Who’s got most of two thumbs and is a robin, raccoon and raptor [w]rangler? Yep…this guy…. now here’s a story!!

Where do I begin….. to tell the story of  how  great a  day can be….the really  true story of the Eeee’s and me…. 🙂 ok  I’m  now dating myself with that movie/song reference, I hope  you all picked up on that… in case it’s not  ringing a bell  let me  remind you…  it’s from  “Love Story”  a 1970 movie  starring Ryan O’Neal and Ali McGraw… good movie. I picked it  for the  opening line but also because  the name of the  Movie/Song  had the word  “Story” in it….  Because that’s what this “episode” is about for me.  It’s about stories… I have a good friend, James Hersey  who can  tell a story like no  other, it’s an art form.  I don’t have that gift, but I can listen to his stories all day without getting bored, even if I’ve heard them before.  I admire that ability, it truly is an art form as old as time, predating the written word I suspect…  I’ve  always told my kids,  it’s about the  Journey,  it’s about  the  experience…not just the  end result…  without that journey, without the experiences to get the results  you wouldn’t have a story……James  has  definitely enjoyed his  journey so far and I’m  very thankful to  be a part of that… I don’t know when I first realized that I love “stories”  but I suspect it was  very, very young…. I remember 2nd grade and  my  teacher, Mrs. Barefoot  giving me an award for  reading , because I used the word  “Dilapidated”  in a  sentence because I’d read it in a book…. I’ve always been an  avid reader…  as are both of  my Parents, Thanks Mom ( Valerie Neagle)  and Dad (Ron Cunningham) for  passing on the  “I love a great story” gene.  If I haven’t mentioned it I’m a “story” buff…. Spoken word stories,  written stories,  and musical stories…for me it’s  got to tell a story for it to mean something to me. The story in musical form  can be the lyrics , just instrumental or  both…I have extremely  odd “Taste” in music but that’s   because for  me it’s about the story….from  ALL  of Bruce  Springsteen’s  songs  to  Les Mis,  Barry Manilow  to Metallica, Elvis to Hank Sr. and Jr, the 1812 Overture to She’s a Grand old flag, Bag pipes and drums  to Jimmy Buffet, they all tell  me  stories… So let’s   get this  party started huh…. Let’s  skip forward  to Saturday 8/18/12….My wife, my son and our friends James and Shawnene  went to the  Kiss and Motely Crue concert at the  White  River amphitheater,  it was a great show! Well  when your  wife throws out her back from  dancing in the confines of our  seating area, when your seat was only used to “hold your stuff” and not your butt,  when your hands,  arms, legs and neck hurt the next day from  clapping, fist pumping, air guitarring and  head banging,   when  your voice and your hearing are  gone for  2 days afterwards you KNOW it was a good show J  I grew up listening to  8 tracks  of Kenny Rogers,  Elvis and the Village People…. And my parents  45 RPM  records of  Elvis,  the Beatles,  Neil Sedaka, the Beach boys, Jan and Dean etc…  my own  very 1st  33 1/3 vinyl album was  “KISS –Destroyer”  in 1976 it was their  4th studio album and  it  told my young  mind  stories….  For the show this past weekend KISS kicked off their set with  Detroit Rock City ,  the first song off of Destroyer… and ..yep imagine that,  it tells a story of a Musician  who drives to  fast, drinking and smoking who dies in a head on  collision, it’s a 1st hand  account of a   deadly  car wreck.. hmmm  that sounds like a call that a Firefighter would go to….  Interesting..  anyway  it was a  great show as I mentioned and  the only thing that would have made it better was if the other two people that were SUPPOSED to  go had been able to,  our son Tyler and  my BFF Daron..  oh well they missed a killer show… the show got over  around 11:30  and we got home around 1AM ( even though the venue is only 20 miles from home LOL), bed around 2 ish…. Then up at  7 to head to Sarvey for the day for me!!!! So tired, sore,  deaf and gravelly voiced,  I’m still  totally excited to  make the 90 minute drive and  go  do some hot dirty work!! Ok  Coffee and shower, hit Safeway and load up on  the “sale”  meats and fish, paper towels and bleach ( remember I told them I’d never show up empty handed,  and I learned  very  young to  say what you mean and mean what you say!)  and hit the road!   My music on the way  up was  Jimmy Buffet and  Gordon Lightfoot,  great story tellers!! So  I had the tunes telling me stories, I’m singing along in my  new  cool low morning, gravelly just went to a concert voice that sounds nothing like me ( so it must  be good right LOL) …enjoying the misty  morning drive to Sarvey.  As soon as I arrive, the  misting stops, the clouds part and the  sun comes out and the temp  goes up from 65  to 75 in  about 10 minutes LOL thanks Mom Nature…. You know how to help a fella  lose weight 🙂  I sign in  and say hi to everyone ( there were only about 5 people there today)   the Shift lead says “Hi Mike,  I was pleasantly  surprised to  hear you were coming, I thought you were only doing once a month”, my response,  that was a  minimum number 🙂  I can’t  stay away I LOVE it here!!   There’s  some foreshadowing for ya….  (one of those Story  terms again…).  Another  gal  that was there on our last visit, a  vet student from  the UW semi-sarcastically says “Hi Mike sorry to  tell ya but someone has  already cleaned  the raccoon  pens today, sorry “ LOL was it that obvious  last time….haha…. Greetings and salutations complete it’s time to get dirty!! Unload my truck, meat  and fish in the  freezer,  paper towels are needed badly  they were completely out!! ( if can donate to Sarvey , please do!! They need supplies constantly!!) – http://www.sarveywildlife.org/  Time to check the “to do list”  and see what needs done!  Ah my  Peregrine  flight from  last time is in need of cleaning,  I learned that she is an educational  Raptor, so  I can talk to her while I clean this time,  her name is Ista (pronounced  Ish-tah)   so I’m  cleaning her flight already sweating my  butt off  picking up parts and  feathers… I find  some pretty fresh  quail “parts”  including a breast … that looks  like it is  very fresh  so I  put it up on a perch for her…oooh she’s my friend now 🙂 no more dive bombs for this guy!  She  flew right over to it and  started chowing while I cleaned….amazing to  watch and HEAR a falcon  eat about a foot away !!! so I’m almost complete with her flight and  Olivia  comes out and   casually  says  “hey Mike would you  want to help me  catch and weigh some Eagles?”   My jaw hit the  dirt…. I was speechless, floored, flabbergasted and flummoxed  all at the same time… was this a joke?  A twisted  new guy hazing? She’s gotta be kidding right?  I said that…You’re  kidding right?  Nope not kidding, they need to be weighed  it’s been a long time and we need some muscle…. HECK YES I  want to  help  wrangle  Eagles!!! Ok  she says, I’ll be inside, come find me when you’re  ready…. Well,  I had to table my  excitement and finish up cleaning Ista’s  flight…  I doubt I’ve ever  rolled hose and  taken out garbage so quick in my life and I’ve done some pretty  fast hose rollin’ at 3AM after a fire let me tell ya… so  I wrap it up and   the  Raptor Gods  decide to  cool me off and teach me a lesson before I  go find Olivia….  I’m putting my stuff away and  I  drop the hose…. Well it’s  got the old school garden nozzle, you know the  metal one with the screw on the back to  tighten the stream or  create a  fog….it lands  perfectly on it’s   trigger handle…. And  locks on aimed directly at my back… NAILED…. I ended up  doing that  at least 3 times to myself and once to someone else on this day…  but more on that later… (that’s a  cliff hanger  in my story to  make you keep reading) …so   who wants  to wrangle  some Eagles?? That’s what I thought… so  Olivia  gives me the  verbal run down on what we’re going to do…. Here’s the “spiel”   ok  so  we get bed sheets , not white  we don’t want them to be able to see through it…we go into  their flight  (roughly the size of a football field), hold up our sheets, get them  into a  corner… make sure all your movements are slow, then when  you have them on  the ground, put the sheet over them, be sure to get it over their head…then place you hand firmly on their back, reach under them  and  grab their  legs just above their  talons  at the ankle,  then fold their wings in a gently pick them up and carry them out of the  flight  and into the med center to weigh them….ok got it… so we grab our  sheets and head out there…. As we open the  1st  of the “airlock”  doors to the flight she turns to me and says I’ve only done this once so  this may be interesting…. WHAT?!?! Hahahahaha she wasn’t  kidding!! They don’t weigh them  that often as it’s a  pretty stressful event for them as you can imagine,  so  typically  they only do it when they move them from  one flight to the next  on their rehab progression to larger and larger flights.. and then again before release or their next  stage in  life…  so in this  football field  sized flight  that is about 50 feet  high as well  we have an Osprey, 2 Juvenile Bald Eagles  ( at least 1 year old so full grown), an adult  Bald Eagle and a turkey  vulture.  We have to catch them all one at a time  and get them in to get weighed… so  Olivia  deftly  snags the adult  Bald Eagle ( he only has 1 and a half wings so  can’t fly)  we get him in an weighed, then I learn the  “How to release a Raptor”  lesson…. Get their head out of the sheet so they can see where they are and where they want to go,  then gently set them down  without getting bitten and  unwrap the sheet and set them free ( in the flight not free free yet….another cliff hanger? Maybe you just have to keep  on reading now dontcha….) Olivia then grabs the  Osprey , he was not happy  about it….but we got him, he continued to hiss at us the rest of the “event”….ok it’s my turn…. whichever we can get  of the 2 Juvies… of course it’s the biggest…a 12lb+ female… just  gorgeous!! ( all of the  Raptors are amazingly  beautiful and majestic, but after watching the Decorah Eagles from the RRP I have an amazing respect for this particular species… I know what their  beaks and  their talons are capable of!!! if you’ve never see an Eagle up close, go to your local zoo and take a  close look at their talons and beaks… serious  weaponry!!  Oh and did I mention we don’t have gloves or anything on….you  can’t really do this with gloves because  you have to be able to get a good grip on their ankles and  feel what/where you are holding  them…  so back to my turn…. so of course the Juvies can fly very well and are  flying all over the fight and hanging from the  netting  50 ft. up…. We slowly and  carefully go  from end to end trying to get them  down… finally the big gal (the Eagle not Olivia, she’s a  tall thin gal) takes off  to  land on  a perch  and misses… she lands on  the ground and is about to  take off again so   to put it buntly , screw  slow and quiet… time to POUNCE!! I’m on her in a flash  but   I already  made  mistake #1…. I didn’t get her head covered  completely and she was able to get her head clear and was NOT pleased with me …. But I can’t  let go to get her head covered because then she would probably get me with her talons… so grab a bunch of sheet in my teeth and kind of fling the sheet over her head… ok  that worked whew!!  Now hand firmly on her back,  grab the ankles , fold her wings in and ok I’m ready to go up …  up  I stand and get  a huge  head rush lol… tunnel  vision and all ….guess I had some adrenaline flowing  huh?  Well  shake it off big boy don’t pass out now  or you’re  Eagle food… uh oh her head came out again  because you let go with your teeth that were holding the sheet in place  yikes… OK  well  let’s  sart walking out…  a few steps later and I’m  tripping on the sheet that is hanging down by my feet… can I be any more clumsy?? Um, Olivia will you help me?  Her head is out, she’s not happy and I keep trippin’ on the  gosh-darn sheet….she turns around and laughs and  comes back to help … ah  thank you  ok into the Med Center and to the scale…on our way in we pass the  shift leader and  Olivia says looky here we’ve got us a new Eagle  Wrangler..haha…..I think she meant  “sucker”…… yeah  I  don’t live my life by the NAVY  Motto…. I’m more of a Boy Scout type….. ( oh you don’t know the Navy Motto? It’s Never Again Volunteer Yourself… LOL) ok  back to work….to weigh them we lay them on their sides on the scale and they  kind of go to sleep…. So let go, get the weight and ok I’ve lost the feet… where in the jumble of sheets and Eagle are the talons?  Slowly  not to wake her…..  found one… ok there’s the other… got her…. Back upright , yep  she’s awake again… ok  well  back to the flight to release her and get the next one…. The release went fairly smooth for my 1st time ..uncover her head check, hissing and  trying to  eat me,  check…  lower her to the ground check…now let go and pull the sheet off….  Um  do I have to?  I’m good just let me hold her for a while and work up to that?  No?  fine… ok down you go pretty girl please don’t  turn around and  eat me …I’m just trying to  get ya ready to be free J unwrap and let her go….  And off she goes without looking back up up and to the roof…to the walls…. To the perch….to the ceiling lol…. Sorry hon but it was all for you… ok on to  the next Juvie and then  my new  best bud the Turkey  Vulture… so the same process fro them  and all goes well  catch, weigh and release the other Juvie…now for the Turkey Vulture.. he’s not a happy camper  he made some sounds I’ve never heard! I swear he was part raccoon!!  Well I get him down and wrapped up, get his  ankles,  wrap the wings up we go and  holy moLY YOU ARE EATING MY THUMB MR. VULTURE LEGGO MY THUMB-OH!!!!!! I thought you ate Carrion!! I’m NOT DEAD  I KNOW that because I can feel you chomping on my  thumb … Olivia  says  “are you ok”?  Um no he’s  eating me LOL…. She say you can let him go  and we can try it again… NO way.. let’s go …I have two thumbs   for a reason  let’s get this  done ha ha …. So in  we go  with him pleasantly distracted  with chewing on my thumb like it’s his personal  living  chew toy….all the while he’s making the  sounds of a mad  raccoon….finally get him in and on the scale and I get my thumb back…just a little blood  I’ll live , it’s not fun until someone is bleeding anyway right?? Actually it was fun  a whole  lotta fun!!  So  we get Mr. Vulture safely back to the flight and released, WOW that was an incredible experience!! Back to reality, there’s  lots of flights that need cleanin’!!  Off I go to the “stilts”  a series of raised  flights for smaller song birds, jays etc…there’s an “airlock”  area in the front to  go through   then the  flights are inside, in case   someone  get’s out while you are cleaning….  (hey lookey there, more foreshadowing, you’re still waiting to see  who I  hosed down and why I LOVE it  at Sarvey so much…well keep waiting those things are coming up!  Along with  something else to wait for now….)  ok  well let’s give you a tidbit… so  the first  flight I clean is full of  Juvinile  Robins… I get the flight  cleaned out  and scrubbed down, and cose the doors, I go on to  move to the next one,  Cedar Waxwings and  Sparrows….. when out of the corner of my eye I see movement  to my left where there shouldn’t be movement…. Oopsie  a Robin has  escaped!! Ok time to queue the keystone cops music…this should be easy right? I mean I’m now a professional  Eagle  Wrangler… what’s a little  robin got on me?   So  imagine if you will   again a 6’2 guy in a 5’10 high by 3’ wide and 15 feet long  netted enclosure trying to  catch a juvenile  robin… calmly  walk up to it and reach out to snag him… off he goes to the other end…. Over your head… I’m over here…  come and get me mr.  man….  Nope now I’m over heeeeeeree tweet tweet rockin’ robin… tweet tweedle dee deet… ha gotcha little guy!  Back in you go , you’re not ready for  liberation  yet…soon  though…. Ok back to the Cedar Waxwings and sparrow flight…   get in there and  clean, man they are messy!! And my  first  full on, catch  every bit of the  poo on me…… well done Cedar Waxwing I see you laughing at me, thank you for the  right of passage…I’m now officially a member of the  team now!   Finish up with them move on to  the Stellar Jay and then the  Coup De Grace for this  set of flights, the  Northern  Saw Whet  Owl…  just  the cutest little guy you’ve ever seen …..  clean the bloody mess up off the floor ( time for another cliff hanger…hang on!!)  I found out what that bloody mess was later…. And that’s when I’ll tell you.. for now just think of how cute this little guy is…. Ok put my stuff away again,  and   grab a drink of water….I run into Olivia and she says hey, wanna  help me catch  and weigh Raccoons?? I laugh  out loud….. and say  SURE!! Love to! Ok well grab one of those big dog  carriers and  come on over to the  pens…….you remember the pens from the last story? Good if not well then you didn’t read it… go back and do that LOL…..  I get a new set of instructions for this task  ohh  and a single welders glove for  my left hand….. the instructions are… pin  the coon  with your gloved hand,  the  scruff it with your right and put it in the  container to be weighed… easy right? Just like a cute widdle cuddly  kitten… just  scruff it and  put it in the bin…got it…  oh and yeah  Olivia  says and I’ve never done this before so this could be fun…. Um understatement of the  weekend…. In we go with the scale and the container…we’re looking for fatty coons  to be  released…they need to weigh in over 8 lbs  to  be free, these are completely rehabilitated coons  that are  getting  “fattened up” for release….we chase them around and  get several tears in our gloves and  have both  screamed and jumped around and apologized to  about 50 coons  in a  15 coon pen….  You do the math…. There are only 10 coons in here…  and we haven’t caught one yet 15 minutes  and  many  screams laughs and apologies later  I came up with a different method….  You take the lid to the container.. you  kind of chase the coon  to the ceiling of the 5’ high pen ( they are like little monkeys)  then you trap the coon on the ceiling with the  container and  slide the lid on!! BOO YAH Adapt, Improvise and Overcome!! Gotcha  …..but you only weigh 7 lbs…. ugg…ok you’re free to go, move along, but can you stay over there so  we don’t  catch you again please? No? ok you go where you want…..Olivia did get the  catch, scruff and stuff  technique to work for her, and  at that point I had to be rude and  ask… How old are you??? She laughed and  said 19…. Ahhh I said that explains your total  lack of fear… I’m gonna stick with my method for now…. Well, her catch rate was higher than mine and amazingly  neither of us nor any of the raccoons were injured in the  making of this story…. So    rinse and repeat the process without the rinse, unless you count  raccoon pee on your head a  rinse…. about 30 more times and  we  ended up  collecting 10 or 12 coons that were  ready to be released into  wild!! Wow very cool huh?  But you just wait , it gets  even cooler!! Or is it more cool?  I dunno you’re the grammar police, I’m just the story teller….so  we’re done and I’m  soaked in  sweat nastiness and perma grin…I need a  break…nah  breaks are for  whimps…. Let’s  see what else we can do…  so the Shift lead and I go out and  clean up some  boxes of  cow hearts that  went into the freezer… mmmm mm mmm  boxes of blood yummers! Oh well it’s  gotta be done and  she is a great leader, I can tell because  she leads by example, those are the best kind  in my book!! Don’t  make anyone do anything you  haven’t or wouldn’t do yourself! Amen sister, I’m following you!! So we get that all cleaned up and go grab the hose…you see what’s coming right?? Well there are a couple  blankets  laying outside that someone left where they shouldn’t have, so like good  Disney employees around the  world,  we do our job  and we also keep the park clean…… so let’s pick them  up on our way to the hose…. OMG screams  my fearless  leader…… what’s wrong?  What’s going on? Are you ok? Lady lady ……. Instincts  kick in  “ damsel  in  distress!!”   what’s wrong??? Quivering and gagging she  says there are maggots  on these blankets….. ahhhh she’s not fearless she’s a  real human being 🙂   the one thing she doesn’t like…maggots… yeah well we all have something… mine used to be spiders but I’ve gotten over that and can hold them or  whatever now without issue… my  most recent aversion is  to  Elder abuse….  Makes me sick and see red…. But  back to the maggoty  blankies…… get them rinsed off and  straight to the washing machine… she  starts off carrying them out away from her body  and I’m putting the hose away… here it comes….. I drop the hose….  Yep perfect landing the  hose hits on that dang handle again and NAILS HER full stream right  square in the back…soaking her… she let out a  scream that would curl your hair…  I AM SOOOOOO SORRY I said about 500 times….. gotta give her credit  though, she didn’t drop the blankets and made it to the  washer in record time….. ok  so after that  I’m  thinking  I should probably go now…. Just slide on into my truck and   head out …..so I  go in to apologize again and say  buh bye  when  they  ask me  if I want to take some Raccoons home to release… they need to be transported in    open bedded trucks…and I happen to have one of those, plus they were “south end”  coons  so  they needed to  go back that direction…it’d be helping them out if I could…. WHAT?? You’re going to LET me  release  wild  animals?   That’s not a favor to you that’s  a dream come true for ME!!!HELLS YES  I’ll  take as many  as you want!! So  we go grab  5 raccoons in a  giant dog carrier and load it into my truck…. Sweet I’m  stoked.. wash up and ok I’m ready to roll… it’s 5PM and I have a  2 1/2 hour drive home ( Sunday  traffic  on a nice weekend heading that way SUCKS….) so  here I go….  Bye  all, thanks for a great…what? What’s that?  Do I room for an  owl?  Really? You’d let me release an owl too???? But I sprayed you with a hose…. And I  am a big clumsy oaf… no problem?  You  owe me for  catching the coons and Eagles? You’ve got a  temperature lady ….. you   gave me a huge gift to LET me  catch Eagles and  coons….. seriously you want me to release an owl??? Well  shucks ok I guess so…. If you make me….  (jumps up and down inside and does the Toyota  heel click thingy) ….which owl?   WHAT?  The cute little Norther Saw Whet who’s  cage I just cleaned all that blood and  gunk out of?  he’s ready to  go?  Wait he WHAT?  He  “allegedly” killed his  flight partner…. His bigger, older,  stronger, faster partner?  YIKES he’s  a baaaaaad  little guy!  Ok  he’s proven that he’s ready for the wild…  box him up and  ship him out J I’d love to set him free!!!! Ok  (south)   eastbound  down , loaded up and truckin’…  I’m on my way  home sweet home ( Motely Crue reference there…thank you…) so  hurry up to get to the freeway so  I can sit in  traffic…..a little  Boss telling me and my new friend  the Northern Saw Whet Owl  stories about  “Growiin’ up”  and then some country  seemed fitting since that’s where he’s headed J And who better at story tellin’ in  country music these days than   Brad Paisley…..let’s get a little mud on the tires…..well we  finally make it home  and I show the owl to my  wife and son , then the neighbors and their  little  daughter… so very cool, we talk about the  wildlife and explain to her what we are doing  and we then  release the Northern Saw Whet into the woods  behind their house…ahhh wow what a  feeling, indescribable…. A fully rehabilitated owl  set free…amazing but I’m not done yet… I’ve still got 60 lbs of raccoons in my truck that need  a new home with Mother Nature…. So  my son and I head on up into the Cascade foothills,  State land , wilderness as far as the eye can see….unload the  carrier on a  little gravel turnout and the head of some  “trail”  and  we  set them  free…..what?  youse little bandits don’t want to leave the dog carrier and be free?  You want free meals for life you say?  Well sorry  that’s not for me  to decide…as cute as you are, I have to let you go be  free raccoons in the  wilderness… I know it  was lots of fun catching you and  cleaning up after you,  even if you  smell  really, really   badly…. And even though you destroyed my gloves and  are still  making those evil sounds at me  that really means you  love me  ( and that you are afraid of me which is what I want so you can live  long happy lives in the wild) ..ok  well my son had a great idea  let’s  lure them out with these blackberries  that are ripe and growing right here…  sure son.. let’s try that… well he  picked a few and   made a little  trail of blackberries  from the front of the carrier a little way down the trail and  sure enough  they  wandered out  2 by 2 into the woods…until there was just one little guy left… he  really didn’t want to go…so I ended up  having to take the carrier apart and  force him  into his new life,  there’s  always  one kid that doesn’t want to leave home…. And while that carrier  wasn’t his home for long,  he sure didn’t want to go into the big scary wilderness… please don’t make me….. sorry bud I’s gotsta…. Off you go, had to  clap and  be loud and mean 🙁 but he finally  wandered off into the woods with a  small look back at us to say well fine… off I go… into the big wide world…don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine… no no, really go on, leave me out here without any food  or water and go on back to your nice house and happy family and  hot dinner.. go on now….  Ok little guy that’s just what we’re going to do….. but as he left, I think I heard him  telling his friends  a story  about  how he was gonna  build himself a new home in the  woods and meet a nice lady coon and raise happy  coon pups……… The End..


P.S.   Each time I clean a  cage  and now  each time I  release a wild one,  I  tell them  thank you.  Either thank you for letting me  clean your cage and  try to help you, which really helps me… or thank you for letting me  release you into the world,  please don’t  eat the birds from bird feeders and  have a wonderful life and thank you for the gift you gave to me of releasing you, which releases me inside.  But I’d be more than negligent if I  didn’t thank  Sarvey Wildlife Care Center for this amazing opportunity to  do good in the  world  and share that with my friends and family.  Thank you, Thank you , Thank you to all of the amazing people at Sarvey, you are all Angels!!!! And my  Beautiful wife  and son who are sharing my dream with me. I love  you!!

My New Buddy the Northern Saw Whet.

Northern Saw Whet education..pre-release

Saw Whet Release… he snuck out….

Bye Bye Little Guy, be free and Thank you Saw Whet for Releasing me too!!!

Hey Mister can ya set us free? we did our time!!

We changed our minds, we’d like to stay with you kind sir

but we don’t wanna go….

So long old friend, live free and thank you for releasing me too Racoons.

My Beautiful Bride and a glorious Mountain ( Mt. Rainer) both meant to distract you from seeing the fat guy on the left…

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