The  Real Seven Year Itch

Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary and National Eagle Day 😉  darling. I love you.  Are you itchy?  Is it from the bugs I keep? or the thought of  earwigs? Fleas and ticks?  nettles?  For the record I’m not itchy  but if you have one, I’m happy to scratch it anytime, why?  because I love you!They say opposites attract but honey, we aren’t opposites and yet here we are  attracted to each other, go figure!   We do have some very stark differences: Our  feelings about throw pillows, how often sheets need changed, painting of bricks, how warm the house should be are a few,   but we have  some  real similarities as well.
Since I used  Stark in the last sentence   we both love  GoT that’s a similarity 😉 more importantly  though, we  both  love to help others  either via donation or  service and support  to animals, to people, to random strangers, to  veterans, it doesn’t matter  the cause or the person or critter we like to give via  random acts  or planned  charity, walks and climbs etc…. and I love that about us!  I really hope we do get to start our dream of a charity someday.  We love nature, we love our friends and family  – that includes our critters,  and our  Seahawks and Nascar( Well I love  Nascar, you Love Jr & Mikey) , we  love love, I mean who doesn’t love love? One love!  There are  many things similar, but  many things different as well, that keeps it spicy and interesting,   we  make it through with love, support, understanding,  mutual respect and even sometimes the agreement to disagree. One thing I love is that we don’t fight… that takes  both of us and  I know it can’t always be easy with me! But from my side, you make it easy  and I love you for it!  I love being  the Grandpa to your  Glam-ma!

My  gifts for you this year,  of course  you’ll probably get flowers and candy  (sorry I like candy! )   I also got you an Onyx  bracelet  and a “Certified”  Aran Wool sweater with marriage lines. Sounds strange?  Well  Here’s  why:

The traditional  gifts for   7th  year of marriage, are  Onyx and Wool…   maybe the wool  is  the real reason  they  call it the 7 year itch!  Because I know  that I do not have the “itch” that the movie or society implies with  that phrase my dear.

The Bracelet – Onyx  is  worn to defend against negativity, and while  we don’t  have that in our relationship,  It is the traditional gemstone for 7 years of marriage so I’m giving it to you to protect you out in the world when we are apart and for when I am working on my truck or complaining about my aching back  😉   Keep it positive like our love and marriage ( goes together like an horse and carriage…this I tell ya  brother.. you can’t have one without….other…  enjoy the earworm)

The Sweater – I’m  guessing, 99.99999% sure  that you don’t have that 7 year itch…  so  I’m going to give you one! With wool LOL…   seriously though the Aran wool is handcrafted with  marriage lines to signify the ups and downs of  marriage,   the only downs we have are shared downs with bad news or  disappointments  but we’re there for each other  always and  we share all of our ups and downs.  Wool is also known for producing heat and  represents   warmth, comfort, safety  and security , those are things that  we both provide for each other and  the sweater will be a reminder of that for you for as long as you have it.

I love you honey and I  am very thankful to have your love and support for the last 13 years , especially the last 7 in  marriage and I look forward to many, many more.  I  will continue to  do my best to make sure you never have to touch a door handle when I am around!  I love you , I love you, I love you my love of a lifetime.

Your loving Husband.


(K)(L)(F) Mwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh XOXOXO

love1 lovin you

3 thoughts on “The  Real Seven Year Itch

  1. Oh honey I love you so much!! Thank you for this and thank you for being my best friend. I don’t have any “itch” but May when I wear the sweater. You are absolutely the best and we are lucky to have the love we have!!!! Xoxo

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