The Secret of NIMH’s Truck (An F-150 Tail)

I have been sharing my truck with  mice.  We live in the country, We have bird feeders. Mice are part of the deal.  We don’t use any poisons. Poison  kills other  wildlife besides the  target species ( owls, hawks, raccoon, possum, any  critter that eats the poisoned animal or the poison itself!)  we don’t use  glue traps because they are  extremely inhumane,  torturing any animal  is  wrong.   I use peppermint oil sprayed in  the shed  and  snap traps under the house as  we do have to have some boundaries but they need to be fast and  deadly and targeting only the rodents and inaccessible to any other animal. The peppermint oil is expensive  but it is effective, I’ve tried other organic  sprays (nasty smelling stuff….peppers and fox pee)  and little  baggies of stuff that really didn’t work  but smelled ok, along with some other  organic options. I even use some  live traps and  released the captured rodents  out in the woods.

Christy’s car had to go into the shop because a rat/mouse had  made a very nice nest in her heater fan.  So we used  peppermint oil  sprayed in her engine compartment to keep them out of there. It seems that worked but  they have since migrated to my truck.  I found this out when I went to get my sunglasses from the overhead  compartment. A very small compartment in the ceiling between the  front seats. The last place I’d expect mice to hang out…

We’re in the  truck (she rarely   goes in my truck,  I will admit it’s  not really fit for a lady or many other folk)  I’m driving to the airport to pick up Suk, I opened the compartment and out fell  my warranty  paperwork  – Shredded along with  pieces of the case (a velvet type bag) for my sunglasses, cracked corn and peanut shells.  I was  thinking next a mouse would come jumping out!  Thankfully that didn’t happen, so I  took my sunglasses out and  went to put them on ( hey don’t judge me, it  was bright!)  Christy was  a bit grossed out, but whatever, I am who I am… they are  clean country mice  hahaha… I put them on and  realize they had chewed off one of the nose grip thingys.  hmm oh well they still work.   I’ll just  not keep them in there anymore and  we can all live in peace and share the truck.


I keep  bird seed and peanuts in the back seat, for feeding the birds out of the bed of the truck  when I am at work, so I can’t blame the mice for wanting to live in my sweet ride, a 13 year old ford F-150.  I guess I could have completely cleaned out the truck and  put peppermint oil in the  engine bay and  something else inside ,  snap traps or something to get rid of them, but  I didn’t.  Though they  seem to have a nest or something  in one of the vents, I just turned that one off.. and called it good.  ( I know, I know.. this is a terrible idea.. I just thought I’d  try the co-exist thing full on with my old  truck.)  I was  hoping that with the abundance of  food that  the wires and “stuff” would be safe.  Maybe it would turn out to be  their safe place  and I could name him  Fivel or Stuart or even Mickey. We’d have an arrangement,  a  driving buddy. I’d help the mouse family  and teach them things like they did at NIMH….  Yeah whatever… I’m a dreamer I know.

We’ve had  record heat (mid to upper 90s)  in the Pacific Northwest for  the past week.  My truck was parked  Friday night  through  Tuesday  early morning.   At some point  during that time frame, I do not know what happened, but it seems that a mouse,  who called my truck  home and  nibbled on my  sunglasses  has perished… somewhere…… the truck…  it’s not just a feeling that I have.  I  opened the door to head to work at  0530 on Tuesday morning.  I  was overcome with the smell  that many  of you may  be familiar with,  the smell of warm, days old dead mammal.  I do not have an alternate means of transportation.  Tuesday the  record temps were gone and we were back to  the 50s.  I  tried turning on the heater, so I could  drive with the windows down and hope that I don’t smell like a   dead  rodent when I get to work, but that was not to be (well not sure if I smelled or not but no one said anything…)  the heater just made the  smell worse.   Maybe it was just the  circle of life and it died of natural causes,  all the electrical works  hopefully not because his/her body is keeping the circuit  connected…   It’s obvious though that there are more than  just the one.  I went to let Christy experience the smell and it wasn’t too strong any more, she says “it smells like it always does” .. great thanks honey  haha.. the smell has reduced quite a bit, but  the truck is turned off, so I think it’s somewhere towards the front  of the firewall  and as the wind of the road hits it , is  pushed into the cab. But, as I went to let her experience the  joy of scent, I again opened the  sunglasses compartment , low and behold there’s a  fresh new nest in there…  Yay!  My friends stayed even though one of them has died.

Christy says I need a new truck, she’s been saying that for  about 6 or 8 years now though.. I don’t want  a new truck. I love  my truck and I  love wildlife…  oh and I hate car payments and increased insurance premiums..  so,  it looks like I will be spending most of Saturday morning watching youtube videos on  how to tear out the dash & overhead of an F-150,  searching for the body  and then rest of the day or Sunday   trying to put it back together with, hopefully  not too many leftover parts..  I’m thinking my truck will  soon smell strongly of  peppermint……wish me luck!

As always  friends,

Stay Safe, Be Kind, Keep the Park Clean, Pay it forward, Make a Difference and One Love  –


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  1. Really did lol. Scott has mouse and mouse nest stories, too. They seem to like our lawnmower and tractor engines. But those are stories for another day. Ahh life in the country. I guess chewed up corn husks are better than important vehicle paperwork!

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