at it and said “you silly bee, there’s no way YOU found nectar… you don’t even know what a flower is”..Bumblebee1

“A what?” said the bumble bee… “exactly” said his   hive-mates….. now get lost, we’re busy bees!

The bee deposited it’s nectar in a cell far away from the others and sealed it off thinking, gees mean bees,   this will never get used but I want to save it anyway just in case…….

Done with it’s task it flew back where it only knew to go since none of its “so called friends” would help it… the big red tasty thing..   except when he got there, there was stranger danger!!!!  A  giant  bird was  there with a  bill  like a sword!!   The Bumblebee was scared, but knew it had a  secret weapon if needed… so  onward to the Nectar!!!!

Meanwhile at the  Feeder…..

The male rufous hummingbird was casually sipping the sweet nectar from the feeder that the nice,  tall pretty, moving flowers   (that don’t taste very good), put out for it… nom nom buzz hum, nom nom…   good stuff….Male Rufous


When out of the clear blue sky   this bumblebee shows up…..   “Hey, Bumblebee, whatcha doing at my feeder?” the bumblebee, not understanding what the hummingbird was saying was a little scared .. um is this thing going to eat me it thought? It took a look through it’s 5 eyes  and said, well if today is my day to die so bee it ….buzz off  bird! I’ve got work to do! I  don’t want to have to sting you,  because I will die.. but I have to get this nectar back to feed the next generation and the  other bees in my hive… so back off bub…..  The Hummer just heard  bzzzz bzzz bzzzzz BZZZZ and thought the bee was a bit of a snob ignoring him and all, but gave him the benefit of the doubt and thought to himself , maybee the bee is deaf… or doesn’t speaka  my language…    and there’s plenty of nectar to share , there are 6 of these  sweet juice boxes, and  lots of  flower things and   they are   always   fresh so I can share……( Little  did the Bee know that it was dealing with the Feistiest  Hummingbird species in North America  that willl  hardly ever share with others!!)

So the Hummer sat at one port, the bee at another and they shared peacefully the sweet nectar. When both had their fill , they parted ways peacefully, the bee back to his hive to fill a cell and the hummer to who knows where…Both thinking hmmm  I think we can all get along and share!

?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ?????????? ??????????

Back and forth  the  hummer and the bee  came and went  doing what they do…..

Late in the day, the hard working , no matter what classes the bee missed, dedicated to it’s mission the bee came back for more.. only this time a female rufous was there… uh oh,   thought the bee, I wonder if she will eat me? Or if I can trust all these  types of birds?   Well, Thankfully she had gotten the scoop on the deaf/non hummer speaking  bee from her mate and knew to share with the bee… so they  both  filled up and went their separate ways.



Eventually the bee, exhausted from so many trips and cells filled   decided to rest up … while he was resting, one of his hive mates came over and decided to try this swill that the uneducated bee had filled…. “ Well I’ll bee , this stuff isn’t half bad! It’s not the bees knees, but it will get us through some lean times”.. he woke up it’s  hivemate and told it  that it had done well,  even without the proper training!  “You  have the instincts to make it as a real worker bee!!” The uneducated bee was sure to never miss class again, and to continue to grow and increase it’s responsibilities in the hive… soon it was promoted to cleaning and feeding the babies , building comb and cooling the hive… then one day the Queen bee called for it… come to me my child…. “Yes my Queen? How may I serve you?”   “You have overcome many obstacles in your life in this hive, some were your own fault, but you took   responsibility and ownership to  learn on your own and the courage to go with your instincts even when others doubted you”… “Thank you my Queen, it has been my honor to serve the hive”.. The Queen motioned the worker over   and whispered in it’s ear “ its time you reaped the rewards of all your hard work. You shall, for the rest of your life bee my sole feeder. You and you alone, will provide me with the royal jelly”… “But my Queen, that is the highest honor a worker bee can ever  dream of”. “I know my child, you have earned it and I am proud of you”… all of the Hive celebrated the new Royal Jelly bearer and   had a special dance that day for that one bee that went outside the hive and made the effort to try something new….

Meanwhile the Hummingbirds are still sharing the feeders with the bees, and they have determined that all bees are deaf or at least not able to learn their language, but they accept them as they are without judgement. ………..

And they all  lived happily ever after…


Alternate ending….

And they all  lived   that way for a little bit  until   some  dumb human decided to use  Neonicotinoid Insecticides  and  killed off all the bees and  then the flowers and  fruits and vegetables didn’t come back , and the humans  suffered  and fought over what little  food there was  until there wasn’t enough for everyone,  which started a thermonuclear war and everyone on earth died.. except for  a few like Mad Max…  but that’s another story  for another time..

THE other END

I’ll let you all   decide what  morals can be taken from this story….  until next time my friends, as always:

 Stay Safe, Be Kind, Keep the Park Clean, Pay it forward, Make a Difference and One Love 



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