Walls – 9/11/14

9/11/14 –   Thirteen years gone by … unbelievable that it’s been 13 years…. It’s become a   bit of a “tradition” for me to write a blog post for this day…. If you count 2 posts a tradition…..

Here are links to the previous posts, though I don’t claim to have re-read them in some time and I seriously doubt they are what many would claim as well written or even good reads, but they are mine and I know whatever I was feeling at the time is included within them, they have a “Bruce Springsteen Theme” …. Why?   For a few reasons 1. To me he is the musical embodiment of the region that was hit the hardest   2. He wrote an album, “The Rising” that touched me deeply after the events of that day. 3. He’s my all time favorite singer/songwriter and a hero to me with his passion for making a real difference in the world, his ability to paint a picture with words and music is phenomenal.   His skill in   seeing life from the perspective of the “common” man is impeccable. I don’t agree with   all his views, and politics, religion etc…   but that doesn’t matter…. And that’s main point of this post…… And lastly, his son is a volunteer firefighter (He earned it not handed to him!!)


Here are my previous 9/11 posts.

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This year, the 13th anniversary,   we are once again (still) threatened by terrorists,   the current threat – ISIS/ISIL along with a thousand other organizations… and while they are   HUGE threats to our security and are a scourge upon the earth,   I believe the bigger threat to our freedoms, our nation are the deep divides we have within the borders of the United States of America.

It breaks my heart to see us, a nation divided along political, religious, class and racial lines, still to this day…    BUT, when we have strong leadership these things fade, we band together as American’s. Our government is currently failing us, but we in turn are failing OUR country…

Take a step back in time with me….. past September 11th, 2011, 2001, past the Gulf Wars, past the Cold war… walk with me back to the Vietnam Era… prior to our involvement in the war ( Yes I do  consider it a war, even if undeclared) , we were on the upswing of unifying our nation. Segregation was going away, leaders like JFK, Rosa Parks, Lyndon Johnson, Malcom X and Dr. Martin Luther King were joining together , different religions, different races, different politics, different but   mutually respecting the fact that we are Americans and   that MEANT something… today? What does it mean to YOU?   What does being an American MEAN TO YOU? Is it a sense of entitlement? It seems to me that many take it that way… that they’re entitled something… some sense of respect that frankly they probably haven’t earned…. Your Forefathers earned that. But what are we doing with it?  Lately   well   I’d say some are supporting a divided , deeply divided, embarrassing government. We are propagating hate and division along so many lines…

Is America beyond repair? NO,  DAMNIT,  NOT WHILE I STILL LIVE… NOT WHILE I STILL HAVE A VOTE… you can complain, you can whine, you can  sit and armchair quarterback, bitch and moan about everything under the sun…. Or you  can do something about it….  words  don’t mean  crap  without  actions to back them up….

I believe you should  get out and vote..  but not blindly….. forget your “parties” … Democrat, Republican, Tea, Socialist, Independent, Liberal… FORGET THEM  ALL….. Forget your religions (too many to list!) vote as an AMERICAN!!! MEET your local candidates, it all starts   locally people… email, call, write a letter, act locally and put your party and religious   ideals aside just for a conversation…a  conversation about   America… look   your local candidates in the eye as they shake your hand and ask for your vote… the eyes tell you so much, look into their souls with yours and see where their heart is…if they have one… ask the hard questions for your local issues… If you don’t know your local issues, what business do you have talking about the larger issues? It starts at home.… one of my favorite quotes that I have seen proven first hand: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead.    So start locally and work your way up from there.  Our differences  as  Americans   are what make  us  strong, but too often we   allow those differences  to divide us… we need to embrace all  views and  beliefs   within  reason of course…   the  things we  cannot tolerate are  extremism on any level …except  Extremely  Passionate  American values in  Truth, Justice and the American  way –   the melting pot where  we  respect freedom and all have equal opportunity to  those  most  basic tenets of our  society – Life, Liberty and the  pursuit of happiness.  All those  start in your heart and at  home…

If you get the chance, talk to the next level up… or better yet, run for office, I did once and won… it was many years ago, and I believe that I did make a difference, sadly I resigned because I wasn’t mature enough then to deal with the negative people, I wasn’t  tough  skinned enough to deal  with the criticism and personal attacks  or the slow wheels of government… but what about you? If you’re able and truly want change fight for it… don’t take us back in time… move us forward at the very least do it with your vote.. your   TRUE vote YOUR VOTE not the vote of your church, or your party but of your heart… let’s all commit to doing OUR PART to take our country forward…. We have too many walls figuratively and literally…. Don’t let   heroic and AMERICAN acts immediately following 9/11/01 be the last time that our Nation was United… be the change….

What day is better to make that commitment to YOUR country than today, Patriot Day – 9/11/14?

Getting back to  those older days and walls… we have so many walls, Korea, Vietnam, firefighters walls, Law Enforcement walls, walls for so many sacrifices… but we also have invisible walls…. We NEED the memorial walls to remember those lost,    those who sacrificed, some knowing and willingly some completely innocent victims. We NEED those walls….. We DON’T need the invisible ones… tear them down…. Only you can… there’s no one else to tear down those walls for you…. Reach across the aisle, the pew the country and come together as Americans.

I’ll leave you with a song , Bruce of course, off his latest album – “High Hopes”   – because that is what I have for us all, High Hopes & High expectations!

This song is called “The Wall”  I think you’ll get the meaning….. here are the Lyrics:

Cigarettes and a bottle of beer, this poem that I wrote for you
This black stone and these hard tears are all I got left now of you
I remember you in your Marine uniform laughing, laughing at your ship out party
I read Robert McNamara says he’s sorry

Your high boots and striped t-shirt, ah, Billy you looked so bad
Yeah you and your rock and roll band, you were the best thing this shit town ever had
Now the men that put you here eat with their families in rich dining halls
And apology and forgiveness got no place here at all, here at the wall

Well I’m sorry I missed you last year, I couldn’t find no one to drive me
If your eyes could cut through that black stone, tell me would they recognize me
For the living time it must be served as the day goes on
Cigarettes and a bottle of beer, skin on black stone

On the ground dog tags and wreaths of flowers, with the ribbons red as the blood
Red as the blood you spilled in the Central Highlands mud
Limousines rush down Pennsylvania Avenue, rustling the leaves as they fall
And apology and forgiveness got no place here at all, here at the wall

This video – not done by me, is the song with the lyrics and  other powerful images to remind us all that we don’t want any more walls….


Friends and  Fellow Americans,  Remember 9/11/01 and the days, months and years following where we came together as Americans… and let’s get back there on our own, without some damn terrorist group forcing us to….

Until  Next time,

Stay Safe, Be Kind, Keep the Park Clean, Pay it forward, Make a Difference and One Love – http://wp.me/p2RcFA-3Z



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