Wild Raven Visitation update

The wild ravens  have been  visiting Suk  daily for over a month now,   Suk will  now occasionally interact but his typical reaction is  no reaction whatsoever,  just goes about his business  eating his food, playing with toys or just  hanging out “perching”. 

The wildones on the other hand are immensely curious and  get bolder each day,  climbing the sides, banging on the roof and wood,  calling  and  quorking, knocking and  tweeting.

It’s  clearly  apparent that this  is a bonded pair that claim this territory as  their own. They recognize  Suk as one of their kind, he is not convinced.

Because they are such intelligent beings, I  believe that they understand that Suk isn’t a threat to them or their  territory and they are not being overly aggressive  nor does it seem that  Suk minds any of the activity, in fact  quite the opposite,  he’s getting exercise and enrichment from the visits that  I can’t provide nearly as well as the wild visitors.  They  used to wait until we  weren’t home to  actually get on top of the  aviary, but now they are there in the mornings not too long after sunrise.  At first  they would  fly off as soon as I opened the front door of the house,   now  they wait until I am  about halfway to the aviary.  Soon, I suspect they will  just hang out whenever they want.  I am not encouraging them, but also not discouraging them either.  They will go and watch my sessions with Suk from nearby trees , quorking  and chatting with each other and  at us. I  have installed a couple different cameras and can monitor the   aviary  remotely for days that I am not home, there’s  also a 2 way speaker so that I can  “scare them off” if  needed.   If anything appears to be bothering Suk  we’ll look at  other methods of discouraging them but for now, we’re letting   nature  be.

As you will see (and hear) in the video they are    testing everything on the aviary ,  so far it’s holding up well and gets a  full inspection daily.  I have to fix little spots of netting  here and there, but  it’s a tough poly carbonate   blend that  is very strong, even for a raven beak and the netting goes  the full length of the  top,  even under the roof,  they  really bang away on the  roof, but  it too is a very strong polycarbonate  material, even if they were to break it,  there is netting under so  no concerns with access  in  or out.

Some key points in the video that I’d like to call out:

knock knock, snap. ah oh, ah oh, quorks, ah oh, ah oh, uh ah, uh ah, twitters, keeeekkit, pwaaoop!!

WOW! The vocalizations by this pair are just amazing, it really  shows you  that they truly are  songbirds.

At about the 7 minute mark the 2nd one flies into a tree behind the aviary – seems to be  called in by it’s mate. Just  a minute later it joins the other on top of the aviary, the video quality ( because I have crappy DSL service for internet) stinks but the audio is worth  the watch to me.

So without further ado,  here’s the video this is just a  section of 1 day’s events  edited down to  just give you an idea of  the interaction ( or lack thereof)   between an  imprinted raven and wild ones.

As always,

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2 thoughts on “Wild Raven Visitation update

  1. I watched the whole video – so interesting to see how they interact with each other. Suk doesn’t seem to mind his visitors at all. Thanks for the blog!

  2. I believe Suk likes playing with the wildone. It’s like monkey see, monkey do. It’s great to see that he enjoys his enclosure Michael.

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