Welcome to my Ramblin’s ….

Welcome to My  Ramblings……..I use (dot dot dot) ….a lot……. there’s a  story for that somewhere around here….  the most recent posts are at the top , so if you’re new to my ramblin’s  you may want to start at the bottom.  I also  “publish” them on the  day the events occured  and  not in the order they were  written  so  that there is a  proper “flow” …..if you’re here and  reading this  do me a  giant  favor – These are things that I always  want you to think about  or do for me:   Stay Safe, Pay it Forward , be kind to each other and respect all, “do your job and keep the park clean” and One Love. I hope you enjoy my  ramblings, but even if  you don’t,  I  truly value your opinions and  welcome comments,  feedback, constructive criticism, opposing views ( to a point, this is my blog after all but I respect you)  WELCOME, ENJOY  and  try not to  fall asleep on your keyboard or tablet  the drool tends to  ruin them…. feel free to share this  blog or any of  it’s posts with your  friends and families…if you want to subscribe ( stroke my  ego)   to get updates  just put your  email in the  box  over  there ——->


**Please note these ramblings are my personal thoughts and opinions, they don’t  represent ANY of the  companies I work for  OR  volunteer with!! They are mine and mine alone -** “Everything here may be wrong!”

be so kind as to tell me what you think... good or "constructive" is appreciated... and if you have suggestions for topics.